Royal Gourmet Classic 6-Burner Stainless Steel LP Gas Grill with Sear Burner 71,000 BTU

Call all alphas and omegas for an interesting conversation, because we are about to talk ‘grills’. Yes, the only cooking tool in our life that we can master within minutes! There’s just something peaceful about wearing a manly apron and flipping burgers on the grill. There’s a small margin for error and whatever we make, […]

Blackstone 36″ Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station – Best Seller

Normally, when it comes to cooking, it’s definitely a woman’s world. No arguing there. Cooking is HARD work, so next time you are about to shout, “Where’s my dinner, renna?” I suggest that you think twice. But when it comes to grilling, it’s a man’s domain and I’m feeling good. And the reason why is […]