The 10 Best Propane Gas Grills on Sale
The 10 Best Propane Gas Grills on Sale

The 10 Best Propane Gas Grills on Sale

propane gas grills on sale

There’s plenty of competition in the grill market.

The variety and range of special features and designs mean that you’ll have plenty of selection when you compare the best propane gas grills on sale today.

Whether you want something relatively small for family cooking, or a large and versatile workstation for any meal you could imagine, you’ll find something that suits you.

You’re in the market for a new grill and you’re getting ready to start your search.

You’re in for an exciting time as you compare some of the top brands, and maybe even some hidden gems from smaller manufacturers.

It’s natural to lean towards the brands that you know and trust.

Popular examples include Napoleon, Weber, Dyna-Glo, and Char-Broil.

If you’re looking at the premium end of the range, you could even consider a brand like Blaze.

Brands are important. After all, companies have spent decades building their reputations with quality products.

Beyond the name of the grill, you should also consider the features and some basic specifications to get the right grill for your needs.

As you explore the top propane gas grills on sale, keep the following tips in mind.

Size Matters When You Choose a Propane Gas Grill

propane gas grills on saleLarger grills allow you to cook more ingredients at once, potentially lowering your total cooking time.

This could be important if you are entertaining guests on a holiday or other special occasion.

If you can get all your food out quickly, you’ll be able to join your guests and socialize.

Beyond this, there are other important points to consider when comparing the size of the best propane gas grills on sale.

  • Larger grills are ideal for bigger ingredients. A large grill will be essential if you ever want to cook a whole chicken, turkey, duck, or even large BBQ cuts. If you’re cooking for more than four people at a time, or if you want to work with big ingredients, we recommend choosing a grill with a surface area of at least 425 square inches.
  • If you want to cook away from direct heat, a large grill will help. A small three-burner grill will offer heat zones, but you won’t get much separation for your ingredients. A larger grill with four or more burners will allow you to cook a good distance from the heat source with the top down. This is ideal for slow-cooked meals like BBQ and brisket. Indirect cooking is also perfect for smoking ingredients over several hours using an optional wood chip or pellet smoker box.
  • Size also gives you the flexibility to cook numerous ingredients at the same time. Poultry, pork, beef, and processed meats all require different temperatures and cooking times. With at least three burners and a larger cooking area, you’ll be able to control individual zones so that your ingredients are prepared to perfection.

It’s easy to think that large grills are overkill or suited only to those who often cook for groups.

This isn’t quite the case.

As you can see with the scenarios above, a larger grill will give you more versatility to try ingredients and cooking styles that simply wouldn’t be possible with small propane gas grills on sale.

Consider Propane Gas Grills on Sale with SIDE-BURNING Stations

Best Propane Gas Grills on SaleYou’ll find that many of the best grills today, even some relatively affordable ones like the Char-Broil 475 Performance Grill, are manufactured with side burners.

A side burner is an incredibly versatile addition that will give you more out of even a smaller grill. You can use a side burner to:

  • Sear in a pan.
  • Keep a pot of stew at serving temperature.
  • Heat a marinade or sauce mix for basting on your ingredients.
  • Cook a homemade chili with gourmet meats and other ingredients.
  • Cook solo meals without having to fire up the main grill.

Having a side burner gives you what is essentially a stovetop on your outdoor grill.

Even if you’ve never considered using a side burner, getting one on your next grill will quickly change your mind.

Once you’ve tried one, you’ll likely never want to go back to a model without this feature.

Are Extra Features Necessary?

To remain competitive and to improve versatility, some of the top manufacturers have started to include a host of special features on their top models.

Just take a look at the Weber Summit S-670 as an example of one of the most feature-packed propane gas grills on sale.

You might look at a model like the S-670 and wonder if the features are worth the higher price. Depending on how you like to cook, they absolutely can be.

