Best Portable Propane Grill – The Solaire Everywhere Portable
Best Portable Propane Grill – The Solaire Everywhere Portable

Best Portable Propane Grill – The Solaire Everywhere Portable

best portable propane grill
This USA-made portable grill features the Solaire infrared burner.

A portable grill can be used for both tabletop cooking at home, and grilling on the go. Unfortunately, not every portable grill is created equally. Even when you are looking for a compact grill, you need something that is of high quality and made to last.

The Solaire SOL-EV17A Everywhere Portable Infrared Propane Gas Grill is one option that doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to quality or design.

Some advanced features make it one of the  best portable grills available today, and you’ll be able to find out if it’s for you in this complete review.

Key Features of the Solaire SOL-EV17A Everywhere Portable Propane Grill

Small in size but big on features, here’s what you can expect with the Solaire Everywhere Grill.

  • Lightweight at just 15 pounds.
  • 140 square inches total grilling surface.
  • Latched hood for portability and easy storage.
  • Stainless steel construction with high quality carry handles.
  • Adjustable feet for leveling on any surface.
  • Infrared cooking technology with a quality stainless steel burner.
  • Electronic ignition.

Infrared Grilling Technology – What is It?


best portable propane grill
The total heat rating is 14,000 BTUs, which is in excess of most portable grills on the market.

The Solaire Everywhere Portable is one of the best portable propane grills that uses infrared technology.

Although you may be familiar with the term infrared as it is used in marketing, you may want to know more about this technology and how it is used to improve your grilling experience.

The first thing to clear up is that infrared is more than just a buzzword in the grilling industry.

There are real benefits that can be had by using this technology, providing it is properly implemented by the manufacturer.

Like many of the best portable propane grills of recent years, Solaire has done things right when using infrared technology.

It’s important to note that infrared technology was once reserved for the most expensive grills. As grill manufacturers have begun to better understand and utilize the technology, prices have started to decrease.

This is why a grill like the Solaire Everywhere Portable is relatively inexpensive when compared to similar grills from five or more years ago.

Infrared simply refers to a thermal range on the electromagnetic spectrum. Contrary to popular belief, almost every grill emits some amount of heat that falls within the infrared region of the spectrum.

The difference with grills like the Solaire is that the manufacturer has designed a system that is intended to maximize infrared heat.

By using a specially engineered ceramic plate, Solaire has been able to increase the amount of infrared heat, while also increasing the overall radiant heat that comes from the grill.

At the end of the day, propane is still the fuel source, but it’s the special burner design that makes this grill special.

The grill can reach searing temperatures of up to 900F, which will completely change the way that you cook.

The total heat rating is 14,000 BTUs, which is in excess of most portable grills on the market.

How Infrared Improves Cooking on the Solaire Everywhere Portable Propane Grill

The infrared technology in this grill means higher searing temperatures, which makes for better cooking overall.

Due to the size of this grill it is not suitable for cooking the largest cuts of meat, which means that low and slow cooking is not going to be a requirement.

Most of the time you will be cooking burgers, steaks, chops, sausages, and vegetables that can be thoroughly cooked in a matter of minutes.

The Infrared Technology Makes This One of  The Best Portable Propane Grills For Two Reasons
best portable propane grill

The first is that the high heat point – means that you can get a high quality sear that wouldn’t be possible on a conventional portable grill.

This will allow you to lock in the flavor of steaks, burgers, and other BBQ food.

You can turn the heat down to prevent burning, and you will ultimately be left with thoroughly cooked food that has the chargrilled exterior that is usually only possible over very hot coals, or from direct flame.

In addition to the high heat point, there is also the advantage of consistency. If you have ever cooked on a low quality grill then you will know how frustrating it is to have inconsistent heat zones.

When your grill is inconsistent, your cooking results will be less than acceptable.

The predictable heat range on this grill means that you can master your craft, cooking like a pro no matter where you are.

The infrared system on this grill is passive, which means that there are no electronics necessary.

You can take this model anywhere and you will never need anything more than your ingredients, some friends, the grill itself, and a portable propane tank.

What Can You Cook on a Grill of This Size?

best portable propane grillDespite its small size, you’ll actually find this grill to be quite versatile, as long as you keep your expectations realistic.

You’ll fit two to four burgers, two steaks, two pork chops, two to three chicken breasts, or up to eight hot dogs/sausages.

The grill can be used for hood down cooking, however, it’s important to understand that the experience won’t be quite the same as what you will get on a larger grill.

