dyna gas grillLuckily  today the market is filled with various grill types that have somewhat enamored us. However, how to distinguish the B Grade quality from the top quality ones ? Let’s face it, when it comes to buying leisure appliances, we tend to spend wisely but wait . . . is a grill a leisure spend ? I don’t think so !

So let’s  begin: the fastest way to buy a grill is to go on Amazon and read the reviews. The reviews give you great insight into what features to look for and which designs are a failure. Since  I was buying a grill for the first time; I wanted to be thorough with my research. Let me tell you, finding a product on the internet you have no knowledge about is hard. I came across so many options, each better than the one before. Since I was restricted due to my budget, I was discarding most of them pretty fast. When it comes to grills, there are a dozen things that are a must and because I was flying solo, with my trusty internet by my side, I was a little worried that I would make the wrong choice. After days of reading reviews, I finally came across a grill that was not only in my budget but was perfect in terms of what I was looking for: The Dyna-Glo D Smart Space Living 3-Burner LP Gas Grill.
One of the best things that I liked about this grill was the side tables and bars . . . especially the bars. The only time I tried grilling, I ended up creating a camp fire and roasting marshmallows with my family. So, it was a given that my wife would be a bit sceptical about me buying a grill. For those of who you have no experience with grills, I would definitely recommend buying this grill because it is easy to navigate. Trust me; you don’t even need to refer to the instruction manual. It’s all quite simple.
Now about the brand, to ease your worries that you are not buying a failed brand, let me tell you that Dylan-Glo is famous across North America. The company specializes in heating and grill products. Their management has over 100 years of experience, which I believe is the biggest reason to buy their grills. Alright, so let’s start on how my experience with this grill was:

The Basics

Up till now, I have used this grill at least five times in the past week. Got a little excited, so decided to call over my friends for a barbeque night, then there were the family dinners and parties. The Dyna-Glo D Smart Space Living 3-Burner LP Gas Grill actually belongs to a Dylan-Glo signature series dedicated to charcoal grills. This is the only LP grill in the series. The reason why I chose this over the charcoal ones is because charcoal tends to get a bit messy. I don’t know about Dylan Glo’s charcoal grills, so it is better you check them out yourselves before making a decision.
So here are the basic: The grill has porcelain enamelled grates, three burners, grease pan and cup, two side tables with bars that are foldable, an electronic ignition and a stainless thermometer. This grill saves a lot of space because it is light weight and can be stored anywhere. Every component of the grill has been carefully made to provide a top quality grilling experience. Its compact design makes it ideal for decks and patios, giving more elbow room. This is a high performance grill, which you can easily buy and maintain.
As compared to other grill reviews on the internet, I didn’t find a single fault with this grill. There were some comments made on the uneven heat distribution but so far, I haven’t experienced anything related to this. Do tell me if you buy this grill and experience this problem. I can honestly say that I’m having one hell of a time with this grill. The power of this grill lies in its small features, which is what makes it worth the price. Yes, you can get other grills in the same price but I assure you, you won’t find them with folding tables or hooks for utensils.

To help you get a clear picture on what each component offers, I’m going to explain how they work and what benefits they offer:


Your Cooking Space—Porcelain-Enameled Cast Iron Grates

dyna gas grillThe total space that includes prep work and cooking is 507 inches of which, 390 square inches is the actual cooking space with the grates. The grates are made with cast iron and are coated with a layer of porcelain that retains heat and transfers it to the food. The grates are not pre seasoned and neither do they require any seasoning. The cast iron captures the taste of the food and keeps the meat juicy and well-seasoned. One of the best things about this grill is that it has a warming rack one step above the grates.
Imagine, you are cooking and you forgot to bring a serving plate with you to the grill. You need to put more meat on the grates but there’s no space and the longer the cooked meat stays on the grates, the higher the chances of it burning. Now, with this warming rack, the cooked meat can be placed on the top and you can add more to the cooking surface. The best part: The heat from the burners spreads evenly so, your cooked meat will remain warm until you are done with the entire batch and are ready to serve.

Temperature Control—Mind Your Meat

dyna gas grillIt’s no shame in admitting that we all have burned food while cooking. In the case of grilling, it happens quite often. Several grill manufacturing companies are so focused on the burners that they forget about providing us ease for maintaining the temperature. The Dyna-Glo D Smart Space Living 3-Burner LP Gas Grill has seen to this feature and taken it up a notch. This grill is popular for its heat retention, which means you need to know at all times what the grill’s temperature is. Its lid, which is made with a stainless steel double-wall liner and end caps coated with steel for stability, gives the grill power to withstand high temperature. The thermometer on the top tells you accurate temperature and you can adjust the heat accordingly.