  • Rotisserie systems on grills give you a versatile cooking option for BBQ cuts, poultry, fish, and other ingredients. A rotisserie ensures consistent cooking with minimal hands-on work.
  • Rotisserie burners make these systems even better, by ensuring even heating and a flavorful seared crust, especially on poultry and meat.
  • Searing stations are becoming more common. These high-intensity additions provide quick searing and sealing of meat, poultry, and fish. You can use a searing station to improve flavor and presentation.
  • Smoker burners are included in some high-end grills. This makes it easier to include wood chips and pellets for rich and complex flavors.
  • Infrared burners are often added to modern grills. These burners get up to charcoal-like temperatures, giving your gas grill even better versatility and performance. If you want high heat for short bursts of cooking, a grill with an infrared burner would be perfect.

Extra features aren’t just for show.

They are all useful in the right hands.

If you want to expand your cooking options and try new styles, you can consider some of the features above for your next grill.

Materials for the Best Propane Gas Grills on Sale

propane gas grills on saleConstruction materials can change the aesthetic of a grill.

They also affect performance.

  • Stainless steel burners provide longer durability.
  • Stainless steel body panels resist corrosion and result in a longer-lasting grill.
  • Stainless steel cooking grids are maintenance-free and get hot quickly. However, cast iron (including porcelain enamel) grids offer better heat retention. Both are good choices for long-lasting grills.
  • Grills that make extensive use of plastic or painted metal won’t last as long as stainless steel grills.

Ultimately, you need to choose a grill that you can afford.

Aim for premium materials whenever you can, and you’ll enjoy a grill that lasts longer with fewer maintenance requirements.

Consider Your Needs Before Comparing Propane Gas Grills on Sale

The best propane gas grills on sale are the ones that meet your needs.

Consider your cooking style and how you want to use your grill.

Think about the size you need and whether you will cook for large groups on occasion.

With your needs in mind (make a list if it helps), you’ll find it much easier to pick the best grill for your unique needs.

Take a look at some of the top propane gas grills on sale today.


Weber Spirit E330 LP Black Grill

propane gas grills on sale
Weber is a name that any grilling enthusiast will be familiar with.

They’re famous for their original charcoal kettle grills, and today they continue to innovate with some of the best and most affordable propane gas grills.

Weber is also one of the most trusted names in home grilling.

The company has designed yet another impressive backyard cooking station with the Weber Spirit E330 LP Black Grill.

This is one of the best propane gas grills on sale today, with three main burners, a sear station, and a side burner for versatility.

The three main burners produce up to 32,000 BTU of power, allowing you to go from a slow roast right up to searing temperatures.

A specialized sear station gives you the perfect solution for sealing in flavor on steaks, poultry, or any of your favorite ingredients.

Two large side shelves and a single side burner add versatility to the package.

This is the ideal grill for family cooking and entertaining with 529 square inches of total cooking space.

The quality is high, with stainless steel construction throughout most of the body.

A built-in lid thermometer is perfect for top-down cooking, including whole chicken, turkey, and large BBQ cuts.


  • Lots of cooking space and power.
  • High-end construction with premium materials.
  • Enameled non-stick cast iron cooking grates.
  • Electronic ignition.
  • Built-in thermometer.


  • The large size and heavy-duty components make this grill 131 pounds when packaged. Setup can be difficult for one person alone.
  • Cast iron cooking grates retain heat well but take some time to get up to temperature.

Whether cooking for the family or a group of guests, without a doubt this is one of the best propane gas grills on sale today.

 Best Propane Gas Grills on Sale


Blackstone 36″ Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station


propane gas grills on sale

Not everyone needs or wants a hooded grill, and if you’re someone who is simply looking for a reliable flat-top grill, then you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a great option in the form of the Blackstone 36 Inch Outdoor Griddle Station.

This particular grill is light on the special features but high in terms of quality, and it’s the perfect size for large cookouts.

The Blackstone 1554 is one of the best propane gas grills on sale if you are looking for a high-quality cooking station without a hood.

Flat-top cooking is ideal for large groups, breakfast grilling, flatbread, steak, sausages, poultry pieces, and any kind of fruit or vegetable that you want to try at home.

The solid surface provides even heat distribution, helped by the four individually controlled burners underneath.

There’s a large storage shelf as well as two side trays to make prep and cooked food storage easy.

This grill is made to industrial standards with high-quality caster wheels, a carbon steel cooktop, and all-steel construction.

It will last for years, providing enjoyment and a versatile cooking station for any occasion.


