What’s the Best Material for an Outdoor Grill Cover?
What’s the Best Material for an Outdoor Grill Cover?

What’s the Best Material for an Outdoor Grill Cover?

Best Material for an Outdoor Grill Cover

You love to cook outdoors. No matter the ingredients that you’re working with, there’s something special about relaxing with family and friends in the perfect grilling weather.

You’ve invested in your grill and you want it to last.

No matter how durable the grill is, or the materials it is made from, the elements will slowly but surely degrade its durability, covering it up is the best thing to do, but what bbq cover material is the best to buy?

An outdoor cover is the only way to protect and keep your grill rust-free when it’s not in use.

But what’s the best material for an outdoor grill cover? Let’s find out in this helpful guide.

The Two Types of Grill Covers Available

What’s the Best Material for an Outdoor Grill Cover?

There are two basic categories for bbq cover materials.

  • Cloth covers provide some protection, especially from UV damage, but aren’t waterproof and will quickly degrade in a few seasons.
  • Vinyl and plastic grill covers provide excellent protection from UV damage and the elements. While they do cost more, they provide more peace of mind.

If you keep your grill outside throughout most or all of the year, the second option is the only real choice to make.

When Should You Use a Cloth Grill Cover?

A cloth grill cover will protect your grill from the sun, light rain, dirt, and organic debris.

Unless there’s a special coating on the fabric, a cloth grill cover won’t be completely waterproof.

Choose a cloth grill cover if you store your grill in a shed or garage and only occasionally leave it outside when the weather is fair.

It will keep your grill clean and free of dust and debris while providing some protection from the occasional rain shower.

Because a cloth grill cover can’t protect from harsh weather, it’s recommended you step right up to a premium waterproof cover instead.

Manufacturers are also realizing this, and it’s becoming more difficult to find cloth material covers for modern outdoor grills.

Vinyl and Plastic Grill Covers Give HEAVY-DUTY Protection

Premium grill covers are made from vinyl or special plastic fabrics that are waterproof and impervious to mold and mildew.

The best vinyl and plastic covers can protect a grill in any season, whether it’s pouring with rain or if a snowstorm has just rolled in.

Waterproof vinyl and plastic grill covers can be lined, which is both an upside and a downside.

A lined grill cover can help to maintain a stable temperature inside the cover which protects materials from condensation.

When it’s snowing or extremely cold, a lined cover can protect the components of your grill.

The downside to a cover with a felt or velour lining on the inside is that it can attract insects and critters that will sometimes nest inside the cover and damage your grill.

It’s something of an unfortunate tradeoff but it’s easy to decide which way to go.

  • If it snows or gets extremely cold and you have to store your grill outdoors, you can choose a lined grill cover.
  • If you live in a temperate area where weather extremes are rare, you can choose a vinyl or plastic grill cover without an interior soft lining.

Should You Put Your Grill Inside When It’s Freezing Outside?

What’s the Best Material for an Outdoor Grill Cover?


Snow and ice can cause material changes in metal, which can damage an uncovered grill.

As mentioned, a lined cover can provide more protection when temperatures drop to their extremes.

If at all possible, keep your grill in a shed or garage when it is snowing.

Hailstorms can also be a problem and no grill cover can provide complete protection from hail.

Sudden hailstorms can come without warning, so it’s always best to have your grill underneath an outdoor roof or awning, even when it’s covered.

What’s the Best Material for an Outdoor Grill Cover?

You can find excellent bbq cover materials today.

Remember to stick to vinyl or plastic (polyester) covers if you want reliable protection from rain, wind, debris, snow, and sunlight.

  • For an affordable yet incredibly reliable cover, consider the Unicook Heavy Duty Waterproof Cover. This cover is made for 55-inch grills but can also suit smaller grills if you don’t mind excess material showing. The straps will keep it secure even if the grill is slightly smaller than the recommended size.
  • For a charcoal grill, consider the NOA Store BBQ Grill Cover. It is available for 15, 18, and 30-inch round grills. It is waterproof with a thin latex material that will provide adequate protection in everything except the most extreme weather.
  • For a real heavy-duty premium option, available for gas grills ranging from 30-inches to 72-inches, the Grillman Premium Grill Cover would be the ideal choice. It is UV resistant, waterproof, and rip-proof, making it one of the most durable options for sale today. This cover is PVC lined to provide insulative qualities without attracting critters.

With the right grill cover, you will keep your favorite cooking appliance protected throughout the year and ready to go any time that you want to prepare a fresh and flavorful meal outdoors.

Learn what’s the best material for an outdoor grill cover and see our picks for the best waterproof grill covers available today.