We all love grilled dishes. Whether it’s steak or veggies that you are grilling, high-quality propane flat top grill will deliver to satisfy your taste as well as match the convenience that you are looking for as a griller.
Flat top grills are increasingly becoming popular in the market currently, providing the welcoming comfort of powering up your grill while eliminating the often time-consuming and tedious process of lighting up a fire.
The grilling sphere is constantly becoming advanced. Without the knowledge of what to look for in a grill, the decision making process while trying to purchase a grill that fully gives in to your grilling cravings is thus becoming difficult.
Convenience comes along with size, but most importantly, choosing a unit depending on your needs as well as your intended use is usually the ultimate goal.
Take a breath, for we’ve got you covered with this best propane flat top grills review, whether you’re eyeing to buy for your frequent backyard parties or your next family outdoor camping or hiking.

Blackstone 1554 Station-4-Burner-Propane Fueled-Restaurant Grade-Professional 36-inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Griddle Station.



Propane flat top grill
The Blackstone 1554 propane flat top grill is specially designed and suited for restaurant grilling. Its vast grilling space of 720-square inches, 4-burner setting and propane-fueled ignition and the cooking system gives you the convenience you need for grilling at home while rivaling commercial grillers.
Moreover, the grill’s black powder coated steel enhances its durability, with the cold rolled steel cooking surface having excellent heat retention and distribution for that perfect grilling!
Despite its size, this grill can be moved around with ease, as well as disassembled and reassembled with ease.
The secure footing comprising of 4 industrial strength caster wheels provide easy movement from place to place, with the two locking casters helping to keep it in place.
The grill comes with an easy start battery-powered electric push-button ignition. With the simple push of a button, the Blackstone 1554 is ready to go, eliminating the hassle of kerosene, charcoal, and matches.
1554 also comes with 4 adjustable, solid stainless steel that allows you to set 4 different heat-zones.
This enhances versatility in your cooking surface by allowing you to cook several foods at once, as well as keeping certain foods warm while others cook.
In addition, the burners have a total thermal cooking power of 60,000 BTUs, enough for your grilling needs!
The grill’s vast flat cooktop is big enough for parties or catering functions. However, the 4 adjustable burners make it possible to use just one or two burners when the cooking is for a small number of people.

Camp Chef Flat Top Grill 900 Outdoor Griddle FTG900 Black.
Propane flat top grillThis propane flat top griddle from Camp Chef is suitable for grillers that have a lot of friends, or a large, extended family to feed. It is a tank of a cooking station capable of churning out huge amounts of food in the blink of an eye!
Coming with a primary cooking surface of 877-square inches, the FTG 900 lets you cook, grill or boil fast and easy.
Moreover, the cooking area is non-stick and ready to cook or grill with an efficient grease management system.
The system automatically collects grease and any oil drippings thus facilitating easy clean-ups and reducing the risk of dangerous flare-ups.
The grill’s six 12,000 BTUs stainless steel burners provide enough heat for you to grill that steak!
Moreover, the stainless steel construction ensures durability as well as excellent heat retention and distribution for high-quality cooking and grilling.
The grill also features an easy start battery-operated electric push-button ignition.
With the simple push of a button, the Camp Chef FTG 900 is ready to go, eliminating the hassle of kerosene, charcoal, and matches. 
The grill’s cart design is versatile, with an adjustable leveling system that allows you to cook on any surface or terrain hassle-free.
Other salient features of the FTG 900 include a food prep surface on each side and a propane tank holder on one side.

Royal Gourmet Portable Propane Gas Grill and Griddle Combo,4-Burner, Griddle Flat Top.