  • Massive 720 square inch cooking surface.
  • The carbon steel cooktop provides excellent nonstick performance and heat distribution.
  • Up to 60,000 BTU of cooking power for searing and slow frying.
  • Industrial-quality construction will last for years.


  • As a flat-top grill, there’s no hood or standard cooking grates.
  • Not ideal for slow-cooking large cuts of meat or poultry.

While not as versatile as a hooded grill, Blackstone has produced one of the most compelling flat-top propane gas grills on sale.

If you love to cook breakfast, steaks, hot dogs, and other ingredients suited to a griddle, this could be the ideal option for you.

Weber Spirit S-315 LP Gas Grill


propane gas grills on sale

If you thought that the Weber Spirit E310 looked like a good grill, but you want something with a little more versatility, then the Weber Spirit
S-315 LP Gas Grill is one of the better propane gas grills on sale.

This Spirit S-315 is another impressive option from Weber, this time offering three main burners without any added extras.

If you are looking for one of the more affordable propane gas grills on sale, this is a great place to start.

Although it doesn’t include a side burner or searing station like some other models, you still get plenty of power from the three steel burners.

The main cooking area covers 424 square inches, making it ideal for both family cooking on any day of the week, or entertaining groups on special occasions.

The side shelves offer a generous amount of space for food preparation, sauces, and other items.

There are two hanger hooks for utensils, keeping things convenient while you cook.

The hood is large, offering plenty of space for a whole chicken, turkey, or any of your other favorite ingredients.

With a built-in thermometer, this model is ideal for low and slow cooking with the hood down, or any outdoor cooking style that you prefer.


  • Excellent construction quality with premium coated and stainless steel.
  • Large main cooking area.
  • Generous hood with a thermometer.
  • Large cabinet for accessory storage.


  • A semi-open cabinet means you’ll need a cover when the grill isn’t in use.
  • Lacking a side burner, which would have added some extra versatility.

Despite a couple of shortcomings, this is still one of the top picks for reliable propane gas grills on sale.

Weber has included some of its best components in a classic design that is ideal for all outdoor cooking styles.

Dyna-Glo DGB390SNP-D Smart Space Living 36,000 BTU 3-Burner LP Gas Grill~

propane gas grills on saleThe Dyna-Glo Smart Space Living Grill is an excellent model that sits between the smallest standalone and larger grills like the Weber Spirit series.

It is one of the best propane gas grills on sale that comes in at a highly competitive price, without compromising too much in terms of quality and functionality.

Dyna-Glo is a popular option for home cooks, and this grill is a good choice if you have limited space but still want impressive performance.

With three commercial burners, this grill produces up to 36,000 BTU of heat.

This allows you to go from a low and slow cooking temperature, right up to searing hot to create a delicious crust on meats and other ingredients.

Cooking is helped by the built-in thermometer on the hood and plenty of clearance for poultry and large cuts.

Whether grilling burgers, steaks, fish, or anything else that you love to serve, the porcelain enamel cooking grates will offer excellent heat retention with attractive sear marks.

Two large side shelves with utensil hooks help to complete the package.

If you are looking for the best combination of affordability and durability, this is one of the best propane gas grills on sale now.


  • 390 square inches of primary cooking space.
  • Commercial-grade burners offer impressive performance.
  • Attractive two-tone design with stainless steel surfaces.
  • The insulated hood is perfect for top-down cooking.


  • More stainless steel could have been used in the construction for a more premium look and feel.
  • The cabinet is fully open on the backside. This grill should be covered when not in use.

There are a few compromises to getting this grill at a wallet-friendly price, but it still performs well, making it a good choice among the best propane gas grills on sale.

Napoleon LEX485PSS1 Propane Gas Grill

propane gas grills on sale

A standalone grill finished in attractive stainless steel, this Napoleon LEX485PSS1 Propane Gas Grill is a great option for anyone looking for a highly presentable grill for any outdoor setting.

With Napoleon, it’s not just about the looks, because this grill is feature-packed.

From top-tier materials and construction quality, Napoleon always comes out as one of the best propane gas grills on sale.

This LEX485PSS1 is large enough to serve the largest groups of family and friends on any special occasion.

