Are Napoleon Grills as Good as Weber?

Are Napoleon Grills Better than Weber?If you’re in the market for a new grill today, two brands, in particular, can’t be ignored.

Napoleon and Weber are two of the market leaders, offering a diverse range of gas grills for homes of any size.

Weber has more brand presence and a longer history than Napoleon, but the younger company is incredibly popular with outdoor cooks.

Are Napoleon grills good? Are Napoleon grills better than Weber? Let’s dive into a deep brand comparison and find out.

Are Napoleon Grills Good on Features?

When choosing your next grill, features are important to look for.

While we all want our grills to cook great food, there are value-added features that can make the experience more enjoyable or even easier in some cases.

There’s some difficulty when comparing features because these vary dramatically from brand to brand, and even when looking at similarly priced grills from the same manufacturer.

But, when it comes to the basic features, we can consider the question: are Napoleon grills better than Weber?

The simple answer is that both brands come remarkably close and it really depends on what you want and the specific grill models that you are considering.

Both brands offer models with side burners to add versatility, searing stations are available from both companies, and the grills are similarly priced for the number of burners when looking model to model.

Both come very close here. If you’re wondering are Napoleon grills good on features, then the answer is yes.

Take the Napoleon Grills LEX485 as an excellent example of a feature-rich grill.

With six burners In total, 805 square inches of cooking area, and an infrared side and rear burner, it competes with Weber grills at a similar price point.

Are Napoleon Grills Good with Materials and Design?

Are Napoleon grills better than Weber in terms of the materials used?

In a few cases, we can confidently answer yes.

Napoleon is known for making extensive use of stainless steel for areas of the body and cooking surfaces.

Weber also uses high-quality stainless steel but even some of the more expensive models use powder-coated steel for some parts, which can compromise the durability in the long term.

There’s also the esthetic to think about.

Many buyers prefer grills made with large stainless steel panels because they look more modern and premium.

So, if you’re in the market for a durable grill that also looks fantastic, you could find that Napoleon grills suit your needs better than comparable Weber models.

When it comes to the actual construction quality and design, the two brands are on par. Napoleon grills are made to high standards and are designed to last for many years of grilling outdoors.

The fit and finish are excellent when choosing between different Napoleon grills, just like you would expect from Weber.

If you’ve had any doubts about the quality of Napoleon, you can have confidence knowing that your investment will be worth it.

Are Napoleon Grills Good with Innovation in Design and Features?

Many of the top grill manufacturers use marketing terms to promote the features of their grills.

These marketing terms often cover features that are common throughout manufacturers.

For example, Weber has the highly reliable GS-4 ignition system that refers to the burners, ignition, grease control, and flavorizer bars.

Napoleon has similar quality throughout these systems but they aren’t marketed under a single brand name.

So, you might look at a Napoleon grill and wonder why there isn’t anything similar to the GS-4 system. In actual fact, Napoleon has these features but has just done a poorer job at marketing.

Grill manufacturers compete in a crowded marketplace so the type of marketing that Weber uses can give the company an advantage, but it doesn’t mean that a Napoleon is a worse grill simply because it doesn’t have the same effective marketing.

Look beyond the marketing terms and go right for the features instead.

Look at the raw information like grill size, the number of burners, the power output, and the overall design.

You’ll find that when you eliminate the marketing terms, things are very much on par between the two manufacturers.

Are Napoleon grills good with innovation? The answer is yes, although you often won’t find the fancy marketing names that you will on a Weber.

Are Napoleon Grills Better than Weber with Warranty Coverage?

We can see that both grills are remarkably close in terms of features, materials, design, and even innovation.

Weber has a marketing edge, but this has little to do with the actual quality.

One area where Weber does excel is with the Warranty coverage.

Weber is the market leader for grills, with a significant margin over the competition.

It’s common to ask “are Napoleon grills good?” because Napoleon doesn’t have the same history or market presence as Weber.

People are simply less aware of the brand.

There are other ways where Weber can leverage its market share.

Because the company makes so many grills and has a large global manufacturing and distribution network, it can offer extensive warranty coverage.

Models in the Genesis series are covered for ten years.

This isn’t the same for every Weber grill so you will need to check the specifics of the model that you are considering.

On the whole, Weber offers excellent customer service and support.

Even though Napoleon is a smaller company, it also offers a generous warranty with great customer service and support.

Exterior housing comes with a limited lifetime warranty, which is largely made possible with the use of heavy stainless steel for the construction.

Burners are covered for ten years and the grids have a limited lifetime warranty.

Some parts like ignition and valves are covered for only two years on Napoleon Prestige and Pro models, but these are easily replaceable parts that are prone to wear down over time, so it’s not surprising.

Like Weber, Napoleon warranties vary from model to model, so check the details before buying.

Overall, the warranty comparison between Weber and Napoleon is quite similar with all things considered.

