Is a Two-Burner Grill Enough?
Is a Two-Burner Grill Enough?

Is a Two-Burner Grill Enough?

Is a Two-Burner Grill Enough?When it’s time to buy your next grill, you’ll need to go through the process of weighing features and price.

The size of a grill is one of the most important things to consider.

More burners mean more versatility.

But, with four, five, and six-burner grills becoming more common in backyards, is a two-burner grill enough?

Let’s take a look and answer the question.

What are the Advantages of a Two-Burner Grill?

Size is the most obvious advantage of owning a two-burner grill, but it’s not just about the space that you have on the cooking surface.

Having two burners means that you can have two individual cooking zones for indirect cooking, or for cooking different ingredients at different temperatures.

  • Indirect cooking is a grilling method where the flame is on one side of the grill while the food is on the other. This allows for food to be cooked slowly with the hood down. It’s ideal for ingredients like pork shoulder, brisket, and other large cuts that require longer cooking times to achieve the perfect flavor, texture, and doneness.
  • Individual zone cooking simply means setting the burners at different settings on either side of the grill to suit unique ingredients. Burgers take high and medium heat well and could be placed on one side of the grill, while more delicate ingredients like fish and shellfish could be placed on the other and cooked lower and longer. With two burners you’ll enjoy more versatility.

Considering the above points, it’s generally accepted that a two-burner grill is the absolute minimum requirement when you want to cook a variety of ingredients.

Of course, you could go even bigger with more burners to add more versatility.

The Benefits of Choosing a Three-Burner or Larger Grill

Is a Two-Burner Grill Enough?Is a two-burner grill enough?

If you’re cooking for a family of four and only entertain guests occasionally, then it’s likely all you would need.

If you love to host parties or if you want to work with larger ingredients, then you’ll need to choose something bigger.

A three-burner grill will give you more space for indirect cooking or more cooking zones at varying temperatures.

Having three burners is increasingly becoming the preference for home cooks.

Having three burners also means a larger cooking surface, so even if you’re cooking at one consistent temperature, you’ll be able to cook more ingredients at the same time.

From three, you can go up to any configuration you want.

If you want the largest possible grill for your money, you could choose a five, six, or even a seven-burner grill.

Consider These Two and Three-Burner Grills

Consider the following two models as starting points as you find your next grill.

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  • Is a Two-Burner Grill Enough? Char-Broil Performance 2-Burner Cabinet Style is a recent model made out of stainless steel. Features rust-resistant, cast iron grates and a warming rack of 95 square inches. It delivers 20,000 BTUs of heat across the 310 square inch cooking surface.
  • Is a Two-Burner Grill Enough?Char-Broil Performance Series Two-Burner Grill is reliable, looks great, and offers 300 Square Inches of total cooking area. For families of up to four people, this is one of the best options at an affordable price. The grill sits on 4 casters that can be locked. The cooking surface is 15.9-inches wide and comes with porcelain-coated cast-iron grates that are rust-resistant.
  • Is a Two-Burner Grill Enough?Char-Broil Performance Three-Burner Grill is for larger ingredients, bigger families, or if you love to cook for groups of guests, It features infrared heating technology, three main burners, and a side burner for pans, skillets, and pots. With 450 Square Inches of cooking surface, it’s a significant step up from a two-burner grill.
  • Is a Two-Burner Grill Enough?Weber Spirit II E-310 is another choice that is easily one of the best mid-range gas grills on today’s market. It has the benefit of more cooking space and under-side storage. The total cooking area is 529 square inches, and the three high-quality gas burners allow you to have more control over the heat of your cooking surface. A higher overall heat rating means that this grill will be more suited for intense hood-down cooking, and you’ll have more versatility for baking and roasting. A model you should consider. This model also comes with two burners.

A two-burner grill is enough for most people, but, if you want more versatility, stepping up to a three-burner model will give you more cooking possibilities.