Majority of us love to grill when we’re outdoors and apartment dwellers are no exception.
Many people tend to choose electric grills for apartments but there are also a few gas grills in the market that will work for the apartment or condo just as well.
If you are in search of authentic grilling experience, then where you live should not be a limitation.
If you are on the lookout for the best grill for apartments, then this is the right place to be. Grills offer control over searing temperatures all year round, but not every apartment will accommodate them.
This detailed review, therefore, takes you through the best grills for apartments in order to help you make the right choice depending on your needs, for a grilling experience like no other, just at the comfort of your apartment or condo!

Weber 54060001 Q2200 Liquid Propane Grill.
 Best Grills for ApartmentsThe Weber’s Q 200 electric and gas grill is the keystone of the renowned Weber’s Q-line of portable grills, and when it comes to a truly portable grill that you can fold up and tag it along with you, this one is about as big as you can get.
Featuring a primary cooking space of 280-square inches and a hood that gives enough room to grill a whole chicken or large steak roast for feeding three to four people, the Q 2200 boasts of a versatility that a single-burner grill can have.
The grill’s shell is made of cast aluminum which helps in holding the heat thus making the grill better than most portable grills with thin steel shells which have a tendency to lose a lot of heat.
Moreover, the two-piece cooking grates are heavy porcelain-coated cast iron for excellent heat retention and they can be swapped out or combined with an optional griddle accessory, which is however sold separately-adding even more versatility.
The stainless steel burner tube also provides even heat all through the grill, with a total thermal cooking power of 12,000 BTUs.
With a hood-mounted thermometer, keeping track of your food’s progress has been made a breeze.
The Q 2200 is fitted with glass-reinforced tables on each side, which provides a convenient spot for sauces and spices.
At 42 pounds, the Weber Q 2200 is ideal for camping, small outdoor spaces, and apartment balconies.

Char-Griller E22424 Table Top Charcoal Grill and Side Fire Box, Black.
Best Grills for ApartmentsThe E22424 is crafted from heavy steel and weighing only 39 pounds is quite impressive, adding to the grill’s portability.
The heavy steel also ensures that the grill is also easy to transport, without the risk of it getting damaged en-route.
Coming along with the Duel Usage feature, the grill allows you to use it as a firebox for smoking. It can be easily attached to an existing Char-griller barrel grill for Texas Style horizontal smoking.
The grill has a primary cooking area of 250-square inches which is ample enough for your grilling needs, making it ideal for use in small areas like patios or apartment balconies.
Moreover, space encompasses glorious cast-iron grates of exceptional thickness that ensures even heat distribution and flavor-filled steaks and ribs with the unique restaurant-like taste.
Cleaning has also been made easy on this E22424 tabletop as it comes complete with a removable ash pan and an overall simple design.
The whole grill is also porcelain-enamel coated so that the debris comes off with one wipe.
Designed for use on a tabletop or converted as a side firebox for a larger grill, the E22424 stands at 16 inches high, making it convenient.
The grill’s small size makes it an advantage for those living in apartments with limited outdoor space.

Philips Smoke-less Indoor BBQ Grill, Avance Collection.
Best Grills for ApartmentsThe Philips smokeless indoor grill comes with a whole new level of uniqueness that lets you enjoy savory and evenly restaurant-like grilled food all year round.
The grill features an infrared heat technology alongside a unique design to minimize the smoke being produced while still preserving the taste and tenderness of your grilled food.
The technology also reduces splattering which means less clean-up.
The grill is made of rugged, non-stick and die-cast aluminum which allows for well-grilled delicacies and lets you cook without any added oil, leaving your meat and veggies with authentic barbecue sear marks.
The Philips Smoke-less Grill also has specially designed reflectors which directs all the heat to your food, ensuring a constant perfect temperature of up to 446F (230).
Moreover, the reflectors ensure you get optimal browning with no burnt spots as well as evenly cooked food on all sides. 
The keep warm function that accompanies the grill eliminates the use of a warming rack. Even when you are done with your cooking or grilling, you can keep your food warm by switching the grill to the keep-warm setting.
For easy cleaning, the grill has a grease tray which also remains cool as well, thus ensuring the fat that collects in it does not burn.
This allows for less smoke production as well as lean grilling since the food is cooked on its own grease.
The non-stick grids also ensure easy cleaning.
In addition, the removable parts are dishwasher safe making the cleaning process even easier.

George Foreman 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill, Silver, GFO240S.
Best Grills for ApartmentsThe George Foreman indoor and outdoor grill is suited for those who like entertaining family and friends, but have a limited area of space.
Featuring a large, non-stick grill plate with 240 square inches of circular grilling surface, the grill allows you to cook up to 15 portions of meat, fish or veggies in one go!
Moreover, the cooking plate is non-stick and also removable for easy cleaning.
The cooking plates are also placed at an angle for draining the grease and fat away from foods into an integrated drip tray.
Temperature control has been made a breeze with the George Foreman grill.
The presence of a variable temperature control lets you set your grill to the exact temperature that you want, whether high or low.
In addition, the temperature gauge on the outside of the lid lets you easily monitor your food, without having to keep lifting off the lid.
With a collapsible and removable stand, the grill lets you attach it for a freestanding grill in your backyard for outdoor grilling or place the main body of the grill on a table for indoor apartment grilling.
The stand’s collapsible design into parts makes it easy to store and fast to assemble in case of need.
Featuring among the best grills for apartments, whether rain or shine, the George Foreman  apartment approved grill lets you grill regardless of your apartment space!

