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Napoleon Grills – Enhancing life’s memorable moments.

Napoleon Grills is one of the most popular names in outdoor grilling, thanks to a reputation for style, quality, and long lasting durability. If you want to make an investment in your outdoor entertainment area, then Napoleon is definitely one of the brands that you should be looking at.
While it’s easy to recognize the brand as being one of the best out there, it can be slightly harder to settle on a particular model that meets your needs. The Napoleon Grills range is extensive, and each model offers something a little different.
To help you in your selection, we’ve put together a helpful feature and benefit overview of the 10 best Napoleon Natural Gas Grills you can buy today.

Napoleon Grills Prestige 500 Natural Gas Grill – Black
napoleon natural gas grillThe Prestige 500 Natural Gas Grill from Napoleon Grills is a great option if you are looking for something premium but don’t have a lot of space to work with on your deck or patio area.
It offers a reasonable cooking surface, but still keeps its total footprint relatively low when compared to some of the other models that are available on the market.
Even though it’s a nice usable size, the Prestige 500 natural gas grill still offers four main burners as well as an infrared Sizzle Zone™ that allows for quick heating and searing of meats and vegetables.
The Prestige 500 has all of Napoleon Grills’ most popular features, including the wave grid design that keeps food from falling through the grill, a rolling hood, and stainless steel sear plates that allow for perfect heat distribution from the main burners.

Napoleon Grills LEX485RSIBNSS Natural Gas Grill
napoleon natural gas grillSimilar in size to the Prestige 500 but with a little more flexibility, the LEX 485 offers six burners in total and a complete cooking area of 805 inches.
It’s an attractive single hood design grill that incorporates some great features into the side shelves that could make it perfect for your next purchase.
You can choose to grill with the main burners, using the official Napoleon Grills rotisserie kit, and this model also features an infrared side burner, something that Napoleon has become well known for.
The double insulated hood makes this a great grill for cooking large cuts of meat, and it could even be used as a natural gas outdoor pizza oven. Bake bread or simply create more options next time you are entertaining outdoors.
Like all Napoleon Grills the LEX485 uses high quality stainless steel that will allow it to resist the weather and last for years.
Keep this model covered when you are not using it, and you could still be getting great use out of this in ten years’ time.

Napoleon LEX605RSBINSS Natural Gas Grill
napoleon natural gas grillIf you like the sound of the LEX 485 but want to step up to something bigger, then the LEX 605 would be the next logical option.
This model also offers six burners, but increases the cooking size to 920 square inches.
It includes the infrared side burner, as well as ceramic bottom and rear burners which are perfect when using the Napoleon Grills rotisserie kit.
Another feature carried over from the smaller LEX models is the addition of an ice bucket in the left side shelf.
This is perfect for storing cold drinks while you are grilling, or you could even use it to keep your ingredients cool on a hot day before throwing them on the grill.
Excellent build quality and the convenient natural gas hookup make this a great grill to be permanently installed on your deck or in your patio area.

Napoleon T410SBNK Triumph Natural Gas Grill
napoleon natural gas grillNapoleon Grills covers most price points, even in the natural gas grill range. Sometimes you need something large and price is no option.
Or, you may simply want a smaller grill that is portable and that can provide cooking for a family or a mid-sized gathering when needed.
The Napoleon T410SBNK Triumph is a smaller grill that still packs great build quality and excellent cooking ability.
This particular model has four gas burners for a total of 44,700 BTU’s of cooking heat.
The cooking area is 550 square inches, which makes it perfect for cooking for a small family, yet it will still be usable when you need to take care of a larger group.
It features a side gas burner which can be used for cooking with an additional pot or skillet. It’s great for heating sauces or even for searing steaks over a flat cooking surface.
There are some compromises with a smaller and more affordable model (grids are cast iron instead of stainless steel), but the T410SBNK still offers great value for money with familiar Napoleon Grills quality that is made to last.
Although smaller and more affordable than some of the other Napoleon Grills, you will still find it has features and capabilities like other more expensive models.

Napoleon Grills Prestige PRO 825 with Power Side Burner
napoleon natural gas grillWhat do you look for when you want one of the largest and most capable grills available on the market? The Napoleon PRO 825 is one place where you could start.
This grill is at the high end of the scale in terms of price as well as features. If you want no compromises and need the very best for your outdoor entertainment area, then this model would suit.
It features 10 stainless steel burners in total, and a huge 1295 square inch cooking area.
There are two separate cooking areas with independent hoods, which means that you can use this as a versatile cooker for the largest gatherings of family and friends.
More than just a gas cooker, the PRO 825 can offer charcoal cooking as well as smoking with the integrated wood chip tray.
The Napoleon Grills PRO 825 has a strong presence thanks to its large and attractive stainless steel design.
While it’s not going to be within the price range of every homeowner, it is an option when you need something that makes no compromises with quality or features.

There is a newer model of this item.

