charcoal grillThe Char-Griller 2828 Pro Deluxe Charcoal Grill is a very reasonable and perfect introductory charcoal grill. If you are looking for a simple charcoal grill with plenty of cooking surface, this could be just the ideal solution you are looking for. The overall construction of the char griller is lightweight, mobile and perfect as a tailgate buddy or camping companion.

This grill has 580 in.² of primary cooking space and a warming rack that delivers an extra 270 in.² of space for cooking. This represents 850 in.² of cooking which is a grilling area that could possibly fit 30+ burgers, a very large rack of ribs or a variety of other items. The best part about this cooking surface is that you can easily cook a number of different items on it. Whether this is your first charcoal grill or an upgrade for cooking surface, you could really experiment with the cooking surface and the types of grilled items you would like to enjoy on this bbq.

The cooking grates on this grill are definitely designed to last. Most of the best charcoal grills include cast-iron cooking grates because they can stand up to heat extremely well and also retain heat very well. Four main lift out sections for access to the coals make stoking the fire and changing out charcoal very easy. The cast-iron construction on these cooking grates also ensures that they can really hold their heat over time. Cast-iron cooking grates do require a bit more to clean and they do require some treatment in order to make sure that they remain stick free but with the overall construction of these grates you can really make sure that the grate itself is perfect for cooking all types of items on the charcoal.

charcoal grillThe grill also has an easy cleaning system including an ash pan for easy throw out of ashes, grease and other byproduct components. This removable system makes the process of cleaning up and getting rid of some of the main components that can be found in the base of many grills, quite easy. The main problem that many people face after they grill with a traditional charcoal grill is that they end up with plenty of these byproducts in the bottom of the grill. By having an easily removable ashtray it’s possible that there’s no need for ongoing scooping, cleaning or even extensive hosing out after the grill has been used. In many homemade construction this tray is not available making the entire process of cleaning super difficult for regular users. When grease and ash continues to sit in the bottom of the grill this can often lead to problems such as a greater risk for fire, extra build up on the meat and grilled items and more. Rather than risking the flavor of your barbecued items or potentially risking a major flareup or fire, having access to this trade is one of the best ways that you can protect yourself in the future.

The cart and the overall construction of the body is made of a heavy duty steel. The main cart that supports the  body is made of tubular steel that will last over an extended amount of time. The tubular steel is definitely made to last through all types of conditions and to support the tub with a full load of charcoal and grilling items. The grill base is very mobile meaning that it can be easily carried especially when empty to all types of locations. The body is constructed out of a heavy-duty steel making it very resilient to the elements. Heavy-duty steel also ensures that the heat can stay inside the barbecue. The thick walled steel really retains the heat and reflects it back into the grills to ensure proper cooking standards are met. Through this heavy-duty construction as well as the materials that are used, charcoal grillers will really enjoy the types of grilling that they can achieve with this product.

Char Griller 2828To facilitate better movement with this grill the creators also delivered 8 inch wheels. Overall the grill can be quite heavy to move without these wheels with the thick walled construction as well as the steel frame, heavy grills and charcoal inside. While it’s not recommended to move this grill with lit charcoal inside of it, these wheels make the process of moving the grill to different locations or even throughout a tailgate area, much easier than some of its competitors. Some types of charcoal grills are extensively heavy but this one has been kept quite light and mobile making it ideal for travelling needs. Especially with the large grill surface available and these wheels it becomes possible to enjoy this grill in a variety of settings.

Temperature control is made effortless with easy access to coals to the cast-iron cooking grates. While there is no front door for moving charcoal around it’s very important to leave at least one grill somewhat empty so that you can access the charcoal and make adjustments as necessary. This doesn’t  allow you to optimize the full cooking space and you will definitely need to get a set of very powerful oven mitts. Oven gloves or thick walled silicone is highly recommended for this action as these grills can heat up quite fast and keep their heat over an extended amount of time. Utensil hooks can also be used to change these grills out but heat transfer can occur so quality oven mitts are always recommended before adjusting any type of charcoal or attempting to remove the grills. Many grilling veterans may opt for a different grilling system that has an open door in the front so that the grills don’t need to be adjusted. For many beginners and intermediate charcoal grillers however this will not be a huge problem. Especially if they are used to homemade grates in which the entire grate needs to be removed to make adjustments to charcoal.

The grill includes a number of other important items that can improve the heat and temperature control for users. The internal heat gauge allows users to easily see the temperature inside as it is retained. Cast iron cooking grates also hold the heat particularly well over time. Heat gauges will work very well with keeping the meat or food inside at a constant temperature. While the temperature gauge included can be quite accurate it’s also a good idea to consider getting yourself a meat thermometer or digital probe. Including one of these items they really great to assist with ideal temperature control as the inside of the grill or space near the thermometer can often change from the actual temperature of the grates and the internal temperature of the meat or food items grilled. Combining the heat gauge as well as a digital thermometer for checking on items however can create a precision grilling experience.

