Are Napoleon Grills as Good as Weber?
Are Napoleon Grills as Good as Weber?

Are Napoleon Grills as Good as Weber?

Gas grills are ideal for outdoor cooking connoisseurs.

These units are elegant, easy to cook, and even easier to clean.

You can also grill a wide range of items, from meats and chicken to fruits and vegetables.

However, finding the right grill at the right price can be tedious, especially if working within a budget.

There is also a standing debate between grillers across the world.

For example, are Napoleon grills better than Weber?

Napoleon has grown from an underdog brand to one of the top names in home grilling.

Founded in Canada in the late 1970s, Napoleon is now sold throughout North America and international markets.

The company is known for its premium grills, although it does produce models at the higher end of the midrange, and these compete directly with Weber.

Weber is another company with a rich history.

It developed its classic kettle grill in the early 1950s.

Today, the company produces a range of charcoal, gas, and even electric grills.

Weber is known for its excellent warranty coverage and reliability.

If you’re interested in a Napoleon, you’ve probably asked the question: are Napoleon grills as good as Weber?

Let’s take a look at some important points and find out what to look for in Napoleon and Weber grills?


Comparing grills is a difficult task.

Most of the big grill brands offer plenty of features, but they are rarely consistent with the competition.

You could find grills in the same price range that offer unique features.

Most of the time it comes down to which feature you want the most.

In terms of basic features, both manufacturers come close.

Napoleon and Weber both offer grills with side burners, and most have a similar number of main burners around the same price point.

One area where Napoleon does stand out is with innovative features, like the infrared searing stations that are featured on some of its grills.

Features vary from brand to brand and model to model.

On this point, we have to call it a tie, as both manufacturers offer similar things for similar prices.

Construction Quality

Weber is well-known for its construction quality, as is Napoleon.

While most Weber grills use a combination of coated steel and stainless steel, Napoleon traditionally uses much more stainless steel in its designs.

This can add durability and for many people, it improves the overall look and feel.

In terms of fit, finish, and materials, these two brands are very similar.

Napoleon sometimes has the edge at the higher end of the price range.


Grill manufacturers are fond of adding features with unique names.

Weber, for example, adds flavorizer bars to its grills.

These are designed to heat and vaporize juices from food to add more flavor.

Some manufacturers call these heat spreaders.

Napoleon calls them sear plates.

Weber also markets its GS-4 ignition system, which is essentially a combination of the ignition, the burners, the flavorizer bars, and a grease management system.

Napoleon has all of these features on its grills, too, although it doesn’t market them as a single system.

In terms of real innovation, both manufacturers are on par.

Weber puts more into its marketing, but most general innovations and features are similar to what can be found on other grills.

Napoleon is arguably more innovative because as it puts more time into developing infrared heating systems.

Warranty Support

A standard Napoleon warranty for Prestige and Pro models covers:

  • Exterior Housing: Limited Lifetime
  • Grids: Limited Lifetime
  • Burners: 10 Years.
  • Flame Tamers: 5 Years
  • Ignition: 2 years
  • Valves: 2 Years

Weber Offers up to 10 years on most components.

 Construction and Design

 Construction and design are essential factors when choosing the right outdoor grill.

Most of Weber’s grills are designed with the tank outside, except for their most oversized units.

Napoleon has their gas tanks hidden in all of their models.

Weber grills also have larger storage spaces for cooking utensils and grilling accessories.

However, this does take away from the visual aesthetics of the units and offers a more functional design.

In addition, some smaller Weber units have open carts with visible grease trays.

This may pose problems, especially if grilling during inclement weather with gusty, more robust winds.

Napoleon grills have a more streamlined, cleaner appearance.

While this does sacrifice some storage space, their units seamlessly blend in with your outdoor décor and style.

This adds a touch of class to grilling units, especially with garden furniture and accessories surrounding them.

Side Tables

Are Napoleon grills better than Weber when it comes to side tables?

Well, the side tables on several Weber grills are not retractable.

On the other hand Napoleon has at least one foldable side table.

If this is important to you when deciding between them both, you should check the units accordingly before purchasing.

Both Napoleon and Weber create grills with stainless-steel side tables.

Unfortunately, these are susceptible to scratches and abrasions during use.

Instead, consider units made with porcelain-coated tables; these are more durable and resistant to weather and cooking elements.

The Lids

Napoleon and Weber’s brands feature wind-resistant lid designs.

These are mentioned in their product descriptions and are essential for buyers that live in colder or windier climates. 

