Weber is one of the most trusted names in grilling, designing, and producing everything from simple charcoal kettle grills, to full-featured propane and natural gas cooking stations.

As an American company, many consumers assume that Weber grills are made in the USA. However, like many American businesses, Weber now outsources the majority of its manufacturing and assembly to offshore producers.

While quality remains a hallmark of the brand, it’s important to know, whether you own a Weber grill, or whether you intend to purchase one, where are Weber Grills Made?

Short Answer: They are designed in the USA and manufactured in China, but you can have confidence knowing that you’ll get the best quality,

Let’s take a look at the company and where some of their most popular grills are made today.

An Innovative American Grill Manufacturer

Weber traces its history to the suburbs of Chicago, where George Steven invented the first kettle-style grill in 1952.

This innovative grill had a domed design that was highly efficient and easy to use. Today, it is known simply as the Weber Kettle.

Over the years, the Weber company continued to innovate with charcoal grills, gas grills, and even electric grills.

Today, you can find a Weber for any home and even for portable use at a campsite, local park, or anywhere that you love to cook.

Weber’s Global Manufacturing

Where are Weber Grills Made?From humble beginnings, Weber has become one of the largest grill manufacturers in the world. Still based in Illinois, the company designs and engineers all of its grills in house.

There’s American heritage, research, and development behind every single model.

However, with a changing global manufacturing landscape, Weber now sources its parts internationally, and the majority of production occurs in China and Taiwan.

Parts come from around the world, with some originating in North America. Weber serves the global market so it’s no surprise that its manufacturing is also global.

Weber grills may be made in China and other nearby countries, but every model still carries the same innovation and quality that the brand is known for.

One of the Best American Grills

Weber can rightly be called an American company, and its grills are still American, even if some parts and manufacturing are outsourced.

Design and engineering begin in the USA, and Weber is proud to stand behind its products.

This is reflected in Weber’s outstanding warranty support. Charcoal grills are protected by 10-year warranties for the bowls and lids. Spirit grills have 10-year warranties on the cook boxes and stainless steel burners.

Even the relatively affordable Weber Q-Series grills have 5-year warranties on most parts and workmanship.

So back to the question – Where are Weber grills made? They are designed in the USA and manufactured in China, but you can have confidence knowing that you’ll get the best quality, warranty coverage, and customer support when buying your next grill.


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