Napoleon T325SBNK Triumph Natural Gas Grill
napoleon natural gas grillCompact and affordable, but with good cooking ability, this two burner natural gas grill is one of the smallest that Napoleon makes. Can it compete with some of the more affordable compact grills from other brands?
The answer is yes, and this more affordable model actually incorporates some of the features that are common on its larger siblings.
It uses a combination of stainless steel and aluminum in its construction, it is hooded with an insulated top and a built-in temperature gauge, and it has two side shelves for convenient cooking even when you only have a small outdoor area to work with.
The three burners cover a total of 435 square inches, so you’ll be able to use this for your solo or family cooking, and it can still be used for entertaining if you’re willing to take a little extra time to get everything grilled.
You do lose some features from the larger Napoleon grills.
There’s no Sizzle Zone™ or rotisserie feature, but this is something that you can expect when you start getting to grills that are less than 500 square inches in total cooking area.
The burners used on this natural gas grill are still high quality stainless steel with Napoleon Grills famous sear plates, so don’t worry if you thought this would be a complete budget model with too many compromises.
It saves size and money in all of the right areas, but is still a highly capable outdoor cooking appliance.

Napoleon PRO285N-BK Portable Natural Gas Grill
napoleon natural gas grillWe’ve so far looked at free standing grills that feature the traditional design with side shelves and a large cabinet area.
What if you need something smaller for tabletop cooking but you still want Napoleon quality and natural gas?
The Napoleon Grills PRO285N-BK is an option that you can consider, and it’s quite an interesting one for people who need the most compact solution that is available.
This is a portable grill that is similar to other tabletop cookers on the market.
It has just two burners for a total of 12,000 BTU’s. and the cooking surface is 285 square inches.
It’s ideal for anyone who wants a grilling option at home, or it can even be used for cooking outside of an RV or on a boat.
Looking at this grill, you should get the immediate impression that it isn’t made for the largest gatherings and cookouts, however, it still does an excellent job when you are cooking for 1 – 4 people.
You could even stretch that number out a little more if you are willing to take more time over the grill to get everything finished.
An interesting feature about the Napoleon PRO285N is that it has a deep lid which can allow for some closed top cooking when you need it.
This is something that you won’t find on every portable gas grill of this size.

Napoleon P500RSIBPSS Prestige Propane Grill
napoleon natural gas grillMoving back up to one of the larger models we have the Napoleon Grills P500RSIBPSS Prestige Propane Grill with rear and side infrared burners.
This model features the famous Napoleon Sizzle Zone™ and offers a total of 85,000 BTU’s cooking from a total of six burners.
Napoleon markets this particular model as being a complete outdoor kitchen, and it’s easy to see why.
It covers all of your cooking needs and you can do everything from a full rotisserie bird or cut of meat, right down to smoking or cooking with charcoal.
The infrared zone allows for quick heating and searing of steaks or other grilled food, and the large hood on the main cooking surface allows for cooking similar to what you can do in your kitchen oven.
Premium features like the stainless steel sear plates on the prestige 500 will ensure that it is long lasting, and you can consider this model to be a real investment for your outdoor areas.

Napoleon Grills LEX485NSS-1 Natural Gas Grill
napoleon natural gas grillHeading towards the mid-range in pricing, the Napoleon Grills LEX485NSS-1 model features four burners, 675 inches of cooking area, and can produce up to 48,000 BTU’s of heat.
It has premium features like you can find on some larger Napoleon Grills, including the stainless steel wave cooking grids that are a trademark of the premium models.
The side shelves on this model don’t feature any cooking surfaces, which might be disappointing for some potential buyers.
However, it still performs excellently when cooking with the hood up or down.
You can fit up to 24 standard sized hamburgers on the grilling surface, which makes this model an entertainer’s dream.
Baking and roasting will be no problem, and the integrated temperature gauge will really help out here.

Napoleon Grills Prestige 500 Stainless Steel Natural Gas Grill
napoleon natural gas grillIf you are looking for something in the prestige series but don’t want the large dual hooded designs, then the Prestige 500 Stainless Steel Natural Gas Grill is a good option to start with.
This grill is big and beautiful and built to last.
It Features 4 Stainless Steel main burners that produce 48, 000 BTU-per-hour input along with Stainless Steel sear plates.
It also comes 500 square inches of grilling area, and another 260 square inches with the generous, 9 inch deep, warming rack.
This is an excellent option when you don’t need too many additional features.
Although it lacks the side burners found on some other models, it still has premium options like a smoker tube for infusing flavor into your next grilling session.
Simple in design but elegant in presentation, this is one of the best models that combines style with practicality and long lasting durability.

There’s a Napoleon Natural Gas Grill for Everyone
No matter your budget or your needs, there is a Napoleon grill at every point of the scale in terms of both price and size.
With a Napoleon Grill model you will have a true investment that provides you with reliable grilling for many years to come.

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