Can You Smoke Meat in a Gas Grill?

A gas grill is one of the most versatile cooking appliances you can have at home. Great for parties, holidays, and relaxing with the family on a summer afternoon, your grill can inspire new styles of cooking with ingredients you might not have tried before.

If you love your gas grill but wish there was a way to get savory smoky flavor, you’re in luck. With an affordable add-on, you can smoke meat on a gas grill.

Let’s find out how you can get started…

The Perfect Accessory for Smoking Meat in a Gas Grill

Unlike in a charcoal grill or dedicated smoker, most gas grills don’t come with a smoker box. Adding smoke chips or pellets directly into the firebox is dangerous, and we recommend against this. Instead, you can create your own smoker pouch, or invest in a stainless steel smoker box that will last for years.

  • A smoker pouch can be made from aluminum foil and is exactly as the name describes. You will wrap smoker chips or pellets in foil, seal the pouch, and perforate it on top to allow smoke to escape.
  • A smoker box works on a similar principle, with the difference being that it’s designed to be reused for years if not decades. There are plenty of options on the market today. A stainless steel box will offer the most durability. This Wood Chip Smoker Box from Cuisinart is affordable, made from quality stainless steel, and will work with all wood chips and pellets.

Whether you use a pouch or a dedicated box, there are a few steps you can follow to get fantastic results. Smoking is all about adding flavor, and the aim is to cook at a lower temperature for longer so that food is infused with the wood smoke of your choice. In the following steps, you’ll learn how to get rich and flavorful smoke.

Steps to Get Great Results From a Smoker Box or Pouch

Smoking in a gas grill is surprisingly simple, but you’ll need to follow a few steps to ensure you get the most flavor.

  1. Before you even start cooking, you’ll need to soak your wood chips in water. This will prevent the chips from burning out, giving you a long and slow smolder instead. Soak wood chips for around 30 minutes before you start. There should be just enough water to cover all of your chips. If you’re using smoker pellets, you can skip this step.
  2. Preheat your grill for up to 15 minutes before adding your smoker chips and meat. Place the smoker box inside the grill, away from direct flame. The ideal temperature is 225 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit for red meat. Beef back ribs are popular for gas grill smoking and take around four hours. Beef tenderloin is also a favorite of many outdoor cooks, with a cooking time of three hours.
  3. Drain the water from your chips and place them into your smoker box using grilling tongs.
  4. Place your food over an unlit burner, as close to the middle of the grill as possible. Close the hood, and watch the thermometer. Use the burner control to adjust the heat until you are maintaining around 250 degrees (or whatever your recipe calls for).
  5. Cook your food for the recommended time and allow it to rest before serving. Smoked meats are incredibly tasty and will become a family favorite.
Wood Recommendations for Smoking In a Gas Grill

Can You Smoke Meat in a Gas Grill?

Whether you choose chips or pellets, these woods are great to get started with.

  • Hickory: As an absolute classic, you need to try hickory at least once. It works with all meat and poultry, and some people even use it for smoking cheese. It has a rich smoky flavor that is often associated with bacon. Try these Oklahoma Joe’s Hickory Wood Smoker Chips for long smoke in a gas grill.
  • Cherry: Cherry is great for pork and poultry, thanks to its fruity characteristics. These Western Premium Cherry Smoking Chips are perfect.
  • Mesquite: This wood has a bold smoke flavor that works well with red meat. Use it for veal, venison, and beef. Try using these Oklahoma Joe’s Mesquite Smoker Chips.

You’re now ready to start smoking on your gas grill. Whether you go for low and slow, or simply want to add some smoke for quick grilling, these tips will ensure your food is infused with mouth-watering natural smoke flavoring.


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