Automatic Meat Slicer – A Must Have Kitchen Appliance
Automatic Meat Slicer – A Must Have Kitchen Appliance

Automatic Meat Slicer – A Must Have Kitchen Appliance

Automatic Meat SlicerFreshly and perfectly sliced meat enhanced with flavors is an irresistible delicacy which anyone would want to eat.

Despite the fact that food preparation is considered a form of art, some routine things like food slicing are best left to machines.

In this fast-paced life which we currently live in, most things have actually been made easier by the production of devices which can help save valuable time that you can rather spend on other important aspects like friends and family.

Manual slicing is often a tiring process and may possibly give very inconsistent outcomes.

Automatic meat slicers are a must-have kitchen appliance which helps to simplify your household chores.

With your own home meat slicer, you can save a bit of money which you previously spent on pre-sliced foods; control your portions of delicious meals like roasted beef, ham, and turkey or ultra-thin delicious meet on your baked bread.

Finding a meat slicer that best suits your needs is often a challenging task.

We have made your work easier with our detailed review of the best automatic slicers available in the market by considering all the crucial features.

Automatic Mini Electric Meat Slicer

Automatic meat slicer
This automatic mini electric meat slicer lets you cut frozen mutton roll, vegetables, cheese and all kinds of foods in an instant.

It comes with a powerful motor that will give you enough power when cutting your food. It’s durable and definitely easy to use.

All its parts can be removed for you to clean and sterile each piece at a time before using it again. It has a small compact design which makes its storage either in the kitchen or on a countertop very easy.

In addition, its compact design makes it easily portable in case you want to move it from one place to another.This Automatic Mini Electric Meat Slicer comes with a stainless steel blade that is corrosion resistant.

It will always stay sharp and you’ll never have the trouble of sharpening it over and over again when you want to slice your favorite food.

Its blade diameter enables you to adjust the thickness of your slices and enable you to cut each piece of food by moving the plate.

This automatic meat slicer also has a well-designed meat exit which enables your slices to slide out swiftly so that you can arrange your food on your plate with no trouble.

Automatic meat slicer

Mutton Slicer, Household Automatic Meat Slicer, Small Vegetable and Fruit Slicer

Automatic meat slicer
This is a versatile chef’s tool which will give you total control over your daily meal tasks.

You can say goodbye to your kitchen knives by getting this household automatic meat slicer ideal for preparing deli trays, dinners, and buffet for parties and other entertainment gatherings.

It works equally well for small vegetables, mutton and other types of meat. It has a 7.5’’ stainless steel sharp blade great for handling a wide variety of food types and sizes.

In addition, the blade is removable so that you can easily wash it individually and also for maintenance.

Its special curved design enables you to easily remove slices after cutting the food thinly in different angles.

It is elegantly finished which gives your kitchen some form of sophistication. The perfectly fitted suction cup helps to keep this unit stable during use.

Its powerful 150W motor allows you to cut thicker slices of your food.

As for the on and off, it has a well fitted adjustable knob which adds convenience to the operation of the meat slicer by allowing you to conveniently turn it on or off whenever it’s necessary.

The manufacturer for this meat slicer has paid quality attention to its features and it’s definitely a kitchen tool you should consider getting.

Automatic meat slicer

Meat Cutting Machine – Automatic, Commercial Meat Slicer 

Automatic meat slicerIf you have been hunting for a powerful stand-alone and heavy-duty blade electric desktop food grinder for your home or restaurant, then this unit is here for you.

This is an automatic meat cutting machine with the perfect definition of an innovative and high-end meat slicer.

Characterized by four anti-slip feet which provide a firm, secure and stable surface, this meat slicer is fit for commercial applications like your restaurant and also for household use in your home.

It has a multi-functional blade made of special hard stainless steel with a serrated structure.The blade adopts special hardened sharp steel which is incomparable to other commercial meat slicers.

The external, suspension of the blade design allows you to easily disassemble when you want to wash.In addition, it has an adjustable cutting system enables you to regulate different thicknesses of your meat or any other food by changing the corresponding blades.

This automatic meat slicer has a very strong cutting capacity with up to 150kgs in one hour and cutting thickness of 2.5mm.

Its wide variety of use in slicing, dicing or shredding meat, fish or chicken makes it an ideal cutting machine for medium and small restaurants, schools, catering chains, and meat processing industries.

This might actually be the commercial meat slicer you’ve been looking for.

Automatic meat slicer

Kitchen Automatic Mini Electric Meat Slicer

Automatic meat slicer
If you’ve been looking around for a high quality, affordable and mini electric food slicer, then this will be a great choice for you.