Kamado Joe KJ13RH Joe Jr Charcoal Grill.
Best Grills for Apartments Known to deliver great taste, the Kamado Joe KJ13RH is fully built out of high-quality ceramics with great heat retention capacity.
The whole grill weighs around 75 pounds and has been mounted on a solid, powder-coated cast-iron non-movable stand.
Moreover, the grill features 148.5-square inches of total cooking surface which makes is a suitable grill for apartments with limited space.
Powered by burning coal, this small sized grill can be used for smoking food, besides grilling it.
The heat is controlled by opening and closing the vents and feeding or choking the fire but care is needed to not go over the wanted temperature as cooling off takes some time.
Inclusive of an ash tool, ash removal has been made quick and easy.
The grill grate is made of 304 stainless steel, which makes it durable, easy to clean and allows for grilling temperatures from 225 up to 750F!
A built-in thermometer, temperature monitoring and control has been made a breeze with this grill from Kamado.
The Kamado Junior comes with a ceramic heat deflector kit which turns your grill into an oven, roaster or smoker depending on what you need!
An additional grill gripper which is also made from 304 stainless steel for durability securely clamps onto any grill grate, allowing you to move it aside to add more coals while avoiding burn hazards and touching dirty grates.

Napoleon TQ285X-BL Portable Propane Grill with Cart.
Best Grills for Apartments
This American-built gas grill has everything you would want in a portable propane grill, making it feature among the best grills for apartments.
The grill’s scissor cart design makes it an excellent choice for an outdoor or balcony BBQ party.
The wheels are capable of rolling over any surface and can be folded as well thus enabling the grill to be lifted easily. The grill features plastic handles with steel construction.
Storage of this grill has been made easy as you can hang it on the wall or put it in the car boot to tag it along with you.
Moreover, the cart has side shelves for storage with integrated tool holders.
Napoleon TQ285X-BL uses a 1.2 lb. disposable propane tank which churns out a thermal cooking power of 12,000 BTUs.
Featuring a cooking space of 285 square inches, the grill can comfortably handle up to 20 hamburgers. That’s ample for a grill its size!
The cooking grids are cast iron for durability and have been porcelain coated for excellent heat retention.
Moreover, when well-seasoned, the cooking grids provide an ideal non-stick grilling surface. This allows searing a steak on direct heat without the fear of burning.
You can even bake or roast as well with indirect heat and smoke!
Napoleon’s two stainless steel tube burners can be controlled independently, allowing you to grill on one burner while keeping food on the other warm.
A wind-proof design helps holds the heat inside for efficient grilling.
In addition, the grill’s piezoelectric ignition ensures you have quick and reliable start-ups with every push.

Old Smokey Charcoal Grill #18 (Medium), White.
Best Grills for ApartmentsThe Old Smokey Charcoal grill #18 Medium is a drum-shaped charcoal grill which has been around in the market since 1953, making it one of the oldest and popular grills in the game.
The Old Smokey is made from aluminized steel for lightweight and durability as it resists rust and corrosion.
The grill features an 18’ diameter cooking grate which sits in position in the mid-section of Old Smokey above the charcoal grate.
The coal grate is a round disc with vent holes radiating from the center. A bottom damper under the coal and a top damper on the lid are also present.
The dampers are adjustable for efficient temperature control.
Medium #18 is renowned for its size, meant to cook for 4 to 6 people and being able to fit in limited apartment spaces.
Featuring a primary cooking space of 220-square inches, space is ample enough for your apartment/condo grilling needs.
The grill’s low and slow BBQ smoking sets it ahead of the curve!
Though it’s not one of the Best Grills for Apartments,thanks to it’s  portable design it allows you to take the grill to your next tailgate party, campsite cookout or hiking barbecue.

Easy Street 9210 Portable Utility Tabletop Electric Grill.
Best Grills for ApartmentsThe Easy Street 9210 portable utility tabletop electric grill is a satin black grill that’s a perfect solution for grillers living in condos or apartments or other residences with charcoal or gas grills restrictions.
If you’re in search of easy, fast and tasty outdoor grilling and you are limited on space, then you can’t go past the Easy Street 9210!
It’s a compact electric grill that delivers great big grilling flavor for your bucks!
Sleek in design, the grill offers 164-square inches of cooking surface alongside a powerful 1500-watt element.
This combination means you’re always ready to sear and grill your favorite steaks and veggies. The space is even big enough to grill a whole chicken!
Built for outdoor use only, the electric design eliminates the mess of charcoal or the fret of having to top up a propane gas tank.
For an authentic grill taste, you can always add some flavored wood chips to enhance the flavor!
With thermostatic control, you can always plug the grill into any standard household outlet.
A handy grease cup on the back of the pedestal base catches all the dripping grease for making gravy and facilitates easy clean-up as well.
The small size makes it suitable for RV’s as well.

These best grills for apartments are a great option for smaller families and are suitable for new and experienced cooks as well.
From side tables to warming racks, you can always find grills at a range of prices and with many features, you deem appropriate to you.
They are also available for all fuel types and include tabletop and stand-alone models as well.
Small grills can do everything from grilling hamburgers to smoking cuts of meat. Before making the decision of purchasing a grill that suits your apartment, enough research is paramount.
This best grills for apartments review explains it all, thus making your apartment grill choice a breeze! So what are you waiting for? Get grilling!

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