Weber Natural Gas Grills
Weber Natural Gas Grills

Weber Natural Gas Grills

Weber Natural Gas GrillsFor more than half a century, Weber has been the premium name in American grilling. With strong brand recognition both in the United States and around the world, Weber natural gas grills feature highly in every respectable list of the top outdoor cooking appliances.

The hallmark of Weber grills has always been quality of construction and ease of use. From the earliest kettle-style grills, Weber has enabled home grilling enthusiasts to create appetizing meals using their favorite techniques.

From slow cooking with a lot of smoke to quick searing over high temperatures, you can explore your creativity outside the bounds of your normal kitchen.

If you’re interested in buying a premium grill, you’ll find no shortage of options on the market.

The sheer range of grills could be intimidating at first, but you’ll find the decision to become easier as you learn more about each product.

Weber’s Genesis and Spirit series grills can take you from compact patio usage, right up to fully-featured cooking stations for large outdoor entertainment areas.

Take a look at the features and advantages of these Weber natural gas grills and make a long-term investment for your home.

Weber Natural Gas Grills in the Genesis Series

The Genesis series is loved by families around the world. These grills are made to the highest quality standards, with no compromises when it comes to longevity and cooking convenience.

The Genesis series is offered in both ‘E’ and ‘S’ model types.

  • E models are made using plastic, metal, and porcelain enamel components. Despite the use of some plastic, these grills are durable and will last for many years.
  • S models are the premium choice, with an emphasis placed on stainless steel components and body panels. Slightly more durable than the E series, this is the best choice if you want some extra longevity and the best possible aesthetic.

Below we will take a look, in detail, at the differences, similarities, and advantages of the Genesis series. Whether you need something small or something large for family gatherings and entertaining, you’ll find the perfect option.

Weber Genesis II E-310 and S-310

Genesis II 310 Series Weber natural gas grills are designed to be the perfect grills for family cookouts and entertaining friends. With three gas burners onboard, you’ll find that this model is flexible enough for small and large meals.

Weber Natural Gas GrillsThe obvious difference between the Weber E-310 and the S-310 is the material used.

The E series features some plastic parts, stainless steel, and porcelain-coated cast iron. As far as dimensions and features go, the grills are identical.

The biggest difference you’ll find on these two grills, and indeed on all E and S grills, is the cooking grate material.

The E-310 features porcelain enamel cooking plates that are designed to reduce sticking while providing excellent heat retention and distribution.

While porcelain enamel grates aren’t quite as premium as stainless steel, they do provide a great cooking experience and will be more than enough for most grilling enthusiasts.

Weber Natural Gas GrillsIf you do demand a slightly more premium cooking experience, then the Weber S-310 will satisfy you with its stainless steel rod cooking grates.

These grates are not wrapped – they’re solid stainless steel! This could provide a lifetime of trouble-free cooking, as long as you regularly clean and maintain the cooking surface.

Stainless steel allows for heat to quickly reach the food, giving you the perfect sear on steaks, burgers, and other ingredients.

Both grills feature a grease management system that makes cleanup a breeze. They also include stainless steel warming trays that can keep your cooked food ready while you work the main grill. These trays can simply be folded away when not in use.

The 310 series grills have plenty of shelf space for storing cooking utensils, trays, and anything else that you would need while grilling your favorite ingredients.

Notable throughout the Genesis series is the ability to connect a Weber iGrill3 accessory. This innovative device lets you monitor grilling temperatures in real-time from your mobile device.

The iGrill3 comes in handy if you are slow-cooking large cuts of barbecued meat or poultry.

You could also use the smartphone app to let you know when your grill is at the perfect searing temperature for steaks, sausages, and anything else that you love to cook.

Both grills produce 39,000 BTUs of total cooking power, with a primary cooking area of 513 square inches.

Weber Genesis II E-315 Natural Gas Grill

Weber Natural Gas GrillsIf you like the three-burner design and convenient size of the previous grills, but want an enclosed front cabinet, then you could consider the Genesis II E-315.

This grill features the same specifications, with an added front cabinet door that brings a premium aesthetic.

The two-tone black and stainless steel finish will make this grill stand out on any patio, poolside area, large balcony, or anywhere else in your backyard.

Enclosed storage is perfect if you like to keep accessories and utensils stored along with your grill, even if it’s not in use.