Propane flat top grill
The Royal Gourmet Portable Propane Gas Grill and Griddle Combo is the ideal propane flat top griddle for everyday large gatherings.
The grill is easy to assemble and comes with a dual cooking surface with one grate and one flat griddle that can be interchanged for ease of use.
Moreover, each offers 292-square inches of cooking space for a total of 584 total inches of cooking space! There are also 2 side tables for additional working space.
Featuring 4-stainless steel burners, the grill lets you set 4 different cooking zones, for enhanced versatility on both the grill and griddle.
In addition to being durable, the stainless steel burner design favors even heat distribution across the surface and heat up quickly for efficient cooking and/or grilling.
Each burner has a thermal cooking output of 12,000 BTUs each-a total of 48,000 BTUs.
This Royal Gourmet grill comes with an electronic ignition which powers up your grill with the simple push of a button.
Moreover, the grill’s built-in grease management system with removable drip pans facilitates easy clean-ups after each use.
The folding frame cart design and 4 strength caster wheels allow the grill to be easily transported and wheeled around.
The hooks allow placing of BBQ accessories. Tag along with this Royal Gourmet grill to your next BBQ party for a great performance!

Royal Gourmet Event 8-Burner BBQ Propane Gas Grill with Cover, Picnic or Camping Outdoor.


Propane flat top grill
Be it a picnic, tailgate party or camping outdoors, there’s no event that’s out of your reach with the Royal Gourmet Event 8-Burner BBQ Propane flat top Gas Grill.
This grill versatile grill features a heavy duty capacity storage space cart with caster wheels alongside a large metal side shelf with fold-down function.
The grill’s 8 stainless steel burners have been built to last, with each outputting a thermal cooking power of 13,000 BTUs each-a total of 104,000 BTUs of cooking power. In addition, the supporting gas system of the burners includes 2 sets of regulators for a stable and even flame.
With 950-square inches of primary cooking space, the grill has ample space for your cooking needs. For additional prep space, the grill has 2 folding aluminum surface side tables.
 Moreover, the cooking’s surface grates are made of porcelain wire for even heat retention, durability, and easy clean-up. 
The grates also make meat tender! A folding windscreen integration lets you protect your grilling.
This grill also comes with an updated GB II design from Royal Gourmet which prevents paint peeling while getting hot.
The grill’s electronic ignition system offers a reliable spark with every push, giving you hassle-free startups.
Moreover, the control panel alongside its knobs is made of stainless steel, for durability.
The large capacity grease collection system with two grease drip cups that the grill features underneath the firebox eases clean-up ensuring your grilling lasts longer.

Blackstone Tabletop Grill – 22 Inch Portable Gas Griddle – Propane Fueled – Black.


Propane flat top grill
At 32-pounds, this advanced propane flat top tabletop grill from Blackstone brings along various features to make your grilling adventures memorable.
Blackstone has taken portability to the next level with this 22-inch propane-fueled tabletop. Coming with a heavy duty cooking surface of 330-square inches, this grill has ample space for any portable griddle, allowing you to quickly cook a whole meal for a group of people.
The Blackstone grill’s multiple adjustable burners provide a total thermal cooking power of up to 24,000 BTUs.
These burners are H-shaped with the room for adjusting heat separately.
This, therefore, allows you to cook different meals simultaneously and keep certain foods warm while others cook. Moreover, it’s made of stainless steel which has a black powder coating to ensure its durability.
The grill’s built-in ignitor makes the powering process effortless, with no need for any matches. Once you are done with cooking, the cleaning process has been made convenient for you.
It’s rear built-in grease channel and catches trays draws grease away from your food facilitating easy clean-ups at the ends of each use.
The sturdy construction and compact design allow for easy portability everywhere – outdoor parties, camping trips, hunting escapades, name it all!
Moreover, when the weather is not so friendly, you can enjoy a big breakfast at the comfort of your home with pancakes, eggs, and bacon!

Royal Gourmet Regal GB2000 2-Burner Propane Gas Grill Griddle, 22” L, Black.