Chrome Plated Burners

The stainless steel box that houses the grates also has the burners attached to it. The burners have been chrome plated, so that they can be easily wiped off of any grease. The heave steel tents deliver 12,000 BTU individually to each burner, making a total of 36,000 BTU output. It has an electronic pulse ignition system, so with one push, you can start grilling. When my wife used to bake something in the oven, she would often lose sight of whether the burners were on or not. Since the space is already hot, this sometimes does become a problem and in some cases even a danger. If you are not able to see the flames on the burner, then there’s an easy way to find out whether they are on or not. Underneath the side table, close to the burners, there’s a hole that gives you a direct line of sight to the burners.

Prep Work Space

dyna gas grillMy favorite part of the grill: The side tables. Believe me when I say that I clapped like a ten year old when I folded the side tables for the first time and rolled the grill out the door to my patio. No bumping here and there or moving it to an insane angle just so you can get through the door. It was like gliding! Another surprise: the side-tables can also be removed. They are made of steel that is powder coated to protect from rust, and each side can support 25 pounds. Once you open the side tables, you will see bars at both sides, which can be used as a towel rack and for hanging utensils. You really don’t need a separate prep station because on one table you can keep all the seasoning and the sauces and on the other you can keep the uncooked meat. Its less time consuming and grilling was much easier than I expected because everything was within my reach.

High Grade Caster Wheels

Remember the gliding I was talking about? Yeah, that smooth ride was made possible by the caster wheels, two of which can be locked, so that you can park the grill anywhere you want. If you visit Dylan-Glo’s website, you will see that they are focused on providing a great outdoor experience with their grills whether it is on your home’s patio or out in the wild. I’m excited to take this grill with me on a camping trip and see how it fares there.

Storage System

When it comes to the Dyna-Glo D Smart Space Living 3-Burner LP Gas Grill’s design, the company has done a bang-up job. The grill also contains a stainless steel cabinet, where you can safely keep the LP tank and other grilling items. There’s also a hose holder, which secures the hose and ensures even gas distribution. These little details are what make this grill much more appealing. The cabinet really comes in handy when you don’t have to run inside your house because you forgot a utensil or wipes. Plus, when you have three rambunctious kids like mine, safety is something that you need to maintain at all times.

Grease Management System

dyna gas grillThe reason why I am talking about this feature at the last is because maintaining your grill is a long process. One of the biggest complaints that most people have with their grill is the grease management system. Admit it, when it comes to cleaning, we suck at it. It’s quite easy to cook a perfectly delicious beef patty but the grease that collects at the end is not pleasant.
Before you get ready with several cleaning liquids and sharp bristle brushes, let me tell you that this grill has a pretty easy grease management system. To make sure that the grease does not fall into the cabinet and ruin the inside, the grill has been double protected with two components.
The first is the grease pan where all the grease falls from the grates. The grease then travels down to a grease cup that collects the liquid. Since the grease cup is quite small, you need to check it periodically when you are cooking large meals.
This grill is intended for family use only because of its small cooking surface. If you are grilling for a party, then cook time  will take longer.


For maintaining the Dyna-Glo D Smart Space Living 3-Burner LP Gas Grill all you need is a cloth for wiping and a wire brush for removing stubborn grease or solid food residue. The grill must be cleaned approximately 15 minutes after the burners are turned off. You can brush off the left over food and wipe the grates with a cloth.
For cleaning the grates and the warming racks, use a mild liquid dish soap and the wire brush. For wiping, use a nylon cloth and only rinse with warm water. For cleaning the grease pan, you can use a scraper to remove the grease and rinse it with warm water. Remember, while you are cleaning the grates, do not splash it with warm water or the water will trickle down into the burners’ venturi tubes.
So, that’s everything you need to know about this grill. Dylan-Glo maintains a record of offering durable and high performance products; in this case the Dyna-Glo Smart Space Living 3 Burner LP Gas Grill will help you grill the perfect piece of meat.

A reminder that don’t be alarmed by the reviews on the internet saying that the grill loses its heat while cooking. One reason behind these reviews can be that they didn’t assemble their grill according to the manual or might be that their LP tank is not working properly. I would
suggest that if you find difficulty in assembling the grill, better call an expert. I haven’t read anything about flare-ups so far but it is better to be safe than sorry.
Reasonably priced  the grill offers some distinct features like the folding tables and the double safety on the lid and grease management system that definitely makes it worth the price. During my search, I came across many grills that were much more expensive and were entirely focused on the burners’ BTU. Some of them even didn’t have side tables, which was a disappointment. All things aside, you gotta give it to Dylan-Glo for creating such a sleek design that fits seamlessly everywhere. If you are set on buying a LP tank grill, then I suggest you start with this one. It’s easy to use, small enough for an intimate family and is portable. What more could one ask for in a grill !!

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