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” Every design has its inherent weaknesses and advantages, but there is none that is better suited to regular smoking than the vertical smoker.”

Modern developments have made smoked food more accessible and simpler than ever before.If you would love to make your own BBQ meat at home, smoked fish, poultry, or even smoked pizza, then a smoker would be a great investment.

If you’re a hunter or particularly enjoy game meat, then a smoker would be invaluable.

The problem is that there is currently a flood of smokers on the market, so finding the right one for your needs can be difficult.

However, with our full review of the Broil King Gas Smoker, you’ll be able to learn all the features and benefits of one of the best gas smokers currently available.

If you’re struggling to make a decision on all of the smokers that are for sale today, then this is one review that you don’t want to miss.

Broil King Gas Smoker Natural Gas Cabinet Key Product Features

This is one of the best gas smokers when it comes to features and design. Here’s what you can expect if you purchase the Broil King.

  • 15,000 BTU heat rating for low and slow smoking sessions.
  • Stainless steel gas burner for maximum lifetime.
  • 770 square inches of cooking space.
  • Four stainless steel cooking racks.
  • Large water bowl and smoker tray for long sessions.
  • Steel construction with a two-door design.
  • Charcoal compatible for timeless flavor.
  • Epoxy finished for durability and impressive looks.

Construction Quality and First Impressions of the Broil King Gas Smoker
Best Gas Smoker

” In terms of construction quality, there is absolutely nothing to complain about with this unit. ”

Smokers come in many shapes and sizes, including vertical smokers, box smokers, and barrel design smokers that are more similar to traditional grills.

Every design has its inherent weaknesses and advantages, but there is none that is better suited to regular smoking than the vertical smoker.

The Broil King is already one of the best gas smokers in terms of its design.

Not only is it a vertical smoker, but it uses two separate heavy-duty doors to make it convenient to top up during long smoking sessions.

The construction quality is excellent, with a full steel design and insulated panels.

The heat and smoke are both kept inside with ease, which makes the smoker more energy-efficient and economical to use.

The first impression is that this smoker has a traditional design, with just a hint of technology from the gas valve placed on the bottom of the unit.

The overall design is fairly basic but it’s highly functional and looks attractive enough to be displayed in your outdoor cooking area.

The unit feels solid from the outside and requires little assembly.

The epoxy coating ensures that the metal is protected from moisture, and when stored with a cover it is not hard to see this smoker lasting for many seasons, even in excess of ten years.

The black finish is classic and means that it will work with several other outdoor cooking appliances and home design elements.

In terms of construction quality, there is absolutely nothing to complain about with this unit.

The steel doors are rugged and come pre-installed with silicone gaskets. This creates an efficient seal which is sadly missing on some other smokers.

A seal is important because it ensures that your food will get the maximum heat and smoke exposure.

Other models that don’t have seals will mean longer cooking times and more fuel/smoker chips used for longer sessions.

The doors use heavy-duty latches that feel as good after 100 uses as they do when the unit is first unpacked.

Broil King is known for making high-quality outdoor cooking stations, and this is one of the best gas smokers because it doesn’t stray from the already impressive record of this company.

Cooking Ability, Size, and Features
best gas smoker

” If you want to smoke ribs, a pork loin or butt, large beef cuts, or even chicken and turkey, then you will have no problem with space.”

With any smoker or grill, cooking ability matters more than anything else. The ability to have quality smoked food is reliant on a few different factors.

You need a smoker that is a suitable size for your needs, and you also need features that make the smoker functional and convenient.

Size is a huge advantage with this smoker. The interior provides 770 square inches of the total cooking area when you are using all four trays.

The trays can be repositioned depending on your needs, with different height adjustments for maximum versatility.

The full 770 square inches can be used if you are cooking meats and other ingredients that don’t require a lot of height clearance, however, if you are cooking large birds or BBQ cuts then you will likely be reduced to three or even two trays.

Keep this in mind, as the measurements are the best possible scenario rather than being a guarantee of available cooking space.

Because this is a vertical smoker, it’s possible to get the maximum amount of flavor through all of the food that you’re cooking.

