A Reliable Weber Genesis Natural Gas Grill with a Side Burner
A Reliable Weber Genesis Natural Gas Grill with a Side Burner

A Reliable Weber Genesis Natural Gas Grill with a Side Burner

Weber Genesis Natural Gas Grill with a Side Burner
The Weber Genesis line of gas grills is one of the best options for home cooks wanting premium quality at a competitive price point.

If you have a natural gas outlet at your home, there’s a range of Weber models suited to you.

If you want the capability to cook casually or for guests, a 3-burner gas grill will give you the versatility that you need.

Choose a grill with a side burner, and you’ll get even more out of your purchase.

The E-335 Weber Genesis Natural Gas Grill with a side burner is an all-in-one outdoor cooking station that can handle any ingredient that you throw on the cooking surface.

Weber Genesis E-335 Key Features

The Genesis E-335 is a natural gas grill with a side burner that has all the features you need for easy and fun outdoor cooking sessions.

Choose this model for:

  • Three main burners with 787 square inches of total cooking area.
  • Crafted cooking grates and frame.
  • A searing station and side burner.
  • Heavy-duty caster wheels.
  • A large side shelf for preparation and serving.
  • A large, insulated hood with a temperature gauge.
  • An enclosed cart design to easily move your grill around.
  • Weber’s reliable PureBlu burning technology for consistent heating.
  • Integrated grease management system.

To understand what these features can do for you, we’ve taken a closer look at the ones that matter the most.

The Advantages of a Searing Station

On some modern grills, you’ll find infrared burners that quickly get up to searing hot temperatures.

On the Weber Genesis natural gas grill with a side burner, there’s a slightly different approach to get the best sear on your steaks and other ingredients.

Weber has included a searing station on the E-335.

This special section of the grill has three smaller burners placed right next to each other.

They rapidly heat the surface and create the perfect sear.

Using the searing station is easy.

  • Use the main burners to heat the grill to 500°F with the hood down.
  • Shut off the burner on the far-right side and activate the searing station with its dedicated control knob.
  • Within a minute the searing station will reach its optimal temperature.
  • Place your steaks, pork chops, or other preferred ingredients on top of the searing station.
  • Food is seared in 1 – 4 minutes per side.
  • Weber recommends experimenting with different ingredients and times until you get the sear just to your liking.

With a searing station based on gas burners rather than infrared ceramic elements, the Genesis is more reliable with fewer parts to replace after long-term use.

The Side Burner on the Weber Genesis E-335

In addition to the searing station, there’s also a side burner which makes it easy to prepare food in a pot, skillet, or pan.

The addition of a side burner adds a lot of versatility to this grill.

There are countless ways to use it.

  • Heat your custom sauce for your grilled ingredients.
  • Cook chili right on your outdoor grill.
  • Use it to prepare sauteed vegetables.
  • Boil meat to tenderize it. This works well with pork belly. You can finish cooking at the searing station.
  • Cook anything that you would typically prepare on your stovetop.

The side burner makes the E-335 more than just a grill.

It becomes a fully featured outdoor cooking station that can replace your kitchen during the warmer months of the year.

Plenty of Space for Any Recipe

With 787 square inches of total cooking area, you will have space for all your ingredients.

You can work with multiple cooking zones, or fire up just one or two burners to cook with indirect heat on the other side of the grill.

Weber’s PureBlu gas burners are consistent, so the surface temperature remains stable throughout the center and every corner of the grill.

Build Quality and Materials

This is a premium grill made from coated steel and stainless steel.

The fit of every component is a step above most mainstream brands.

Weber has a reputation for quality and the Weber Genesis natural gas grill with a side burner lives up to this.

You should have confidence in your purchase when buying a new natural gas grill.

Weber has one of the best warranty programs in the industry.

The Genesis line is covered for 12 years on the cook box and lid, 10 years on the burners, grates, and bars, and 5 years on all remaining parts.

Weber has an extensive global support and service network.

The Weber Genesis Natural Gas Grill with a Side Burner is One of the Best on the Market

The Genesis E-335 is one of the best grills in its class.

It offers the features and performance that would impress even a seasoned chef.

With industry-leading quality, you’ll know that your investment will last.

If you’re looking for your next natural gas grill, this one will impress.