best meat slicerGreat meals aren’t always the easiest to prepare, particularly if you’re a grilling, braising, or smoking enthusiast.
While cooking food outdoors is a favorite for many families during the summer, cooking larger cuts of meat and even specialty game and sausages can be difficult and tedious.
Inefficient cutting methods can lead to food waste, and with the prices of food going up today, that’s something that no family should have to deal with.
You don’t even have to be grilling or smoking to enjoy the benefits of a meat slicer, because they can be used for any type of cooked or processed meat, and even vegetables and other ingredients.
If you are looking for a better way to do things then a meat slicer is one of the smartest investments that you could make.
The best meat slicers will provide a number of benefits, and could even get you more excited about your next grilling or smoking session.
We’re going to explain the key benefits of slicers, and then take a look at six of the best meat slicers that you can buy today.

The Top Benefits When You Choose the Best Meat Slicer
best meat slicerIf you haven’t previously considered a meat slicer or simply don’t understand how one of these tools can help you get more out of your food, then these are the top five benefits that will change your mind.
Save Money.
Processed and pre-sliced meats from your local grocery store or delicatessen can be expensive. If you want to have expertly prepared specialty meats at home, then a meat slicer will be a great investment. You’ll cut down on your spending because you’ll now have a tool that the pros use.
Increase Efficiency.
Cutting large cuts of meat by hand is tiresome and time consuming. The best meat slicers are far more efficient and they’ll cut down your prep time after you’ve been grilling, smoking, or roasting meat at home. Meat slicers can also be used for other ingredients like vegetables, cheese, and some slicers can even be used to cut homemade bread.
Better Cuts.
A big part of food and entertaining is the presentation. If you have spent a long time marinating and perfectly cooking your meat, then you should put the same amount of effort into the presentation. This can be difficult with even the sharpest specialty meat knives, but a meat slicer can allow for consistent cuts with very little effort.
Thinly Sliced Meat.
If you’ve made smoked sausages, specialties like salami and pepperoni, or even BBQ loin, you might want thin slices for sandwiches or storing as cold cuts. A meat slicer will allow you to get the thinnest possible slices, which you simply wouldn’t be able to do with your regular kitchen utensils.
Easy to Use.
One of the biggest benefits of all is the fact that the best meat slicers are easy to use. There’s no need to spend time struggling with knives when you can have the process automated with a high quality meat slicer.
With the benefits made clear, it’s time to take a look at six of the best meat slicers so that you can decide which one is right for you.

Weston Heavy Duty Food 9-Inch Slicer
As the most affordable slicer on this list, you might think that there are some compromises to be made.
While the Weston Heavy Duty Food 9 Inch Slicer is not quite on the same level as the top models from Beswood and KWS, it’s still a great investment and can take care of the slicing needs in most homes.
This model is belt driven with a quiet motor and minimal vibrations. The suction cup feed are perfect for your kitchen benchtops, and the smooth gliding mechanism will give you confidence that it’s getting the job done properly.
Cuts can get down to .5 of an inch thick, which is on par with even some of the best commercial slicers. The only real limitation is when it comes to cutting bread.
Slightly firmer breads will have no trouble, but you could have problems with tearing when it comes to fresh white bread with a soft center.
A bread slicer would be your best option if you primarily want to cut your homemade bread. For everything else, this unit performs well.
Another good feature about the Weston Heavy Duty Food Slicer is that it is lightweight and relatively compact. If you don’t want to take up too much space in your kitchen storage then this should be one of the first models that you look at.
While commercial slicers can make sense for some buyers, the fact is that you can get similar results from something much more affordable.
If you are on a tight budget and need something capable but wallet-friendly, then this is the model for you.

Chef’s Choice Cast Aluminum Electric Slicer
Chef’s Choice is a brand that will be familiar to anyone who has collected a few kitchen appliances over the years.
The company is known for making high quality devices that make kitchen life easier. The Chef’s Choice 615A Electric Slicer is no exception.
This is a smaller meat slicer that is more suited to cold deli cuts and vegetable slices. The 7 inch blade is smaller than even the Weston model, and this could be limiting for some people.
If you cut large BBQ meats or large legs of ham then you will want to choose a model that is 8 inches or larger. If you don’t mind the smaller size, then this is definitely a compelling option.
The unit is made from cast aluminum which makes for an impressive look, and it will last for years without showing signs of wear. Compared to the other models on this list, the Chef’s Choice meat slicer looks far more like a consumer kitchen appliance.
It is stylish and wouldn’t look out of place when it is displayed with other appliances. This is in contrast to some of the best meat slicers that feature industrial designs, so this could be a good choice if aesthetic is one of your primary concerns.
If you want something small and light that will handle smaller cuts of meat and vegetables with ease, then the Chef’s Choice slicer is a relatively affordable option that won’t leave you disappointed.