Solaire has redesigned the hood to offer more clearance and even a warming rack, so there is some versatility in how you want to use it. The hood also doubles as the cover for the grill, allowing for easy portability and convenient storage.

Assembly, Construction Quality and Usability

The cooking ability of this grill is unquestionable. At this point you may have already decided that this is the grill for you. If you’re not quite at that point, then the construction quality may help to convince you.

The grill is made entirely from stainless steel, which puts it above some competing grills from Coleman and other brands.

Stainless steel is durable and long lasting, it is highly resistant to corrosion, and when properly stored the body of this grill would last for 5, 10, or even 20 years.

Durability is critical in a portable grill, because you’ll be using this model at a number of different and unique locations.

You could use it on a boat, at a campsite, at a picnic table in a park, or even outdoors at your home when you want to grill food for yourself or a small group.

The material is top quality, and so is the construction of this grill. There are various design features which help to make the product stand out. Instead of just having a single carry handle, it incorporates three.

The grill is made in the USA by a family business that has been operating for over 100 years. The care and attention in design and construction is obvious upon first glance.

Even some of the extra features, such as the adjustable feet, have clearly been designed to improve usability and make this grill stand out from the rest.

A portable grill will often be used on unleveled surfaces, so having the ability to individually adjust the feet will be a massive convenience whenever you are away from home.

Overall, the construction quality, features, assembly, and usability are all of a very high standard. There’s no doubt that this is one of the very best portable propane grills every put on the market.

In some ways it does more than it needs to, with better construction and materials than most people would expect.

Some customers do appreciate this type of over engineering, particularly when considering the grill as a long-term investment.

If you want to purchase what will possibly be the last portable grill you will ever buy, then the Solaire Everywhere Portable is definitely up to the job.

Compatibility with Gas Cylinders

With some portable grills you can be limited by the available gas connection methods. Solaire has gone to effort to ensure that this best portable propane grill can be used with any of your preferred methods.

The standard configuration uses 1-pound portable disposable gas canisters. This is by far the most convenient method and the one that most buyers will prefer.

If you need something different for either a standard propane bottle or even an RV hookup, then there are adaptor options available. This makes the grill even more versatile as it can be used in virtually any imaginable scenario.

Customer Feedback

If you’re looking for the best portable propane grill, then you will need to take customer reviews into account.

With a combination of professional reviews and owner feedback, you will be able to form the best opinion about a product.

Customer reviews often reflect months or even years of real-world usage, which can sometimes reveal insights that aren’t available from initial testing.

In the case of the Solaire Everywhere Portable Infrared Propane Gas Grill, the customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

84% of owners have rated the unit at least 4/5 Stars, and some of their feedback reveals just why this is one of the best portable propane grills that you can buy today.

Owners have noted that the metalwork on the grill is of a high standard, with the stainless steel being of higher quality than some competing grills.

Owners also loved the high temperature that is available from the infrared design.

Some commented that the high searing heat meant that their cooked steaks ended up juicier when compared to meat cooked on more expensive standalone grills.

It’s also interesting to note that a number of owners found that the high heat meant that splatter was minimal.

Drippings from the meat are near-instantaneously evaporated on the ceramic infrared plate.

Pros, Cons and Final Recommendation

It’s easy to find the pros in owning this type of grill…

  • It’s small, lightweight, and easy to transport.
  • High heat means better searing capabilities than most grills.
  • High quality construction with stainless steel used throughout.
  • Multiple gas connections with optional adapters.
  • Made in the USA.

There are no real downsides to the design or build of this grill, however, there are still some important points to consider…

  • The grill is pricey when compare to other models. The quality does justify the price, but it’s still quite an investment for the average buyer.
  • Being a smaller grill, it’s only suitable for smaller meals for 2 – 4 people. If you need something bigger then there are other models available for the road, although they don’t often have the same features or quality as the Solaire.

Keeping the pros and cons in mind, we can easily recommend this grill if you’re in the market for a portable model. Although it is priced higher than some of the competition, its ability to outlast most grills will make it a smarter investment.

The cooking capabilities are unrivaled at this price point, and the quality of construction exceeds almost every other portable grill on the market.

The Solaire Everywhere is one of the best portable propane grills that you can buy, and you won’t be disappointed if you make this your next purchase.

If you need a portable grill or even a tabletop grill with an unsurpassed heat rating, then there’s really nothing else that compares.

best portable propane grill