Propane flat top grill
The GB2000 is a mid-sized propane flat top grill from Royal Gourmet that is ideal for patios and outdoor grilling sessions.
The grill has a thick, cold-rolled steel surface for enhanced durability and makes it rust-free.
The grill comes with 2 independently controlled stainless steel tube burners with a thermal cooking power 13,000 BTUs each-a total of 26,000 BTUs.
The independent burners pave way for versatility and the cooking power is more than enough for a grill its size.
The grill comes with a primary cooking surface of 434-square inches, large enough for your grilling needs. For additional prep space, the grill has 2 folding aluminum surface side tables.
The side tables can also hold up to 25 lb. of items with stability. Moreover, the surface of the griddle is pre-seasoned for efficient grilling.
The electronic ignition system of this GB2000 offers a reliable spark with every push, giving you easy and convenient startups.
The control panel is also made with stainless steel for enhanced durability.
The large capacity grease collection system that the grill features underneath the firebox eases clean-up ensuring your grilling lasts longer.
The grill also comes with 4 industrial grade strength caster wheels allows the grill to be easily transported and wheeled around.
The heavy duty shelf of this grill gives sufficient room for convenient storage.

Blue Rhino GGC1643B Razor Griddle, Black.
Propane flat top grillThe Blue GGC1643B Razor Griddle is Blue Rhino’s attempt to throw their hat into the ring in the Grilling market, after years of being renowned for being replaceable propane tank providers.
This propane flat top griddle was designed to be portable. It easily and effortlessly folds up into a nice, tight case.
The grill features a large 730-square inch of cooking space with sear zones, enough to handle up to 57 hamburgers at once! Space is definitely enough to suit your grilling and cooking needs!
The GGC1643B comes with 4 independently controlled burners for versatility. Moreover, each burner outputs a whopping 15,000 BTUs of thermal cooking power, for a total of 62,000 BTUs.
This is more than enough for your grilling needs! The griddle top is also large enough to create two distinct heat zones for increased versatility.
What sets the Blue Rhino GGC1643B ahead of the curve is its broad channel grease management system.
Compared to other narrow grease channels and small dripping pans of other grills, the Blue Rhino made a point to give the GGC1643B a broad channel grease management system that flows directly into a large dripping pan, which has been nicely concealed.
This thus facilitates convenient and easy cleanups.
Other salient features present include a pre-seasoned grill top, 4 casters for mobility, integrated towel bars and folding shelves for easy storage.

Blackstone 36-inch Stainless Steel Outdoor Cooking Gas Grill Griddle Station.


Propane flat top grill
The Blackstone 4 Burner 36” Gas Griddle is an exceptional propane flat top grill that comes along with 720-square inches of flat top grilling space. Space is more than enough for grilling your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
From eggs and pancakes to grilled cheese and steak, the Blackstone encompasses all the exquisite features you need from a grill!
Furthermore, the grill’s stainless steel frame, burners, and thick cold rolled steel cooktop make the grill durable, lasting a lifetime!
Featuring four independently controlled burners, the heat zones can be controlled from low to high for versatile cooking options.
Moreover, each grill has a thermal power output of 15,000 BTUs, making it a total of 60,000 BTUs. This is enough to grill that steak to completion!
The griddle comes with an easy start, battery-powered push-button ignition. With the simple push of a button, your griddle is up and running, eliminating the hassle that comes with kerosene, charcoal, and matches.
In addition, the grill has a bottom shelf and two side shelves for food storage and prep.
You can also easily wheel this griddle around your yard or tag it along to your campsites courtesy of the removable griddle top, fold up legs and four strength caster wheels.  

Before you enjoy and serve that grilled food that matches the grill that you have been yearning for, making the right choice of the grilling unit is the most critical part.
No frills, the above best propane flat top grills give you the comfort, convenience, and high-quality grilling experience regardless of the occasion! 
The modern and innovative ways to grill your food with propane flat top grills has bid goodbye to the hassles of starting fires with matchsticks to be able to grill.
Now, you can be fearless with the hassles that are associated with grilling. The only concern is what you will be grilling next and where!

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