With four stainless steel burners, this grill offers up to 48,000 BTU of power across 675 square inches of the total cooking area.

The hood is large with plenty of clearance, making this model great for poultry, game meat, BBQ cuts, and anything else that you want to be grilled to perfection.

The insulated hood is also great for smoking with wood chips or pellets in an optional smoker box.

The cooking grids are made from stainless steel, so they’ll never rust or deteriorate.

They heat up quickly, making this perfect for seared steaks and fresh grilled vegetables.

Sear plates are designed to vaporize juices and add maximum flavor to any ingredient.

Construction quality is excellent with stainless steel used on every panel.


  • Premium stainless steel construction.
  • High-performance commercial burners.
  • Stainless steel cooking grates.
  • Four individual burners make it easy to cook with indirect heat.


  • No side burner despite the premium price.
  • Would be improved with utensil hooks on the front side of the grill.

The downsides to this grill are minor.

This is one of the most impressive propane gas grills on sale today. For durability and performance, Napoleon has delivered beyond expectations.


Char-Broil  Performance 4-Burner CART-STYLE Grill

propane gas grills on sale
Versatility and style come together in the Char-Broil Performance 4-Burner Cart Style Grill.

This model combines elements of the past and present to create one of the best propane gas grills on sale today.

Char-Broil offers four main burners and a side burner on this model, making it perfect for busy cooking sessions on holidays and other special occasions.

The four main burners cover 425 square inches of cooking surface and produce up to 36,000 BTU of heat.

There’s an included side burner with 10,000 BTU of power, which is perfect for a searing pan or pot of your favorite stew, marinade, chili, or sauce mix.

The cooking grates are made from porcelain cast iron, and they offer excellent heat retention, even distribution, and classic sear marks.

The large hood includes an accurate temperature gauge for poultry, grill-fired pizza, or any of your other more complex recipes.


  • Impressive stainless steel construction in a cart design.
  • Large side shelves and versatile cooking with four main burners and a side station.
  • The Hood is slotted for a rotisserie attachment.
  • Attractive classic design with modern construction.


  • The cart is fully open with no cabinet storage.
  • Plastic wheels aren’t as premium as those on some competing grills.

With a competitive price and great features, this is one of the top mid-range propane gas grills on sale.

If you simply want a great cooking performance without any of the added design elements, this is one to consider.

Char-Broil Performance 475 4-Burner Cart Style Grill

propane gas grills on sale
For something with a little more cooking space, there’s the Char-Broil Performance 475 Liquid Propane Gas Grill.

This model features four high-efficiency burners, a convenient side burner, and a large hood for top-down cooking.

With 475 square inches of primary cooking area, there’s more than enough space for family meals, group cooking, and larger ingredients like poultry and bigger BBQ cuts.

The hood is double-lined and there’s an accurate thermometer for recipes and cooking styles that demand precision.

One of the large side shelves also doubles as a burner, offering a convenient spot for quick meals in a searing pan, pots of stew and sauce, or anything else that you want to cook away from the main surface.

With four burners you can easily cook away from indirect heat, making this ideal for low and slow cooking and delicate ingredients.

Although one of the best propane gas grills on sale, this model could benefit from more stainless steel in the construction.


  • Quality stainless steel hood and coated steel panels.
  • Additional side burner for added versatility.
  • Compatible with a rotisserie system.
  • Convenient cart design for backyard portability.


  • Open cart with limited storage options.
  • Two plastic wheels aren’t as durable or as versatile as four-wheel grills with casters.

Competitively priced and with a slightly larger grilling surface, this is a great alternative to Char-Broil’s other performance grills.

If you want great outdoor cooking on a budget, this is one of the best large propane gas grills on sale today.

Blaze 40” 5-Burner Built-In Gas Grill

propane gas grills on saleBlaze is one of the top producers of built-in propane gas grills on sale.

This model is made to offer premium features and uncompromised performance for permanent installations.

This grill will slot right into your 40” installation at an outdoor cooking station.

For purpose-built outdoor kitchens, it’s one of the best options you can choose today.

The grill body is made from 304 stainless steel to resist rust and provide decades of performance.

The cooking area is impressive with 684 square inches of total space.

