The Essential New York Times Grilling Cookbook

This book is fun, enlightening, and comprehensive,.

The New York Times has published a lot of grilling and barbecuing articles in the last 100 years, including delicious recipes – and we’ve been able to compile the best of them in this special collection.
These vital pieces should be savoured, not just for their guaranteed advice and instructions, but also for the unique way the story is told: it can be enjoyed by anybody, regardless of whether you’re a cook or not.
Practically every newspaper’s culinary expert has something to say, including prominent chefs as well as everyday tailgaters.
This book is fun, enlightening, and comprehensive, with everything you can think of from the basics of barbecuing, to expert guides, including healthy vegetarian meals and heart attack inviting meaty indulgences, for everybody. So, why don’t you pick a recipe or two and start cooking !



About the Author

Some of the well-known names include Mark Bittman, (bestselling author of How to Cook Everything), who wrote the forward including several other essays and recipes; Craig Claiborne who is a pioneer food critic (“French Thoughts on U.S. Barbecue”), as well as Pierre Franey writer of “Loin Lamb Steaks with Rosemary”, the cherished Florence Fabricant who wrote “Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Cakes”, Molly O’Neill  who wrote “Splendor in the Lemongrass”, Jacques Pépin who wrote “Grilled Tabasco Chicken”, Sam Sifton, Mimi Sheraton, Alfred Portale,  and so on.
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