The E-315 features a porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grates for excellent heat retention and distribution.

Weber Genesis II E-330 Natural Gas Grill

Weber Natural Gas GrillsIf you’re interested in the grills so far, but want something with a little extra versatility, the Genesis II E-330 Weber natural gas grill is an option that you will want to consider.

This grill features three main burners, but now includes an additional searing station feature as well as a side burner integrated right into the tray.

The searing station is a fantastic addition if you love to cook steaks, burgers, or anything else that needs rapid high-heat treatment. The searing station is individually controlled and uses the main grilling surface.

The searing station burner adds an additional 9,000 BTU to the 39,000 BTU that is generated by the three main burners. The side burner is rated at 12,000 BTU, making it perfect for a pan, skillet, pot, or anything that you want to add to the side of your grill.

Get a stew going, slow cook your favorite chili recipe, or heat your custom barbecue sauce to integrate all the flavors.

A side burner is increasingly becoming essential for grilling enthusiasts. If you’ve always wanted one, then this grill is one of the first that you should consider.

The E-330 carries many of the features and innovations that are found throughout the Genesis II series. You’ll find a connection option for the iGrill3 thermometer system, giving you all the smartphone functionality included in other models.

Weber’s grease collection system is inspired by its kettle designs, directing all grease and debris from the firebox into an easily removable catch tray. This makes cleanup simple, saving you time after every grilling session.

The E-330 features an open front with storage shelves, where you can keep accessories and utensils.

The main grilling surface is identical to the previous models, with 513 square inches of coverage. This is perfect for most families and you’ll easily be able to cook traditional grilled meats and vegetables for medium-sized groups.

Weber’s traditional quality and premium materials are found throughout this unit. The searing station and side burner could make this your ideal grill for the summer.

Weber Genesis II E-335 and S-335

For small crowd entertaining or cooking the perfect outdoor family meal, you can consider the Genesis II E-335 and S-335 models. Available in the standard porcelain enamel or stainless steel configuration, you’ll find that these grills offer excellent capacity and cooking power.

Weber Natural Gas GrillsThe E-335 Weber natural gas grill has been well received by homeowners, with a high 4.3/5 Star average rating from online reviews.

This makes it one of the most highly rated options on the market today.

Owners love the clear assembly instructions, quality metal components, and the savings that can be made from choosing a porcelain enamel cooking grate over the stainless steel version.

Of course, if you do want to pay a premium for a stainless steel cooking surface as well as a stainless steel exterior, then you can consider the S-335 Weber natural gas grill.

Both grills feature 39,000 BTUs of cooking power from three main burners, 12,000 BTUs from an integrated side burner, and an additional 9,000 BTUs from the dedicated searing station.

The main cooking surface covers 513 square inches, while a folding warming rack adds an additional 156 square inches. That’s a total of 669 square inches, perfect for any family and for medium-sized groups.

Like other models in the Genesis range, the quality of materials and construction is impressive. Even if you choose the more affordable E-335 model, you will be treated to parts that perfectly fit together.

Even plastic elements are made from durable compounds that will last for years of regular use. If you are looking for grills that will keep on performing season after season, then either of the 335 models should be considered.

Weber Genesis II E-435 and S-435

So far, we’ve looked at some highly efficient three-burner Weber natural gas grills that are packed with features and ready to take on the demands of the average household.

With features like side burners and searing stations, you can even get some impressive versatility. But, what if you’re looking for something a little larger, more powerful, and ready to grill for even the biggest family gathering or sports night with friends?

The Genesis II E-435 or S-435 could be exactly what you’re looking for. Consider the shared features of both grills to see exactly what’s on offer…

  • 4 commercial quality stainless steel burners.
  • Searing station for quick grilling your favorite ingredients.
  • Integrated side burner with cover.
  • Enclosed cabinet for storage.
  • Deep hood for large ingredients including poultry and BBQ cuts.
  • Weber easy grease collection system.
  • Heavy-duty all-weather wheels designed for portability around your outdoor cooking area.

The larger Genesis II models carry the same level of quality that can be found in their smaller siblings. All components are constructed using the highest standards, resulting in the perfect fit and finish, even if you decide to assemble your grill at home.

It’s worth noting that online orders in the U.S. can come with a professional installation service, which will be essential if you don’t have the tools, experience, or time to set up a large grill.

