Is There a Rust Proof Grill?
Is There a Rust Proof Grill?

Is There a Rust Proof Grill?

Is There a Grill That Doesn’t Rust?

Many of the best grills on the market are designed to resist rust and other damage.

But, due to the nature of even the best materials, including stainless steel, rust or at least some form of corrosion is a risk.

Even powder-coated and porcelain-enamel grills can rust if the finish is compromised.

If you’re looking to make a long-term investment and your key requirement is a rustproof grill, you may have come up short in your search for the right product.

This guide will help, as we find a grill that is impervious to rust, with no exceptions.

The Material that Makes a RUST PROOF Grill

When you want to invest in a grill that will resist all types of weather and never develop rust, it needs to be made from aluminum.

There are two types of grills made from this material.

There are low-grade options that are budget-priced and designed to be used for just a few seasons.

These can eventually rust due to lower-quality alloys used in construction.

The other option, and the one to go for if you want a rust-free grill, is to choose one that is made from high-grade cast aluminum.

A Gas Grill that Won’t Rust – Weber Q 3200 Gas Grill 

gas grill that won't rustThere’s a reason why Weber is the most trusted brand in the US when it comes to quality grills.

This grill has been made with detail and with small convenience features that will surprise you.

The lid and the body are made from cast aluminum that has a thermometer in it.

Has two stainless steel burners, a handle with a light, removable folding side tablets, and porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates.

The Weber Q3200 also features a glass-reinforced nylon frame, an electronic ignition system, and a grease tray.

Apart from being rust-proof, cast aluminum has the same strength as metal but it weighs less.

This grill weighs only 85 lbs, making it ideal for portability.

It can withstand high temperatures, is resistant to corrosion, has very good hardness and strength, and has excellent thermal conductivity.

The total burner output is 21,700 BTU with 393 square-inch of total cooking area.

The bottom shelf is reserved for the LP tank.


Weber offers a separate warranty for the bigger parts of the grill.

The cook box, lid assembly, stainless steel burner tubes, cooking grates, and all the plastic components have a warranty of 5 years.

The remaining parts have a warranty of 2 years. You can be assured that the grill’s parts won’t rust or develop any holes in it.

If you are thinking about a gas grill that won’t rust for personal use or small family, then this grill is definitely worth a look.

A Gas Grill that Won’t Rust – Broil King Gem™ 320 Grill

Renowned for its exceptional grill quality, Broil King has been ahead of the curve for many years, and its modern-looking and affordable gem 320 is not an exception.

The Gem 320 features foldable side shelves alongside 3 stainless steel powerful side ported dual-flame tube burners.

This enhances the searing quality through its burning from front to back technique, outputting 24,000 BTUs of thermal grilling power.

The grill’s electronic ignition system also ensures a hassle-free start-up.

The grill’s rust-resistant cook box provides excellent heat retention alongside ensuring even heat throughout and precise heat control.

The linear-flow valves also facilitate precise cooking monitoring and control to get and keep your grill to the perfect temperature.

Featuring a total primary cooking space of 426-square inches, the Gem 320 provides enough space for your grilling needs.

The heavy-duty cast-iron grilling gates have the searing power and excellent heat retention for leaving your steak with quality sear marks.

A Charcoal Grill that Won’t Rust – PK SSB-X Original PKTX Grill

PK Grills makes a charcoal grill designed with this in mind.

Although the company doesn’t receive the same kind of exposure as some bigger names like Weber or Napoleon, it’s one that many of the most hardcore grilling enthusiasts are familiar with.

Is There a Rust Proof Grill?The SSB-X Original PKTX Grill is a PK Grills model made from solid cast aluminum.

This isn’t a rust-resistant grill that will eventually show signs of corrosion after a few years of use.

It’s a rust-proof grill that could potentially last you for a lifetime.

When you need a grill that doesn’t rust but also wants a great cooking experience, this is the model to pick.

The way it prevents rust is extremely simple…

The grill is constructed using hand-poured aluminum, which also results in the unique shape and design of the grill.

Aluminum develops a patina known as aluminum oxide when it is exposed to conditions that would typically cause rust.

This oxide is self-forming and requires no user interaction to make the process happen.

The patina prevents corrosion and is impervious to moisture and air.

Even if the patina is damaged by a scrape or chip, the aluminum underneath will form a new layer of aluminum oxide to protect the grill.

Because PK Grills are solid aluminum through the body, the patina can form indefinitely.

This results in a complete rust proof grill that you can enjoy in every cooking season to come.

What About Hinges?

Hinges and metal fasteners may rust, even when the other components are aluminum.

PK Grills prevents this by incorporating the hinges into the body so that they are protected from the elements outside.

Hinges and other metal fasteners are made from stainless steel, a material that can resist rust when well-cared for.

A Rust Proof Grill No Matter the Weather

PK Grills can prevent rust whether they are stored under cover or directly exposed to the elements.

Salt in the air, humidity and even snow and ice won’t have any impact on a PK Grills grill.

The PKTX model can be used both as a smoker or a grill, with a large hood and 300 square inches of cooking surface.

The grill can fold down for transport, making it ideal for use either at home or on the road.

There’s even a side shelf integrated into the cart to make prep easy, and the grill is available in three color options.

Final Thoughts

If you want a rust-proof grill, aluminum is definitely the answer.

The PK Grills PKTX, Weber Q3200, and the Broil King are of the highest quality aluminum grills on the market today.K