What’s So Great About a Kamado Grill?
What’s So Great About a Kamado Grill?

What’s So Great About a Kamado Grill?

What’s So Great About a Kamado Grill?

If you’re even the slightest bit interested in grilling, you’ve probably heard of the Kamado grill.

Outdoor cooking enthusiasts often see the Kamado as the epitome of charcoal cooking.

They’ll tell you that it cooks more consistently, imparts better flavor, and is a more elegant way to cook your favorite meals.

Is the Kamado grill really so good? What is this unique grill and why is it so popular today?

Let’s take a closer look and find out about the benefits of kamado grill.

From Japanese History to the Modern Day

Kamado is an old Japanese word referring to a stove or cooking range.

In Japan, a Kamado could simply be a stovetop above a traditional charcoal oven.

The Kamado grills that we know in America today are actually based on the Mushikamado, a type of moveable charcoal oven.

Kamado grills are typically rounded like an egg or acorn.

They are more of an oven than a traditional grill.

The sides are thick and insulated, ensuring excellent heat retention.

The vents create natural convection inside, cooking food thoroughly, and locking in delicious flavor.

The Benefits Kamado Grill

Kamado Grill?

When food is cooked at high temperatures, liquids are rendered from within.

In a grill, this liquid hits hot coal and is quickly vaporized.

The vapor rises back up towards the food, infusing a new smoky flavor, while also forming a delicious crust around the outside.

For meat, the result is nothing short of mouthwatering.

When people talk about the smokiness of a charcoal grill, it’s not actually coming from the charcoal, but rather from vaporizing and reintegrating the juices that are rich in flavonoid compounds.

A Kamado grill creates the perfect environment for this process.

The coals sit on the bottom, with food in the middle or at the top of the grill.

The natural convection sends vaporized juices and hot air all around the inside of the grill, making sure that every edge is cooked and bursting with a smoky flavor.

Beyond the Flavor, There are Other Practical Advantages of Owning a Kamado Grill
  • Kamado grills are usually durable because they are made from heavy-grade materials.
  • The design of the grill is more efficient than a kettle, barrel, or modern charcoal grill. Because heat is circulated inside, the grill can get extremely hot with minimal charcoal waste.
  • You can roast faster and more consistently than you can on a regular grill. Poultry, large cuts of red meat, turkey, and fish are all cooked thoroughly and quickly.
  • You can smoke food in a Kamado grill. The natural air convection and enclosed design are ideal for infusing rich flavor.

If you have the skills, you can get great results from any charcoal grill.

However, for certain cooking styles, the benefits of kamado grill is major.

If you are the type of cook who loves to chase flavors and innovative ways to cook, it’s worth investing in a Kamado.

Some Reliable Kamado Grills to Consider

What’s So Great About a Kamado Grill?Kamado grills range from affordable and relatively compact, right up to big and premium with a price to match.

  • What’s So Great About a Kamado Grill?The Kamado Joe Big Joe II is an example of a premium system. If you want something large and are serious about outdoor cooking, this is a long-term investment that won’t disappoint you. It has 452 square inches of cooking area, but it feels like much more, thanks to the efficient rounded design.
  • What’s So Great About a Kamado Grill?If you want to try Kamado grilling but aren’t sure if it will become your main grill, you can consider something more affordable but equally reliable. Char-Griller AKORN is a popular line of Kamado grills. This AKORN Jr. is traditionally designed and a great entry-point into the world of Kamado grilling.

Kamado grilling is unique, and the hype is justified.

If you want to try something new and extremely flavorful, a Kamado grill would be perfect for you.