What’s the Best Cookware for Ceramic Glass Stovetops?

Ceramic stovetops, also known as radiant heat stovetops, use heat coils placed under the surface. They are considered by many to be safer than gas or exposed element cooktops, and they are featured in many homes.

If you have a ceramic stovetop, or you’re thinking about buying a new stove with a ceramic top, you’ll need to learn about the best cookware for ceramic glass stovetops.

Radiant Heat Ceramic Glass Stovetops


What’s the Best Cookware for Ceramic Glass Stovetops?

The biggest concern you’ll have with a ceramic glass stovetop is scratching the surface. Most manufacturers make their ceramic glass thick and strong to prevent breakage and scratches.

However, scuffs can appear over time. If you want to keep your stove looking its best, avoid the most inexpensive cookware that you find. Extreme-budget cookware may have sharp and rough edges that could cause damage to the finish of your stove.

Otherwise, there are no special considerations that you need to make. The best cookware for ceramic glass stovetops includes:

  • Aluminum coated cookware.
  • Ceramic cookware.
  • Stainless steel cookware.
  • Copper bottom cookware.

Of course, there are other factors to consider. You likely want to use healthy cookware for your family, which means choosing options that are the least toxic.

Aluminum cookware (when uncoated) can leach metal into food that can become a health risk over time. Make sure aluminum cookware uses a ceramic or anodized coating to ensure that your family is protected.

This Cooks Standard Anodized Nonstick Cookware Set uses aluminum for efficient heating and includes a hard factory coating for nonstick performance without leaching dangerous metals. Its material is harder than steel, thick, and will not chip easily.

What About Induction Cooktops?

Some ceramic cooktops use induction elements that work differently when compared to radiant heat elements. Induction functions using a magnetic coil that is supplied with high-frequency AC electricity.

A rapidly changing magnetic field creates eddy currents in the base of the frypan or pot on top of the stove. These currents are resisted by the magnetic field of the cookware, and energy is created. This energy produces heat which is then used for cooking.

Induction cooktops are incredibly efficient although they can take some getting used to. They heat pots and pans faster and more consistently than radiant heat cooktops, so you’ll need to use cookware that is designed for induction.

Also, some cookware simply won’t work with induction because it lacks the magnetic properties needed to create energy and heat. Cheap aluminum pots and pans won’t work with induction ceramic cooktops. Copper also lacks the magnetic properties to cause the necessary reaction for cooking.

If you are using aluminum or copper cookware, ensure that there is a metal like stainless steel in the base of the pot.

This Duxtop 17PC Stainless Steel Induction Cookware Set is designed specifically for induction ceramic cooktops. It’s a quality set that includes a ceramic coating for nontoxic and convenient cooking of any ingredient.

Get the Best Results with the Best Cookware for Ceramic Glass Stovetops

Whether using a traditional ceramic cooktop or a more modern induction stove, there are cookware options available. With the best cookware for ceramic glass stovetops, you’ll be ready to prepare healthy and flavorful meals without setbacks.


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