Horizontal smokers like barrel smokers are notorious for having smoke ‘hot’ spots where the food gets maximum exposure.

On this model, smoke starts at the bottom and has nowhere to go aside from out the top.

Whatever you’re cooking, and wherever it is placed in the smoker, it will always receive the maximum possible amount of smoke and therefore the maximum possible flavor.

Modern electric smokers are preferred in many cases because people see them as being easier to use.

A large tray in the bottom compartment.

The fact is that a gas smoker can be just as convenient, and the large tray in the bottom compartment of this smoker ensures that you will be able to smoke for long sessions without having to replace wood chips or pellets.

Even if you do need to top up during the session, the secondary door means that you can do so easily, and without losing too much heat or smoke from the main chamber.

A double door design is definitely better for professional results, so it is nice to see this feature on the Broil King Vertical best gas smoker.

Cooking is simple, and this is truly a set-and-forget smoker.

Modern electric smokers are preferred in many cases because people see them as being easier to use.

When it comes to the food that you can smoke, you can expect to work with all the most popular ingredients.

If you want to smoke ribs, a pork loin or butt, large beef cuts, or even chicken and turkey, then you will have no problem with space.

For turkey and chicken, you will likely be working with two racks, and the same goes for large cuts of beef, pork, and game meat.

For sausages and jerky, there’s more than enough room, even for the hungriest families and parties.

Ease of Use for First Time Smoking
broil king gas smoker

” The design promotes excellent results and easier smoking sessions.”


Ease of use is important, particularly if this will be your first time using a smoker. We’ve already mentioned that this smoker has a double door design, which immediately makes it better for novice smokers.

There will be no need to worry about losing heat and smoke if you need to add chips or charcoal as you are cooking (yes, this gas smoker can work with charcoal too!).

Even if you’re experienced, you’ll find that the design promotes excellent results and easier smoking sessions.

Being a gas smoker, this is much easier to use and maintain than a smoker that uses charcoal or wood as a primary fuel source.

There’s a convenient valve control on the bottom of the smoker so that you can get the exact burn rate and temperature that you need.

Cleaning is simple thanks to the vertical design, as any mess simply accumulates at the bottom of the smoking chamber.

Simple wipe out the smoker with paper towels or use a cleaning brush for more stubborn particles.

Most of the mess will accumulate in the tray so there is very little cleaning required, even for a heavy smoking session.

One thing to note is that this smoker (and every smoker on the market) will need to be seasoned before first use.

There are particles and some residual chemicals that are left in any manufacturing process, and while these might not be toxic, they can still taint the flavor of your food the first time that you smoke.

Seasoning simply consists of wiping down the interior surfaces and then closing everything and letting the smoker run for up to an hour at a moderate heat setting.

This will burn off anything left behind and will leave your smoker ready to go.

It’s an additional step that some people miss, so make sure you do this to get the best results from the first time that you cook anything in a new smoker.

Top Pros and Cons of the Best Broil King Gas Smoker

Features, cooking ability, and ease of use make this one of the best gas smokers that we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. Here are the top pros and cons that you need to know about.

  • Excellent construction quality with solid materials and sealed doors.
  • An attractive finish is suitable for display in your outdoor cooking area.
  • Excellent smoking results thanks to an efficient gas system and vertical design.
  • An accurate temperature gauge built right into the door.
  • Double door design minimizes heat and smoke loss when topping up wood chips.
  • Can be used with a combination of charcoal and wood chips for authentic BBQ flavor.
  • While gas is efficient and convenient, it still lacks the advanced features like timers, etc. that are found on electric smokers.
  • Heavy construction makes this inconvenient to relocate, so you’ll need to find a semi-permanent home on your patio or anywhere suitable.
  • Lacking glass doors which can make smoking easier for some beginners.

Final Thoughts and Recommendation

The Broil King Gas Smoker (Broil King 923617 Natural Gas Cabinet Smoker) is one of the best gas smokers if you have a gas line at home.

It features excellent construction quality and has plenty of space for even the most demanding smokers.

If you want something that doesn’t compromise on quality and that will last for years to come, then this is highly recommended and will produce excellent results with all of your favorite ingredients.



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