The Best Black and Decker Food Processor for Your Kitchen
The Best Black and Decker Food Processor for Your Kitchen

The Best Black and Decker Food Processor for Your Kitchen

Black and Decker Food Processor

A food processor is one of the most versatile cooking aids you can have in your kitchen.

A quality processor will make prep easy for a range of fresh ingredients, and you can even make beverages and soup with the right model.

If you’re looking for something that will provide years of flawless performance and flexibility, Black and Decker is a brand you need to take a closer look at.

Known for reliability, top components, and impressive features, this brand is the first choice for many experienced home cooks.

You don’t have to waste time in your kitchen with slicing, grating, chopping, and dicing. A Black and Decker food processor can do it all.

We’ve rounded up the top models available today, and have broken down their features and selling points so that you can find one that will fit perfectly into your kitchen routine.

Black and Decker FP2500B PowerPro Wide-Mouth 10-Cup Food Processor


Black and Decker Food Processors
If you’re looking for a basic processor that takes care of slicing and grating, the FP2500B is one of the first models you should consider.

It lacks the features and even the power of some more expensive models, but its low cost and reliability make it a popular choice.

With the included blade disc, this Black and Decker food processor is suited to grating and slicing.

It can work with hard vegetables like potatoes and carrots, and with a wide mouth opening, it’s easy to load and get started with your food prep.

The downside to a simple processor like this is that you don’t get kneading or even juice blending, but if you’re simply interested in the basics, it’s a great model to start with.

Top Features About This Black and Decker Food Processor

  • Simple design and easy to clean.
  • Large 10-cup storage.
  • Slices and grates hard vegetables and aromatics with ease.

Simple and efficient, this is one of the most affordable Black and Decker food processors you can choose today.

Black and Decker FP1600B 8-Cup Food Processor

Black and Decker Food Processors
Here’s another affordable option, this time with some more versatility.

This Black and Decker food processor comes with a stainless steel chopping blade, a slicer, and a shredder/grater.

Its size is suited to solo meal prep and small families.

Being a smaller processor, it can also be used as a blender for preparing beverages like smoothies, juices, and even coffee or tea-based drinks.

There’s a wide food chute with an efficient pusher to keep things easy, and the safety-lock system will give you confidence, no matter the ingredients you are working with.

The design is simple and modern, making it perfect for your kitchen.

Top Features About This Black and Decker Food Processor

  • Simple design with a versatile collection of processing attachments.
  • Size is suited to apartments and smaller homes.
  • A dishwasher safe design makes it easy to clean up after meal prep.

Small, affordable, yet surprisingly versatile, this is one of the best Black and Decker food processors if you are looking for your first model, or if you need something compact for a smaller kitchen.

 Black and Decker SC350 Mini Food Chopper Processor

Black and Decker Food Processors
The first two models we looked at were on the smaller side, but this one takes compact to a whole new level. Not every kitchen needs a large food processor.

If you live alone or in a household of two, you might be in the market for a mini processor.

This 120-watt model is ideal for simple and quick meals, mixing, processing, slicing, and chopping.

It is as comfortable making beverages as it is processing vegetables, fruit, and even fresh meat for specialty dishes.

The compact design means it can fit into even the smallest kitchen where counter space is at a premium.

Despite its small size, it’s highly efficient and surprisingly powerful. The stainless steel blade is made to last, and the one-button single-speed operation means there’s no learning curve at all.

Top Features About This Black and Decker Food Processor

  • It’s small and compact yet performs well for small batches of ingredients.
  • The usual Black and Decker quality and reliability are present.
  • Great for fruit shakes and smoothies, with the 350ml cup size being ideal for single servings.

Looking for something even smaller than compact? This mini Black and Decker Food Processor will perform beyond your expectations.

Black and Decker MFP200T MiniPro 2-Speed Food Processor

Black and Decker Food Processors
Maybe you’re in the market for a compact Black and Decker food processor, but you want something with a little more control and versatility.

This MiniPro is the model for you. It has a small footprint and is suited to solo food and beverage prep, but it has two-speed settings so that you can get more flexibility for a variety of ingredients.

With some single-speed processors, it’s difficult to control slicing and chopping, especially when you’re working with vegetables like carrots and potatoes.

This one overcomes the problem by giving you a slower speed setting so that you can get precise cuts.

This model also includes a shredding disc, which is ideal for garlic, onion, and other ingredients that you want to grate or grind down.

The range of ingredients you can prepare is surprisingly vast. You can chop and mince your aromatics for cooking.

You could mix up a batter or even a base for soup or stew. You can grind nuts and herbs, or break up breadcrumbs.

Shredding for salads becomes easy with this versatile machine.

Top Features About This Black and Decker Food Processor

  • It is much more versatile than it looks, thanks to an innovative blade system.
  • It does everything a larger processor does but in smaller batches.
  • The dual-speed design allows for precise vegetable slices.

Small doesn’t mean you have to compromise. This Black and Decker food processor is the perfect example of versatility in a compact package.

Black and Decker Spacemaker Chopper and Grinder


Black and Decker Food Processors
All of the Black and Decker food processors we’ve looked at so far have been designed to save space in a traditional countertop setting.

This Spacemaker takes things even further, by taking the work off your counter entirely.

This model is designed to be mounted to a wall above your counter, or even inside of a cabinet, depending on the layout of your kitchen.

It’s a small chopper and grinder with a 24 oz. cup. It is designed primarily for grinding coffee beans or chopping small ingredients such as herbs and spices, or fresh aromatics like onions and garlic.

