Are Wooden Cooking Utensils Safe to Use?

Are Wooden Cooking Utensils Safe to Use?

Your kitchen utensils are essential for getting the best out of your ingredients and your recipes.

Whether simmering a hearty stew over several hours or perfectly frying a steak in butter and herbs, you must use the right utensils.

If you’re starting to focus more on your home cooking, investing in quality utensils should be one of your first steps.

You may have already asked the question, are wooden cooking utensils safe to use?

Let’s take a look and find out.

Facts About Wooden Cooking Utensils

Are Wooden Cooking Utensils Safe to Use?

Before we can answer the question, let’s consider some of the most important facts about wooden cooking utensils.

  • Wood is porous and will absorb water. This can make utensils unhygienic when they’ve been used over long periods.
  • Some wood does have natural antibacterial properties, but this doesn’t mean that the material is impervious to bacteria. Over time, germs can still grow and could compromise your ingredients and your health.
  • Wood can retain flavors and odors from other foods without proper cleaning. This makes wooden utensils a potential source of cross-contamination.

Considering all of this, you might assume that it’s not safe to cook with wooden utensils.

However, the answer to our initial question is a little more complex.

Keeping Wooden Utensils Safe and Clean

Are Wooden Cooking Utensils Safe to Use?

Despite the facts above, it is possible to use wooden utensils safely in your kitchen.

  • Handwash your wooden utensils if you want to keep them safe without damaging them. Use a mild detergent and ensure that the utensils are fully dry before they are stored.
  • When wooden utensils show signs of damage (cracks, chips, or rough surfaces), discard them immediately. Bacteria and other contaminants are more likely to be found on damaged utensils.
  • You can keep your wooden utensils safe to use and even prevent water from absorbing into the material by periodically rubbing them with mineral oil or a specialist conditioner. This John Taylor Butcher Block Conditioner is a food-grade product that can be used on your utensils, cutting boards, or even wooden countertops.
  • Avoid putting wooden utensils in the dishwasher too often. High temperatures and the rapid washing/drying process can dry out and damage the material.

Wooden utensils are perfectly safe for your kitchen when properly cared for.

If you love the look and feel of natural wooden utensils, you can use them without concern, as long as you follow a few extra safety steps.

Wood isn’t alone in being a risk for bacteria and cross-contamination.

Plastic and metal utensils can also carry pathogens if they aren’t kept clean.

No matter what your utensils are made from, maintaining discipline with strict hygiene practices will keep you and your family safe.

Try These Affordable Wooden Utensils in Your Kitchen

Wooden utensils are considered to be environmentally friendly and quality sets are even affordable.

If you’re looking for your first wooden utensil set, you can consider these Wooden Utensils for Cooking (Set of 10) from Aiuhi.

This set includes everything you need for daily cooking, from spatulas and spoons to serving utensils and tongs.

Made from natural teak wood, you can keep these utensils conditioned for years and they’re great for non-stick cookware.

You’ve asked are wooden cooking utensils safe to use… the answer is yes, provided you follow a few extra steps.

Enjoy cooking at home with quality utensils and have confidence knowing that you’re safe.

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