Napoleon Makes Great Drop-In Grills

If you are building a custom cart or if you have an outdoor kitchen, a Napoleon grill would be an excellent choice.

If you want to know are Napoleon grills better than Weber for a drop-in or built-in installation, then it’s an easy yes.

Are Napoleon Grills Better than Weber?Models like the Napoleon Prestige 500 RB are designed specifically to be used in permanent outdoor kitchen installations.

You can’t simply modify a cart grill to go with your outdoor kitchen, because problems of ventilation and functionality would become apparent.

In fact, manufacturers specifically recommend against doing this due to safety reasons.

The Prestige 500 RB uses natural gas (there’s also a propane version available) and features four stainless steel main burners.

It produces a total power output of 66,000 BTUs making it ideal for even the longest and most intense grilling sessions.

There are 760 square inches of total cooking area available, so you can use this model for serving guests on special occasions like holidays, parties, and sports nights. It’s also versatile.

You can fire up just one or two burners when cooking for just a few people.

The burner configuration makes it easy to cook with indirect heat so you can use the Prestige 500 RB for low and slow cooking, like brisket or pork belly cooked in the classic BBQ style.

This model also has a rear rotisserie burner so you can cook large poultry, roast cuts, or anything else that you want to put on a rotisserie skewer.

There are automatic rotisserie cut-outs and mounting points on the frame so you can add your favorite system.

This model is an example of where Napoleon grills are not just good, but better than some of the competition.

Napoleon is a Good Choice for Large Freestanding Grills

The easiest way to convert your patio into a home cook’s dream kitchen is to purchase a large freestanding grill.

When comparing the price to performance and total cooking area, Napoleon sometimes comes out on top of Weber.

  • Are Napoleon Grills Better than Weber?The Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 RSIB Grill is an all-around performer. It has four main burners with a total power output rating of 80,000 BTUs. It has LED lighting, an infrared rotisserie burner, side, and rear burners. There are six burners in total and the grill is made almost entirely from heavy-duty stainless steel to offer protection from corrosion.
  • Are Napoleon Grills Better than Weber?Compare the Napoleon to the Weber Summit S-470 and you will find that the Weber has a total power output of 48,800 BTU, a smaller total surface cooking area of 580 square inches, and it is slightly more expensive. It does have a built-in thermometer which is a great feature, but you end up losing out in some other areas.

Looking at these two large grills, if you were to ask “are Napoleon grills better than Weber?” then the answer would be no.

In this case, you can get a Napoleon for a lower price with better features. It’s an example of how things can change from model to model.

In some cases, you’ll have Weber come out on top, but in this instance, it’s Napoleon that is the better deal for most buyers.

Both Companies are on Par for Small Electric Grills

Although we’ve focused primarily on gas grills from these manufacturers, both Napoleon and Weber make electric grills.

Portable electric grills are convenient, can be used indoors, and they’re very safe.

Looking at electric models, it’s also clear that there’s sometimes very little between these two brands for quality and features.

  • Are Napoleon Grills Better than Weber?The Napoleon PRO285E TravelQ is a portable grill that you can use at home or anywhere that you have access to electricity. It has 285 square inches of cooking area, is made from cast aluminum, has porcelain cooking grids. It produces 1500 Watts of power.
  • Are Napoleon Grills Better than Weber?The Weber Q2400 Electric Grill is similar with 280 square inches of cooking area, produces 1560 watts of power, and has porcelain cooking grids. Also  like the napoleon travelq has largw grip handles, control knobs and ergonomic side handles,

Depending on sales, promotions, and rebates, you will find these two grills at a similar price point.

They are both equally portable with similar weight and footprint between both models.

Both are reliable and have received glowing reviews from professionals and consumers.

No single option stands out in this case.

It’s a testament to the fact that Weber and Napoleon are two of the best grill manufacturers in the market today.

The Question of “Better” Isn’t Always Clear Cut

We understand that it can be frustrating to learn that in some cases, there is no “better” option between brands.

In others, you’ll find a clear winner when looking at either price, features, performance, or a combination of these.

Rather than asking “are Napoleon grills better than Weber?” it’s more effective to ask “are Napoleon grills good?”.

Napoleon grills are excellent and have quality and features that are comparable with Weber.

If you had to choose between the two, it would come down to some smaller details and pricing rather than one being vastly superior to the other.

Shop based on your needs. You won’t be disappointed by either of these brands.

Are Napoleon Grills Better than Weber? The Bottom Line

Are Napoleon grills good? Yes, they’re some of the best mid-tier and premium grills that you can buy today.

Are Napoleon grills better than Weber?

In some cases, yes, but it depends on the models and price points that you are comparing.

Both companies make incredibly popular, reliable, and durable grills. In most cases, it comes down to a question of needs and your preference.

Consider the models that we’ve covered and explore the complete range from both manufacturers.

You’ll find something that suits your needs today and both brands are worth your trust.

Buying Napoleon is a smart decision and you won’t lose out on any of the qualities that Weber is known for.

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