Salt Block Cooking: 70 Recipes for Grilling, Chilling, Searing, and Serving on Himalayan Salt Blocks (Bitterman’s)

Salt Block Cooking: 70 Recipes for Grilling, Chilling, Searing, and Serving on Himalayan Salt Blocks (Bitterman's)MORE THAN 100,000 COPIES SOLD !

If you want to learn about salt block cooking this is the book to get because it contains 70 recipes all dedicated to using this special cooking tool. Mark Bitterman is a top salt expert and he happens to be one of the biggest importers and retailers of salt blocks. This special mineral with its pink color, is mined from one of the ancient hills located in Pakistan’s Punjab province and is an exciting and enticing new addition to the American cooking scene. You can get Himalayan salt blocks from specialty retail stores all across the world, and the market keeps on expanding.

About the Author

Mark Bitterman is the writer of Salted, which won the James Beard Award. He is one of the leading experts when it comes to culinary salts, and he also spear-headed the odyssey into the cooking adventure that involves cooking with salt blocks. He owns the specialty store called “The Meadow” which has branches in OR, Portland, and New York City, which is why he is one of the biggest retailer, importer, and whole sale distributor of salt blocks. He also lectures at different culinary institutes like Le Cordon Bleu, the French Culinary Institute, the Institute of Culinary Education, and has had the privilege of being recognized as a local food hero by not only Coking light, but also Tastemaker by Food and Wine. He has also been featured in “the New York Times, All Things Considered, The Atlantic, Wine Spectator, O magazine, Rachael Ray, GC and on The Splendid Table, CBS News, Fox News, ABC News, CNN, MSNBC, and lots more.”  

Andrew Scholes who creates different recipes for the different activities and communications of The Meadow on a regular basis, also lends his expertise to help develop some of this book’s recipes. Scholes has written sixteen cookbooks, some of which include: Mastering the Grill which is a New York Times best-seller as well as The Science of Good Food which is a (winner of the IACP Cookbook Award, a James Beard Award finalist, and was also nominated as the Best Food Book in the World by Le Cordon bleu food Media Awards), and David Joachim co-authored both books. His latest books are Fire it Up (also co-authored by Joachim) and Homemade Sodas. He is the culinary genius behind the first interactive cookbook app known as Cookulus.

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