Weber Natural Gas GrillsThe E-435 Weber natural gas grill features a tri-tone black, gray, and stainless steel finish. Combined with the enclosed cabinet, this makes for a highly attractive grill that would look great outside of your home.

The grill is large but not so much that it is unwieldy or impractical. Find a position that’s close to your natural gas hook-up, and you’ll be ready to start grilling.

Despite the grill weighing just under 180 pounds, it is easily maneuverable along a flat surface, thanks to the heavy-duty wheels.

The E-435 features a cast iron cooking surface that has been coated in porcelain enamel. While this requires a little more maintenance than stainless steel, the cost-saving could make this model preferable for you.

Weber Natural Gas GrillsThe Weber S-435 is the premium choice if you’re looking for a four-burner natural gas grill. Feature-wise, it is identical to the E-435.

The fully enclosed cabinet, hood temperature gauge, option for iGrill3, searing station, etc. are all present.

The difference here is that you get more stainless steel on the bodywork and a solid stainless steel cooking surface.

Stainless steel is used in commercial kitchens for its durability and minimal maintenance requirements. It can also reach searing heat faster than cast iron.

Choose the stainless steel model if you want the most high-end presentation and cooking experience, with the least possible amount of maintenance.

A Class-Leading Warranty for Weber Natural Gas Grills

It’s not a surprise that the Genesis series of grills have been so successful. Weber has doubled down on quality, presentation, and features to make some of the most compelling grills on the market. It’s clear that the company has confidence in its product, which is good news for consumers.

On Weber Genesis grills, you will enjoy an unprecedented 10-Year warranty.

This covers all parts, excluding normal wear and tear. This means that if your grill is found to be faulty if a part is defective, or if it fails in operation due to a design flaw, you will have service options throughout the United States.

Not many manufacturers offer such a long warranty period. In fact, many companies would be content to offer you a single-year warranty on the firebox and some other key parts.

Weber is known for its quality and its excellent customer service, so it’s not entirely surprising that the company offers such a generous warranty.

At the end of the day, the 100% Weber Guarantee will make you feel good about your purchase, knowing that you are protected for many seasons to come.

With Weber natural gas grills, you won’t just buy a product, you’ll make a long-term investment that continues to provide value.

Affordable Weber Spirit Natural Gas Grills

Weber Genesis grills are amongst the best on the market. However, the pricing and sizing won’t be for everyone. If you need something smaller, with a friendlier price tag, the Spirit series could be ideal. There are two particularly interesting Spirit grills that could be perfect for your next purchase.

Weber Spirit II E-210 Natural Gas Grill

Weber Natural Gas GrillsThe first model to consider is the Spirit II E-210. This Weber natural gas grill is the perfect option for apartments, condominiums, and small homes.

It can be used on a balcony, patio, or anywhere else that you want to start your next grilling session.

Spirit models are noticeably more affordable than their Genesis counterparts. The good news is that you still get top Weber quality with durable materials and components.

The E-210 is a two-burner grill mounted on a sturdy metal frame with an open storage shelf. It includes some of the same innovative features from more expensive Weber grills, including infinity ignition, custom flavorizer bars, and the ability to connect to the iGrill3 system.

Cooking grates are porcelain-enameled, and they do an excellent job of preventing sticking and burning. Enamel grates will require regular cleaning to keep them in good condition, but you’ll save a lot when compared to a similar grill with stainless steel grates.

The E-210 is an excellent compact grill and it even has a deep hood for cooking barbecue meat and poultry at lower temperatures for longer.

This grill has 450 square inches of total cooking area.

Weber Spirit II E-310 Natural Gas Grill

Weber Natural Gas GrillsYou can even get a full-sized grill on a reasonable budget, with the E-310 Weber natural gas grill being a fantastic option.

It features the same design and styling as the E-210, with the addition of an extra burner.

This grill features 529 square inches of total cooking space, making it perfect for a larger family or hungry guests at your next gathering.

Spirit grills are covered by a 10-year warranty on the cook box, lid assembly, and stainless steel burners.

An Extensive Selection of Weber Natural Gas Grills

Between the Genesis II and Spirit II series gas grills, you can find a model to fit any budget and home. From compact and portable, to large and feature-packed, you can enjoy home grilling for seasons to come.

Weber natural gas grills are long-lasting, and they provide flexible cooking for all your favorite meals.