Char Griller 2828As an additional total control item for temperature, adjustable dampers can be found on the sides as well as a fire grate that allows users to easily control of the heat within the grill. Opening and closing the damper is as easy as moving a slot on the side of the grill. By restricting or increasing airflow through the lowering and raising of the grate it’s possible to enjoy a much better experience with the temperature of your grill. The heat gauge inside to help you track and dial in the temperature through the use of these adjustable dampeners. Continuing to make minor adjustments to both the charcoal as well as these dampeners will eventually help you to lock in new flavors, change cooking times and learn recipes for a number of brand-new products. An adjustable fire grate is also available on this product ensuring that the temperature can be easily adjusted. The fire grate can be opened or closed based off the needs of smoke, flavor and temperature. Making small adjustments to this fire grate can help you experiment with smoky flavors, faster cooking times and more. This is yet another fantastic tool that Char Griller has included on this model for optimal temperature control.

For convenience and ease of use, the grill also comes with a side shelf and utensil hooks. These items are built directly into the cart itself for a very strong construction. The condiment basket and the larger wire shelf underneath are designed to be easy to assemble and to improve the overall strength of the grill. With these various storage spaces across the grill, you can have access to plenty of space for storing cleaning utensils, utensil hooks for removing grates, extra condiments, extra charcoal and more. The side condiment basket is ideal if you’re going to have slow cooking items with plenty of sauces as well. You can keep an ongoing side stash of condiments  or even hold a drink as you are at the grill. These storage and strength improvements really help to improve the usability of this grill and ensure that it can be functional in a number of different circumstances.

Char Griller 2828

Weighing in at just 81 pounds fully assembled this grill is generally around half the weight of some major charcoal grills. Of course when its way down with charcoal and food items it can be quite heavy to move. At this weight and with this cooking surface however, the Char-Griller 2828 Pro Deluxe Charcoal Grill is likely one of the best options that you could have for a cookout, camping trip or any type of traveling with your charcoal grill items. Rather than spending time fighting with a larger grill this could even be an item that you would consider purchasing specifically for travelling.

The Char-Griller 2828 Pro Deluxe Charcoal Grill also comes with a specialty set of grilling tools if you purchase the special edition of the grill. The grill + grilling set combo is available for $20 more and this grilling set comes with a variety of implements that you would use in grilling everything from shiskababs to chicken, vegetables and even burgers. This is an excellent value especially considering this grill. The best part about the grilling set is that it comes prepackaged in a small portable briefcase which easily fits directly underneath the grill in the storage rack. This is a set of grilling tools you can easily take along with you travelling, camping or in a variety of different settings as well. In a watertight case, you can always have your grilling tools available and stashed directly underneath the grill whenever you need them!Char Griller 2828

Overall this grill is known to be extremely easy to put together. With just a few base components and a detailed instruction booklet, this grill offers a very sturdy construction and easy cleanup. The chance for professional construction and assembly is available through Amazon however. If you are interested in getting the most out of your grill and you want to ensure that it is completed in the best possible manner you should strongly consider this option. For just over $48 you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your grill has been completed to specification and with the right tools for the job. It is also highly recommended that you pick up not only a digital thermometer but also a grill cover. As the external pieces of this grill are made primarily with steel, a cover can help to protect against rust and wear over the season. The good news is that the steel components are mostly coated with a strong solution that is designed to last over several seasons, getting a grill cover however will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your grill is well protected from a variety of different weather conditions. Cleaning and care is also made quite easy with grills that are completely removable and also coated with a nonstick solution. Treating your grill over time just involves making sure you cut down the cast-iron with oil before applying any type of food item. Ensuring that the cast-iron surface retained its nonstick ability means regularly treating and cleaning the grill after every use. Upgraded versions of grills like these often come with a porcelain or ceramic coating over the grills but this version with some care can still last for many years and provide a perfect cooking surface for a variety of items.

As an added bonus, Char grill is a company based in Atlanta Georgia with over 20 years of experience in the industry. They designed this grill to be a nice introductory option with plenty of cooking space and plenty of storage space. With a company that is been in business for this long, you know that they will be able to offer comprehensive warranties as well as replacement parts for almost any item on this grill. By including a powder coat finish and a heavy steel construction they also ensured that this is a grill that is built to last over many years. When you include a cover and you take care of the grills over time, this is certainly a charcoal grill that you and your family can enjoy for years. Remember that Char Grill is a manufacturer is extremely responsive and if you ever needed replacement grills, a replacement shelf or even a replacement cover they would be very quick with your order. Many of the parts are available on Amazon and you may be surprised to know that a number of these parts are even covered under a manufacturer’s warranty through customer service directly. Most of these grills come with a standard 90 day warranty but some even come available with over a year warranty available on replacement parts. This is a highly rated grill that is extremely versatile and perfect for travel. If you are interested in an affordable and very well-built charcoal grill, the Char-Griller 2828 Pro Deluxe Charcoal Grill could be an excellent choice.

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