Modern gas, charcoal, and electric grills are designed to be durable. However, like any cooking appliance, parts begin to break down over time.

Most budget-priced grills will last around three to five years before needing to be replaced. Some premium grills are designed to last ten years and even longer in many cases.

No matter what time of grill you own, you need to know when it’s time to invest in a replacement.

So how do you know when it’s time to replace your grill? Here are four signs that tell you it’s time to replace your grill.

The Finish is Starting to Chip Away

The finish of your grill is more than just aesthetic. It helps to protect the metal underneath.

While many premium grills are made with stainless steel panels that will last ten years or even longer, some affordable grills use coated steel that is prone to rust after a few seasons.

If the painted finish of your grill is chipping away, it’s time to consider a replacement.

You could consider refinishing damaged areas of your grill with enamel paint, but this will only be a temporary solution. Once the finish starts to wear, rust will be your biggest concern.

The Grill Grates are Rusted and Difficult to Clean

Most grill grates will eventually rust, requiring replacement. Depending on the age and design of your grill, you may be able to order spare parts from the manufacturer.

If the grill is a few years old and no spares are available, you’ll need to consider replacing the entire grill.

While this might seem wasteful, there are advantages to replacing the entire unit. You will enjoy an extended service life when buying a new model, with spare parts being readily available.

Newer grills will also come with benefits like updated features, better construction methods, and more durable finishing materials.

Parts of the Grill are Beginning to Fail

No matter how well you maintain your grill, parts will eventually break down and fail. You could keep your grill covered during the winter, or even store it in a shed or garage.

Eventually, rust and deterioration will take hold. When major parts of your grill begin to fail, it’s time to consider a replacement. Let’s say that some of your burners stop working.

Over time, your grill will become less versatile and a large section of the cooking area will be rendered useless.

If the thermostat stops working, it could be difficult to find a replacement, especially if it’s a proprietary part.

Hinges, cabinets, drawers, and doors could all fail over time. Replacing these parts is not easy, because different manufacturers use their own designs, right down to the nuts and bolts.

When part failure becomes hard to keep up with, it’s time to consider a replacement.

With an older grill, it’s often more economical to simply replace the entire unit, rather than regularly buy spare parts that might not perfectly fit the design.

You’ve Outgrown Your Grill
How Do You Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Grill?

A new grill will come with a fresh warranty.

Sometimes the best reason to replace your grill might have nothing to do with reliability or damage. It might simply come down to the fact that you’ve outgrown your grill.

The grill market is in a constant state of evolution, with new models offering better features every year.

If you have an older grill but want something bigger, with a larger hood, with a side burner, an infrared zone, or even a rotisserie system, then you can consider replacing it.

A new grill will come with a fresh warranty and all of the modern conveniences that you’ve been missing out on.

Whether it’s damage, rust, failing parts, or if you simply want a change, investing in a new grill will give you years of stress-free cooking for family meals, entertaining, and special occasions.


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