In addition  Napoleon features 2-piece lids that tend to retain more heat and offer better wind resistance.

The Ignition System

 The ignition system plays a crucial role in decision-making.

After all, most people prefer when their outdoor gas grill light up quicker.

Weber gas grills feature individually controlled burners that need to be ignited individually.

This may be a bit time-consuming, especially if one of the burners goes out due to windy conditions.

It would be best to use both hands when handling these ignitions on Weber grills.

Napoleon gas grills have burners that are inter-connected.

So if one of them goes out, it will automatically reignite itself.

You can even ignite the ignition with one hand on Napoleon’s grills.

There are also backlit control knobs on these grills, adding extra cooling for nighttime cooking and grilling.

The Fire Box

Napoleon and Weber’s brands feature outstanding construction for their fireboxes.

You get aluminum fireboxes that are rust-resistant, easy to clean, and ensure solid foundations for their burners and flavoring bars.

The Cost

The price of these grills depends on what you are looking for.

For example, units with fewer burners cost much less than those with more.

On average, Weber grills cost more than Napoleon due to their worldwide brand name.

Their products are considered high-quality, and the customer service is excellent.

However, Napoleon tends to rank up there with Weber regarding overall quality and performance.

Their brand also has innovative features, like the superior ignition system.

Their lid designs are solid and feature superb wind protection with backlit control knobs.

Again, even with all the stats, comparisons, and figures, whether Napoleon grills are better than Weber, it all boils down to what you are looking for in an outdoor grill.

Overall Performance

The main burners of Napoleon and Weber grills are synonymous with great performance.

With great user reviews, you get near-perfect grilling each time.

The heat distribution is even and consistent across the grates, while Weber grills have a High-Heat option if you need a little extra fire when grilling.

The Flavorizer bars are exceptional, catching the dripping grease without fault.

They even give back a little flavor to the food in return for optimal ROI.

Napoleon grills have more BTU than Weber units.

You can see this once you start cooking on their grills.

Their unique wave-shaped grates distribute heat well and sear great.

The double-walled lid even pockets the heat like a conventional oven for consistent cooking year-round.

Rear and Side Burners

The side and rear burners on both brands are versatile and let you grill various foods.

However, their usage depends on how much you need them and cooking.

Napoleon and Weber both offer several options and features in their higher-end grills.

However, Napoleon units have higher-grade burners than Weber grills for a similar price.

Weber grills allow you to control the heat more efficiently than Napoleon units.

The Weber is also compatible with the iGrill 3, a digital thermometer that connects to your phone via its app.

This is innovation at its finest, allowing you to monitor the temperature in real-time.

This way, your favorite foods are grilled to perfection without burning or other undesirable results.

Comparing Grills

The following is a side-by-side comparision of some Napoleon and Weber Models.

2- Burner Grills

Napoleon and Weber 2-burner grills are ideal for hosting small barbecues.

They are versatile and consistent enough to grill your favorite barbecue food.

However, are Napoleon grills better than Weber in this category?

We feel that Weber takes the prize in this one with better overall value and performance.

Are Napoleon grills better than Weber The Weber Spirit II E-210 is highly recommended and receives excellent user reviews.

It features a solid design that can withstand the elements and is one of the top 2-burner grills in the industry.

It also costs less than the Napoleon and  has a 9.2 rating from online customers.

Here are some features of both units:

Weber Spirit II E-210

  • Heat output: 26500 BTU
  • Total cooking area: 450 sq. inches
  • Cast iron grids with six hooks
  • Overall online rating: 9.2

 Napoleon Rogue 365

  • Heat output: 32000 BTU
  • Total cooking area: 495 sq. inches
  • Cast iron grids with six hooks
  • Overall online rating: 8.5
 3-Burner Grills

Are Napoleon grills better than Weber in the 3-burner grills category?

They are the bigger version of their popular 2-burner grills.

However, the price difference  favors Napoleon, and the unit continues to receive stellar customer ratings and reviews.

In 3-burner grills, you set two burners to high heat.

This is perfect for direct grilling, while the remaining burner can be set to a lower temperature.

This is good for slow cooking if desired or if time is not of the essence.

In addition, you can put two burners to a lower temperature and one to searing temps.

Are Napoleon grills better than Weber The Napoleon 425 3 Burner Grill  features Jetfire ignition and crossover lighting for easy starting.

There are porcelainized cast iron wave cooking grids and dual-level stainless steel sear plates to catch droppings.

This grill is user-friendly with controls for flare-ups and temperatures.

