Mercer Culinary – Knife Sets Perfect for Any Home
Mercer Culinary – Knife Sets Perfect for Any Home

Mercer Culinary – Knife Sets Perfect for Any Home

Mercer Culinary
Mercer – A brand you can trust.

The right knife set can make your kitchen more functional and enjoyable.

When you have high-quality cooking tools to work with, you’ll be more inspired to create your best meals and try new ideas.

If you have poor quality knives, then you could easily find that cooking becomes a struggle.

For most people, a simple kitchen knife is not enough.

When you need to bring the best out of yourself and your kitchen, it’s beneficial to purchase a complete set.

Mercer knife sets offer exceptional quality for reasonable prices and choosing the right set could give you all the practical utensils that you could use every day.

Whether you’re a professionally trained chef or a home cooking enthusiast, you can make use of one of the following Mercer knife sets.

Ranging from steak knives to full kitchen sets, you’ll have the right utensil for the meal at hand, making both cooking and dining a perfect experience.

An Introduction to Mercer Culinary Knives

Mercer CulinaryMercer Culinary is a brand name that has a high standing in the knife market.

The brand is known for high quality yet surprisingly affordable prices, and they are used in 90% of the culinary schools in North America.

Mercer knife sets, even those intended for home use, are made to exacting standards that can perform in the most demanding professional environments.

If you’re wondering whether Mercer is the brand for you, then knowing that they are trusted by students, top educators, and pro chefs should be all the confirmation that you need.

Mercer Tool Corp., the parent company of Mercer Culinary, has been family-run for three generations, always focusing on quality materials and designs.

Extensive research goes into every knife and set to ensure that they can meet the needs of both consumers and professionals.

Of course, the strength of a brand name would mean nothing without taking a closer look, and with this guide, you can learn about some of the most popular Mercer knife sets to find out which one is right for you.


Mercer Culinary Genesis 7-Piece Steak Knife Forged  Set
Mercer culinary

The first set we will look at is the Mercer Culinary Genesis 7-Piece Steak  Knife Set.

These are the knives that you need at home if you love to enjoy succulent steaks or any kind of home-cooked meat.

Having a quality steak knife set can make a huge difference when it comes to serving and enjoying your food, particularly if you are having guests for dinner.

These knives aren’t just good for steak; they can be used for virtually any meal where meat is a key ingredient.

The knives in this steak set are made from forged steel which will not tarnish or go dull after extended use.

The knives have compound sharpened and serrated blades, allowing for effortless cutting for the largest grilled steaks, or the most delicate cuts of fillet mignon and other specialty beef.

They can be used for pork, fish, poultry, lamb, game meat, and even vegetables.

If you’re a barbeque enthusiast, then you will love the quality and usability of the knives in this set.

The handle of any knife is important, determining both balance and comfort.

The knives in this set use a Santoprene handle, a type of thermoplastic polymer that combines the hardness and durability of plastic with the grip and soft touch of rubber.

These are a joy to use and could elevate your home dining experience into one that is not dissimilar to a five-star restaurant.

German steel is used for the blades and is of a high carbon variety. This means long-term edge retention and easy maintenance with the right sharpening set.

An investment in this knife set will last for years if not the lifetime of your home.

Once you’ve tried professional steak knives you will never look back, and the relatively low cost of this set means that you can have the very best cutlery in your home, without breaking your budget.

The knives in this Mercer knife set would also be ideal for culinary students who need a collection of high-quality utensils.

With a folding knife case, they are easily stored in the kitchen or carried to and from class.

Mercer Culinary

Mercer Culinary Millenia 8-Piece Knife Roll Set – Perfect for Starting Your Kitchen

Mercer culinarySteak knives are perfect for dining with family or friends, but you’ll still need a quality knife set for the kitchen when you are preparing your favorite meals.

The Mercer Culinary Millenia 8-Piece Knife Roll Set is perfect when you want the highest quality knives that don’t compromise in any way.

This set is made up of all of the essentials, including a chef’s knife, paring knife, boning knife, bread knife, santoku chef’s knife, utility knife, honing steel, and a folding knife roll for storage or portability.

The design of this set means that it’s perfect for culinary students or even professional chefs who want to take their own hardware to work.

Of course, the high standard of quality means that you could comfortably use this set at home, as long as you are happy with storing your knives in a drawer and don’t need anything special in terms of a knife block for presentation.

The quality of the knives in this set is exactly what you would expect from a leading company like Mercer Culinary.

The knives are made from Japanese steel that is designed to resist corrosion, retain a sharp edge, and provide a long lifetime in professional environments.

If you use these knives at home, then you will rarely need to worry about sharpening and honing.

Even when it is time for some maintenance, the included honing steel will make things easy.

These knives are ergonomic with expertly balanced designs that reduce fatigue and make easy work of cutting, slicing, chopping, filleting, and deboning.