This meat slicer is a powerful food mincer running on the 100watt motor and 17cm blade diameter.

Its blade has a changeable thickness function which allows you to cut pieces of 1-15mm thick.

Effortlessly deals with a wide variety of meat thickness whether deli bacon, beef steak, cheese or turkey.

It comes with a big sliding food carriage platform which can hold both thin and thick slices.

All its parts used for slicing can easily be removed and washed individually.

This automatic meat slicer is one of the best tools which any food junkie can have in their kitchen.

You can not only use it for meat cutting but also mincing other food products.

It’s also durable since it’s made from sturdy stainless steel making it a sustainable machine which will serve you for quite a number of years.

Automatic meat slicer
KWS Automatic Commercial – 1050w Electric Meat Slicer 12″ Stainless Steel Blade

Automatic meat slicerDepending on the cutting thickness you need, this meat slicer perfectly delivers an assortment of 0 to 0.6 inches slicing range.

It offers great slicing of different foods apart from meat. Its 1050-watts motor provides a powerful torque for slicing your meat smoothly.

It also includes a 12-inch fine stainless steel blade that offers exceptional cutting.

Moreover, it has two built-in sharpening stones which help to keep the blades sharp and ring protection that intensifies the safety of the unit.

Another major feature which enables it to provide good results is its 45-degrees carriage that enables you to safely cut meat irrespective of the meat size.

KWS automatic commercial meat slicer comes with a versatile quality making it useful for slicing quite a variety of food.

It operates at a low noise keeping it from bringing about any disturbances when in use.

This automatic meat slicer is basically used for commercial use because of its powerful motor which can withstand the heavy use demands in farms, restaurants and commercial kitchens.

Its many essential safety features make it a great choice for preparing massive cuts of meats and easily slice through a wide range of food including vegetables, tough meat, and cheese.

Automatic meat slicer

BESWOOD 9″ Premium Chromium-plated Carbon Steel Blade Commercial and for Home Use 
Automatic meat slicer

With its premium chromium-plated carbon steel blade, this electric meat cutter is above the rest.

Its sharpness is guaranteed and will always give you precise clean cuts every time you use it.

In addition, it offers protection against corrosion which is one thing you must always consider if you frequently use a meat slicer.

The aluminum body is long lasting and looks elegant and sleek too.

It also has a premium V-belt which reduces noise and vibration so that it does not cause distraction in your home or restaurant when in use.

The blade of this automatic meat slicer is a major selling point because of its sharpness and safety provided by the ring guard.

The rubber feet are skid proof, another safety feature which ensures you won’t get any injuries while using this meat slicer.Y

ou can use this cutter for different kinds of foods which makes it a good choice for both home and commercial use.

Its safety features and easy clean parts make this unit an ideal meat slicer which will meet your needs.

Automatic meat slicer

BESWOOD 10″ Premium Chromium-plated Carbon Steel Blade  –  Commercial and for Home Use

Automatic meat slicerIf refining your slicer’s blade frequently is a chore which you don’t like, the beswood 250 is the ultimate choice of your meat slicer.

The chromium-plated carbon steel blade has chromium plating which has been conserved with a high-temperature technique.

This ensures the blade is sharp for a longer period of time which minimizes how often you’ll need it sharpened.

In addition, it makes it resistant to corrosion. Its powerful 240 watts enables you to complete your task within the shortest time possible.

Since it’s an electric knife, you won’t have to exert much manual effort when cutting your meat or vegetables.

This is a great all-purpose automatic meat slicer which you should consider getting for your kitchen.

It’s one of the top brands on the market which is easily maneuverable and offers great value for your money.

Automatic meat slicer

Final Thoughts

Automatic meat slicers make the preparation of everything absolutely perfect and easier as compared to slicing by hand.In addition, they are cost-effective and suitable devices for use in busy restaurants and delis.

From the above list of meat slicers, you can find the unit that best suits your needs.

They are approved and recommended to offer reliable and convenient services.

Moreover, they are easy to operate and durable.

You’ll have them in use for quite a number of years due to the metallic construction.

One thing you’ll definitely love is the fact that they are powerful machines which can be used for slicing a variety of foods and vegetables.

The tools are versatile and their safety is guaranteed.

Cleaning of these meat slicers parts is also simple with the fact that most of them are removable.

If you love deli-style meat, vegetables or cheese, but would like to save money and time going to your local deli or restaurant every other time, it’s time you invest in an automatic meat slicer for your home.

If you are running a restaurant or deli, there are also a number of great options available for you.