With a 570 total square feet grilling area, you get more room to cook than its 2-burner counterpart.

It’s exterior is highly durable and easy to clean.

Are Napoleon grills good? Has an enclosed grills cart with tool hooks, folding side shelves, and easy-locking cater wheels.

Finally, this unit is mobile to place it where desired without much effort.

The Weber Genesis II E-315 is also a great grill with a solid design and performance.

Weber Genesis II E-315

 Napoleon Rogue 425

  • Heat output: 42000 BTU
  • Total cooking area: 570 sq. inches
  • Cast iron grids with folding tables
  • Overall online rating: 9.0

So are Napoleon grills good? Depending on your personal preferences, both Napoleon and Weber grills are great grills, and both have similarities and differences.

Ultimately, it comes down to preference, size and budget, however between these two models we feel  Napoleon is a slightly better, grill, considering it’s made out of stainless steel. but let’s see how it fares up against Weber in the 4-grill column.

4-Burner Grills

4-burner grills feature four independent burners.

There are two under the plate and two under the grill.

These grillers offer the best freedom and control over heat management and cooking styles.

However, they are slightly bulkier than their 3-burner counterparts.

In this category, Napoleon takes top recommendations.

The Napoleon Prestige 500 is one of the top 4-burner grills worldwide.

It is equipped with an infrared side burner with two rear burner options.

There are also connected burners with excellent heat retention and a lifetime warranty on parts.

If you are looking for your first grill or want to replace an existing one, this one will achieve all your desired grilling and cooking results.

However, the Napoleon 500 is priced in the $1,400 range, 

Here is a breakdown of the performance  and customer rating comparisons.

Weber Genesis II E-435

  • Heat output: 69000 BTU
  • Total cooking area: 646 sq. inches
  • Stainless steel grids with side burner, iGrill 3 compatible
  • Overall online rating: 8.8

 Napoleon Prestige 500

  • Heat output: 66000 BTU
  • Total cooking area: 640 sq. inches
  • Stainless steel grids with infrared side and rare burners
  • Overall online rating: 9.3

Are Napoleon grills better than Weber? In this case Napoleon get a higher rating.

5+ Burner Grills

5-burner grills are usually center oval burners with elongated designs.

These are good for heating wide and long foods, like brisket, t-bone steaks, large corn stocks, and more.

Napoleon and Weber have 5-burner grills loaded with features like infrared rotisserie, smoker burners, ample cooking space with solid construction, design and performance.

This was tough to call since both brands showcase premium materials guaranteed to last for years to come.

Are Napoleon grills better than Weber ?When buying a high end grill like this Napoleon Pro 665 it is only natural to expect premium materials, and that’s exactly what you’ll find on this propane grill.

The majority of the construction is stainless steel, which ensures that the grill is solid, that it is weather resistant, and that it will last for years into the future.

Some parts of the exterior have been chromed to add extra gloss, and overall the presentation is exceptional.

In addition to using quality materials, the grill has been manufactured to high standards, so that everything is fitted perfectly when the grill is fully assembled.

This is an important point to note, particularly if you’ve tried a budget freestanding grill in the past.

Are Napoleon Grills as Good as Weber?The Weber Summit S-670 is one of the best stainless steel grills on the market that is both durable and highly presentable.

Whilst it offers several compelling features and a design that would look fantastic in your outdoor entertainment area,we went with the Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 due to its better warranty and ignition system and it’s robust look.

Weber Summit S-670

  • Heat output: 100800 BTU
  • Total cooking area: 838 sq. inches
  • Side, sear, and smoke burners
  • Overall online rating: 8.8

 Napoleon Prestige PRO 665

  • Heat output: 99000 BTU
  • Total cooking area: 1140 sq. inches
  • Infrared side and rare burners
  • Overall online rating: 9.0
The Bottom Line – Are Napoleon Grills as Good as Weber?

The biggest advantage Weber has is its reputation and its excellent warranty coverage.

Napoleon matches it in all areas except for some aspects of the warranty.

Generally, both brands make great grills that last and owners have few problems.

Napoleon is easily as good as Weber with all things considered.

Are Napoleon Grills as Good as Weber?Asking whether Napoleon grills good for outdoor cooking? or if you’re looking for a comparable alternative to a Weber grill, Napoleon is the best brand to consider.

To get started, consider the Napoleon Rogue XT 425 SIB

This beautiful stainless steel grill includes amongst other features a large cabinet, 665 in² total cooking. areasoft-touch controls, infrared burners, space-saving folding side shelves, and heavy-duty construction at a reasonable price.

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