The handles are made from a polymer that resists staining and deterioration, and they provide excellent grip for safety and comfort.

All Mercer knives, including the ones in this set, are full tang, which means that the steel runs all the way through the blade handle. It is virtually impossible to break or damage these knives under normal use.

Choose this set if you need knives for culinary school or if you want kitchen knives that are of professional quality.

The price is highly competitive with other brands, many of which don’t have the same kind of pedigree or industry recognition as Mercer Culinary knives.

Mercer Culinary

Mercer Culinary Genesis 7-Piece Forged Knife Roll Set
Mercer culinary

The next option is a similar knife roll set that is aimed at discerning customers who need the highest quality German steel.

This is a premium quality set that includes:  Chef’s knife, paring knife, boning knife, bread knife, utility knife, and honing steel for straightening knife edges.

You might wonder why a set with fewer knives can cost slightly more than the Millenia set.

This is due to the fact that the Mercer Culinary Genesis 7-Piece Set uses high carbon German steel that is of higher quality than the Japanese steel used in the previous set.

This doesn’t mean that the previous set is of low quality, it just means that the steel on these knives will last longer, resist damage, and retain a sharp edge for longer.

If you need the best possible knife roll set, then this is the one to go for.

Because this is packaged in a portable fabric roll, it’s an ideal set for students and professionals.

However, just as with the previous set, this can be used at home when the presentation is not a major concern.

Buy this one if you want to step up to the quality of high carbon steel from Germany and still need the perfect balance and design of Mercer knives.

Mercer Culinary

Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-Piece Forged Knife Block Set with Glass Block


Mercer culinary
With the next set we find a collection of knives that is clearly aimed at the consumer market.

The knives are still of equivalent quality to what you would get in a professional/student set, with the key difference being that they are presented in an attractive knife block that is perfect for displaying proudly on your kitchen countertop.

There are five knives included in this Mercer Culinary Genesis set, along with a specially designed tempered glass knife block.

The steel used is forged in Germany with high carbon content to ensure the best possible edge, presentation, durability, and sharpness.

Like other Mercer knife sets, this one uses Santoprene handles for comfort, grip, and durability.

This is the set for you if you need the most basic kitchen knives that provide professional results.

Included is a bread knife, paring knife, boning knife, utility knife, and a standard chef’s knife.

If you find that the tempered glass display block is not the right fit for your kitchen, then you will find near-identical Mercer knife sets with magnetic wooden blocks, or wooden blocks featuring tempered glass.

Mercer Culinary

Mercer Culinary Renaissance 6-Piece Mercer Knife Set with Tempered Glass Block

Mercer culinary
This Mercer Renaissance 6-Piece Knife Set is considered the premier option for the most discerning home cooks.

Instead of a standard molded blade, the knives within this set use a triple-riveted design that is sturdier, repairable, and inspired by the knives used in professional kitchens.

High carbon German steel is used to provide longevity and sharpness, and the knives are full tang like all Mercer offerings.

The knives in this set include a paring knife, utility knife, chef’s knife, bread knife, and boning knife.

The set can be purchased with a tempered glass block, with different block designs available should you prefer a more classic aesthetic.

These are knives that will last a lifetime when properly cared for. They are for consumers who want the best in their kitchen.

Most importantly, they are competitively priced and come in at a lower price point than some comparable knives from other brands.

When you demand the utmost quality for a reasonable budget, this set should not be overlooked.

Mercer Culinary

Sharpening Accessories for a Mercer Culinary

Once you’ve chosen the perfect mercer knife set for your home, you may be wondering about the top accessory that can be used to keep your new knives in top shape.

Any chef will tell you that a sharp knife makes for easy work in the kitchen, while a dull knife will make things a struggle. If you want to keep your blades keen and ready for cutting, slicing, and chopping any ingredient, then you’ll need a knife sharpener.

Mercer culinaryThe Mercer Culinary Double Diamond Manual Knife Sharpener has been designed specifically for Mercer Knife Sets and can help you to get the most out of your new investment.

Affordable and made with quality that will last a lifetime, this is one kitchen tool that you will use year after year.

If you would prefer a honing and sharpening steel that is more affordable for manual sharpening, then you could consider the Mercer Culinary Genesis 10 Inch Steel for Mercer knife sets.

Choose the Set That Meets Your Needs and Budget

Every home cook has different requirements in the kitchen. Your choice will ultimately come down to the type of food you want to prepare.

The Mercer knife sets presented here can cover the entire price spectrum, with a different selection of knives intended for different scenarios.

Each includes the essential Chef’s knife, with some additions that can make special preparation and carving much easier.

Mercer is well known for high-quality steel and any of the sets can be considered a true investment.

Shop within your budget with the set that appeals to you most, and you’ll be able to enjoy quality knives in your home for many years to come.