FC2 Professional Stainless Steel Semi Auto Meat Slicer
When you step up in price, you can get a meat slicer that has been designed for professional use.
The FC2 Professional Stainless Steel Semi Auto Meat Slicer is a quality option that can be used in commercial applications.
With that in mind, you can be assured that it will easily take care of any of your home slicing needs.
This model features a 10 inch blade that is capable of cutting down to 0.5 inches. It’s primarily a meat slicer, which is evident from the stainless steel blade.
The standard blade is perfect for sliced meat and vegetables.
Unfortunately, bread is not an option on the FC2, because it will tear on the blade. Hard cheeses can be sliced, however, the manufacturer recommends cutting only cold and firm cheese to avoid sticking.
If you want this as a multi-purpose food slicer then you may be disappointed. If you understand the limitations and want it mostly for your grilled, smoked, and oven cooked meats, then you will find that it performs extremely well.
The model has built-in whetstones for regular sharpening, and the semi-automatic loading system makes it easy to use.
Although there are some compromises with this model, it performs well in all of the key areas.

Super Deal Stainless Steel Semi Auto Meat Slicer
Highly similar in design and capability to the FC2, theSuper Deal Stainless Steel Auto Meat Slicer is one of the best options if you want a commercial grade slicer without any of the bells and whistles.
The design has focused on functionality rather than looks, so this one looks like a real industrial slicer. Whether that works in your kitchen or not is entirely up to you.
Features like a build in sharpener, stainless steel blade, and fixed ring guard are all similar to what you would find on the top commercial models.
This unit is relatively quiet with a 1/3 horsepower motor.
It’s perfect for slicing meat and vegetables, however, just like the FC2 it can struggle with some cheeses and other ingredients.
If your idea of the best meat slicer is one that focuses on meat and solid vegetables and nothing else, then this would be a great investment.
It might not be the prettiest meat slicer to look at, but the commercial grade materials and construction mean that it will last for years in your home.

Beswood Premium Electric Deli Meat Slicer
A step up in price, but also a huge step up in quality materials.
The Beswood Premium Chromium Plated Carbon Steel Blade Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer is made for commercial use and is the perfect investment if you want something to last for a lifetime in your home.
The blade is designed to prevent sticking and doesn’t require regular sharpening, making it perfect for both vegetables and meat.
Whether you are slicing a Christmas ham or your latest creation from the grill or smoker, this is one of the best meat slicers to get the job done.
Some design features include a V-Belt that reduces noise and vibration, and there’s a blade ring guard to eliminate accidents in the kitchen.
The aluminum body helps to keep weight down without sacrificing durability, and the unit is FDA approved.
The non-stick blade can be used to slice bread with ease, making this a great investment for any home cook that needs a more convenient way to slice in the kitchen.
Minimum slicing thickness is .5 of an inch, which is perfect for cold cuts, vegetables, roast meat, grilled food, or anything that you pull out of your smoker.

KWS Premium Commercial Electric Meat Slicer
The ultimate meat slicer for home, this KWS Premium Commercial 320 Watt Electric Meat Slicer is made for use in the most demanding environments.
If chefs and professional butchers can trust it, then imagine what it could do in your home.
This model comes with a 10” high quality stainless steel blade that is coated in Teflon to avoid sticking. The design of the blade allows you to get food down to a thickness of 0.4 inches.
There’s even a sharpener built into the unit, so you won’t need to worry about your blade going dull.
The Teflon blade is not just great for meat, but also works well with cheese, including soft cheeses that would tear when being used with other slicers.
The motor is made from pure copper, which ensures that it can last for long cutting sessions without overheating.
The motor is designed for constant use in commercial environments, so it will easily stand up to your demands at home.
This is the most expensive model on this list but it’s one of the best meat slicers due to its excellent construction and easily replaceable parts.
If you want a slicer to last a lifetime, then this one is the obvious choice.

Buy the Best Meat Slicer That Suits Your Needs and Budget
There’s no shortage of selection when you want to buy the best meat slicer. Each model on this list is capable of taking care of your home needs. All of these meat slicers are priced under $400, so it’s possible to get something long lasting for a reasonable price.
Even with regular use, a meat slicer can last for years, so you’re actually making a long-term investment.With a meat slicer you can change the way that you prepare food at home, making your kitchen or outdoor cooking station more convenient to use.
Whether you love to cook large BBQ cuts on the rotisserie, or prepare your own sausages in a smoker, the best meat slicer will be a purchase that you won’t regret.


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