It can be used to mix liquid ingredients in a pinch, but this is not its primary design function.

Versatility is the compromise here, but it’s one that many homeowners are willing to make for an efficient grinder.

The fact that this can be put on a wall or inside of a cabinet makes it a major game-changer for small or cluttered kitchens.

Top Features About This Black and Decker Food Processor

  • Extremely compact design with a unique mounting application.
  • Efficiently chops and grinds small ingredients.
  • Great for spice mixes. This could be a grilling enthusiast’s best friend.

Designed for a very specific use-case, if you need a wall-mounted grinder and mini processor, this is one to consider.

Black and Decker Countertop Blender with 6-Cup Glass Jar

Black and Decker Food ProcessorsWhile some of the smaller grinders are lacking when it comes to versatility, this modern countertop style Black and Decker food processor changes things.

With a 700 watt motor and a 6-cup pouring jar, this one is made for the beverage enthusiast.

The efficient cutting motor can also be used for chopping ingredients, such as pre-sliced vegetables, cereals, and grains.

Presented here in a brilliant red hue, this would stand out in a modern kitchen.

It uses a four-tip blade to ensure efficient mixing and slicing. It can even crush ice, making it perfect for smoothies, cocktails, and frozen beverages.

All of the removable parts are dishwasher safe, making this one of the most convenient countertop mixers you can buy right now.

Top Features About This Black and Decker Food Processor

  • The striking modern design stands out.
  • High-performance motor with efficient blades for swift crushing and mixing.
  • The glass cup is suitable for prep and storage in the fridge.

If you lean more towards beverages and don’t need as much processing, this is the first model you should consider.

Black and Decker SL1050 Lean Prep Machine Food Processor

Black and Decker Food Processors
When we said that Black and Decker food processors were versatile, we weren’t joking. This model is proof of it.

Designed for busy modern kitchens where a cumbersome food processor would get in the way, this processor prepares ingredients directly onto a tray or plate, or into a cup or container when working with liquids or wet ingredients.

This model puts the fun into food processing, with four individual blade attachments for coarse and fine shredding or thick and thin slicing. 

There’s also an included frozen dessert attachment to create frozen fruit, pressed ice cream, or even pressed juices from fresh fruit.

The electric motor is quiet while operating, which makes this ideal for apartments and town homes.

Ingredients must be presliced to fit into the feed chute, but for the versatility and low cost, there are few better options today.

Top Features About This Black and Decker Food Processor

  • Affordable and perfect for students or starter homes.
  • Small, simple, and quiet to use.
  • A surprising amount of versatility for such a small and unique food processor.

Don’t be fooled by the simple design of this Black and Decker food processor. It’s a great tool for small kitchens.

Black and Decker Multi-Prep Slice ‘N Dice Food Processor Bundle


Black and Decker Food Processors
This is yet another model where versatility is the star of the show.

There are six cutting functions, made possible by interchangeable blades and discs so that you can get your ingredients exactly how you want them.

Wasting time ahead of meals will no longer be a problem because with this Black and Decker Food Processor you can slice, dice, julienne, grate, shred, and cut.

Simply swap out the disc attachment and you’ll be ready to move onto your next ingredient.

This modern design doesn’t use a storage cup.

Instead, processed food comes right out the chute into your bowl, plate, or tray, so that you can get to the next step in your recipe.

This is a reliable food processor that is great for busy home cooks who simply want to cut down on the time it takes to prepare fantastic meals.

It’s also perfect for processing dried goods to be stored and eaten or added to recipes later.

Top Features About This Black and Decker Food Processor

  • The simple and sleek design looks great in any kitchen.
  • Food comes right out the chute, just like in a commercial processor.
  • The interchangeable discs make it one of the most versatile food processors today.

This is arguably the best kitchen prep assistant you can buy today. A helping hand is always good in the kitchen, and this food processor is even better.

Black and Decker FP1700B 8-Cup Food Processor


Black and Decker Food ProcessorsIn the list so far, you’ve seen some of the most innovative and unique food processors on the market.

Black and Decker is a forward-thinking company, but it is also deeply rooted in tradition.

This Black and Decker food processor is the most traditional that we’ve looked at today.

If you want something classic for your kitchen, this model will appeal.

With an 8-cup work bowl, this is ideal for family meal preparation.

The bowl is short and wide, just like a traditional processor.

The food chute is oversized to allow for whole carrots, sliced potatoes, celery sticks, and any of your other favorite ingredients.

The included blade and disc are suited to slicing, chopping, mincing, dicing, grinding, and shredding.

Whether you’re making pasta or pizza sauce or blending ingredients for a stew, this will take care of it all.

Top Features About This Black and Decker Food Processor

  • The traditional design feels familiar and comfortable.
  • It performs well, thanks to a high-efficiency 450-watt motor.
  • Works with most kitchen ingredients, right down to difficult nuts for crumbles and butter spreads.

You don’t have to choose something unfamiliar for your next food processor. If you love classic designs, you’ll love this model.


Streamline Your Kitchen With a Black and Decker Food Processor

Black and Decker Food Processor

You’ve seen what’s available, now it’s time to choose the model that appeals to you.

Any of the Black and Decker food processors we’ve looked at can provide years of simple food prep and blending.

Choose one that has the features you’re looking for, and consider the style and how it would fit on your kitchen countertop or in a windowed cabinet.

With the convenience of online shopping, you can order your food processor today and have it delivered right to your home.