Grilled Pizza the Right Way: The Best Technique for Cooking Incredible Tasting Pizza & Flatbread on Your Barbecue Perfectly Chewy & Crispy Every Time

Grilled Pizza The Right Way: The Best Technique For Cooking Incredible Tasting Pizza & Flatbread On Your Barbecue Perfectly Chewy & Crispy Every TimeThe best way to get a perfect pizza is through your grill!

John Delpha introduces you to an incredible and easy way of preparing pizza using a grill-gas or charcoal, to give it a special crispy crust along with a little chew and an incredible cheese-tasting and smoky flavor. All you need is a few techniques and some minutes, and before you know it, you’re serving pizza from your grill same as Al Forno located in Providence, RI, were John used to work, which is also where George German, the owner, who invented the grilled pizza about thirty-five years ago.

Delpha’s amazing dough recipes are good for purists. Also, he comes up with some mouth-watering results using store-bought dough. His cheese blend is not only simple, but also well-balanced and perfectly tangy combined with all his favorite toppings all put together in a wonderful pizza recipe collection. Everybody enjoys these delicious pizzas, because they’re fun, amazing and completely unforgettable.

About the Author

John Delpha is a chef and a partner at the Rosebud American Kitchen and Bar, located in Somerville, MA. He has served as a chef at some of the best restaurants on the East Coast, amongst which are Clio, Mistral, Sorellina, and Harvest. Together with his barbecue team known as IQUE, he has amassed more than ten Jack Daniel’s International BBQ Championship awards. John resides in Littleton, MA.

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