, and find the right fit for your home.

From small and affordable to impossibly heavy and incredibly expensive, there’s a lot of choice in the kamado grill market.

Kamado grills are inspired by traditional Japanese cooking. They use both direct heat and natural convection to cook food thoroughly. Flavors are amazing, especially when you choose high-quality ingredients.

The heat and constant circulation of vaporized juices result in tender and flavorful meats, and the best vegetables you’ll ever eat from a grill.

As the popularity of kamado cooking increases, there are plenty of questions that buyers are asking. One of the most common is: which type of Kamado grill should I buy?

We’re going to answer the question in simple and clear terms, so you can go into your next investment fully informed.

Evaluate Your Needs First

Before you buy any grill, think about:

  • How big you need your grill to be.
  • The fuel that’s most convenient for you.
  • The type of food you want to cook.
  • How much space you have available.

If you’re happy with charcoal and like cooking with the top down, then a kamado could be perfect. If you want to smoke as well as grill, then a kamado is a good all-in-one option.

Small Kamados for Portability and Convenience

Which Type of Kamado Grill Should I Buy?The first option to consider is a small kamado. A model like the Char-Griller Akorn Jr. is popular in this category. Smaller grills can be used portably, but that’s not the only use.

You can use a model like the Akorn Jr. to smoke at home, cook for a family of four, or even for solo meals.

The benefit here is its size and weight. You get all of the rich flavors of kamado cooking, with maximum convenience.

Akorns aren’t solid cast iron like traditional kamados, but they are insulated, so you can get impressive heat right up to 700 degrees.

Medium Sized Kamados for Regular Use

Which Type of Kamado Grill Should I Buy?If you want something for grilling at home for the family or when entertaining guests, you can aim for a medium-sized kamado.

You don’t need to choose a cast iron model. Something more affordable like the full-sized Char-Griller Akorn is popular today.

Which Type of Kamado Grill Should I Buy?If you can spend more and want something that could potentially last for a lifetime, consider the heavier duty 18 Inch Kamado Joe.

These types of kamados are ideal for grilling, smoking, roasting, grilled pizza, slow cooking, BBQ, and much more. The extra space adds versatility.

Large Kamados For Smoking and Entertaining

If you often smoke large batches of meat or entertain large groups, you’ll need a bigger kamado.

The largest models are made from premium materials (like solid cast iron) to deliver the best heat performance and durability. You’ll get more space on the cooking surface, and excellent temperature performance.

Which Type of Kamado Grill Should I Buy?The Kamado Joe Big Joe II Stand-Alone Charcoal Grill is a popular option for the most serious home cooks.

It lacks some of the convenience features of mainstream grills, but its cooking performance is excellent.

Choose a larger and pricier grill if your focus is on excellent performance and versatile cooking/smoking.

There’s a Kamado for Everyone

Which Type of Kamado Grill Should I Buy?

A medium-sized kamado could replace your regular grill. Choose a model with side shelves if you want the kamado experience but all the convenience of a standard charcoal grill.

If you want top-down cooking with amazing flavor, it could be time to invest in one of these unique Japanese-inspired grills.


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