There are five individually controlled burners, producing up to 70,000 BTU of power.

 This grill takes care of anything from low and slow to indirect heat cooking, or high searing temperatures for getting the best flavors out of gourmet meats and fresh vegetables.

The hood is large with a built-in thermometer, and there are slots for mounting a rotisserie system.

If you do use a universal rotisserie, there’s a rear-mounted infrared burner to ensure consistent cooking of any ingredient.


  • Flawless stainless steel construction quality.
  • A perfect replacement for any 40” grill setting.
  • Four commercial-grade burners and a rear infrared burner for rotisserie cooking.
  • Stainless steel cooking grates over a large 684 square inch surface.


  • This is a pricey grill, but worth it for the construction quality and performance.
  • Should include grill lighting at this price point.

The cons don’t detract from what is one of the best built-in propane gas grills on sale.

This is a premium choice for discerning home cooks who want the best.

Weber Summit S-670 LP Gas Grill

propane gas grills on sale
Weber is a company that makes everything from classic charcoal grills to premium all-in-one outdoor cooking stations.

This one falls into the latter category.

With all of the features that a home cook or even a professional chef would ever need, this is one of the best examples of premium propane gas grills on sale today.

With 769 square inches of cooking space, this grill will cater to even the biggest groups and the largest ingredients.

There are six individual stainless steel burners with precision controls for any cooking style.

In addition to the gas burners, there’s also a searing station burner, a side burner, a smoker burner (perfect for adding wood chips or pellets), and a rotisserie burner.

The fully enclosed cart supports the grilling station as well as the two large side shelves with accessory hooks.

There’s even a motorized rotisserie system built into the grill, so you can explore any cooking style imaginable.

The premium construction quality is class-leading, and the performance leaves nothing behind.

If you want one of the best and most versatile grills on the market, this is the first one you should consider.


  • Massive cooking surface.
  • Every premium feature you could want in a grill, including a rotisserie, specialized burners, and a side cooking station.
  • Large enclosed cabinet for storage.
  • Premium construction quality with heavy-duty stainless steel.


  • Plastic caster wheels could be improved by adding commercial-quality casters.
  • This premium grill comes with a hefty price tag.

Price is always subjective with a grill. Considering all the features, this could be considered a bargain by some buyers.

If you want the best performance and versatile cooking options, this is one of the most convincing premium propane gas grills on sale right now.

Megamaster 6 burner 735 Propane Gas Grill

propane gas grills on sale
Megamaster isn’t yet a household grilling brand, but it does produce some of the best high-performance models at competitive price points.

This 6-burner grill produces up to 64,000 BTU with 543 square inches of primary cooking area and 210 square inches of warming rack area.

The large size is great for group meals and holidays with friends and family.

The cooking surface is made from porcelain enamel, which offers good heat retention and creates appetizing sear marks.

The hood is large and features a thermometer, making this grill ideal for larger cuts, smoking with a smoker box, or cooking at low temperatures over longer sessions. With six burners, cooking away from direct heat is no problem.

The construction quality is good but not up to the same level as some top-tier propane gas grills on sale.

Despite this, the price makes this a compelling option.

Large side shelves are perfect for prep, and there are two utensil hooks for your go-to spatula and tongs.


  • Large cooking surface and six burners for versatility.
  • Unique monolithic black design with red accents.
  • Durable cart system that is ideal for portability around a patio or backyard.
  • Efficient grease tray for easy cleanup.


  • Painted panels won’t last as long as stainless steel.
  • Open cart design lacks secure storage options.

There are compromises with this grill, but the size and burner configuration make it a good option for home cooks who simply want a large cooking area.

It performs well and will last for many seasons when properly maintained.

Consider Your Needs Before Comparing Propane Gas Grills on Sale

propane gas grills on sale

The best propane gas grills on sale are the ones that meet your needs. Consider your cooking style and how you want to use your grill.

Keep your most demanded features in mind as you compare the above models.

Each pick meets high standards of quality and versatility, making it easy for you to find your ideal grill today.

Think about the size you need and whether you will cook for large groups on occasion.

With your needs in mind (make a list if it helps), you’ll find it much easier to pick the best grill for your unique needs.