Essential Coleman RoadTrip Grill Parts
Essential Coleman RoadTrip Grill Parts

Essential Coleman RoadTrip Grill Parts

coleman roadtrip grill partsIf you’re the proud owner of a Coleman RoadTrip grill, then you will know how convenient it can be to have a dual burner cooking station while you are on the road.

Whether it’s for camping, hunting, or tailgating, and general road-tripping, you will find that a Coleman grill can become one of your favorite travel accessories.

Keeping your grill in good shape is essential, and with the following RoadTrip grill parts, you can ensure that yours is always ready to cook your favorite meals away from home.

Replacement Grill and Griddle Tops

The cooking surface is essential on any grill, and your Coleman RoadTrip is no exception.

If you use your grill regularly then you will find that the cooking surface will degrade over time.

The grill surface is easy to replace on a RoadTrip grill, with official drop-in replacements coming directly from Coleman.

If you want your grill to be versatile when you replace the surface, then it’s a good idea to buy a grill and griddle surface so that you have two different cooking options.

coleman roadtrip grill partsThe Coleman RoadTrip Swaptop Porcelain Coated Cast Iron Griddle is a high-quality replacement part that provides flat surface cooking on one side of your grill.

Both of these products are perfect for your RoadTrip grill and meet the same high-quality standards as your original Coleman parts.

Replacement Hoses for Connection to an RV System

coleman roadtrip grill partsIf you are using your Coleman RoadTrip with an RV hook-up, then your standard Coleman regulator will be of no use.

A conversion kit can be used to connect to your RV safely, allowing you to use your grill whenever you are out camping.

This replacement hose is designed for ¼” inch quick connect systems that are popular on RVs today.

It is available in different lengths ranging from 4 feet, right up to 10 feet.

If you want to grill on the go directly from your RV, then this will save you from needing to buy disposable canisters.

This kit comes with the conversion part as well as a hose, allowing you to connect directly to the back of your Coleman grill.

Coleman 5430 Regulator

Coleman grills use high-quality regulators, but they can fail over time.

This is caused by the fact that the regulator is always under pressure whenever a gas canister is connected to your grill.

The regulator you use should always be in top condition, so you’ll need a replacement whenever you are having leakages, or issues with the gas flow when you activate your burners.

coleman roadtrip grill partsThe Coleman 5430 regulator can be used for several Coleman stovetops and grills.

Check your model documentation to confirm that you can use this regulator before purchasing.

In some cases, your Coleman grill may need a regulator that is ordered directly from Coleman.

If in doubt, always talk to a Coleman customer service representative before ordering a replacement part or buying online.

Always Maintain Your Coleman Grill

By maintaining essential grill parts like the regulator, cooking surfaces, and any attachment hoses, you will be able to get efficient grilling wherever you are.

Always use official parts when available, or rely on high-quality spares from known manufacturers.