Broilmaster P4X Premium Grill – An Affordable Grill Head
Broilmaster P4X Premium Grill – An Affordable Grill Head

Broilmaster P4X Premium Grill – An Affordable Grill Head

Broilmaster P4X Premium GrillIf you’re looking to build a grill into a custom patio kitchen, a patio post, or even a cart, you need to start with the best grill head.

The Broilmaster P4X Premium Grill is a head-only solution that you can use with a base of your choice.

With reliability and a sturdy design, it could be everything that you need for your project.

Find out what makes the Broilmaster Premium Grill special and see how its features and performance could work for you.

Broilmaster P4X Key Features

The Broilmaster P4X Premium Grill is a natural gas grill with the essential features needed for effortless outdoor grilling.

While it doesn’t have all the “extras” that some more expensive grills come with, it excels where it matters.

You’ll find the following features on the P4X:

  • Cast aluminum construction.
  • Multi-level cooking grids.
  • Works with your natural gas plumbing. Also available in a P4X Propane model.
  • Large Bow-Tie style stainless steel burner.
  • Stainless steel control panel.
  • Suitable for mounting in a permanent installation, cart, or post.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

The Broilmaster is one of just a few cast aluminum grills that you will find on the market today.

The choice of material improves durability while keeping the weight down.

Construction Quality

Broilmaster P4X Premium GrillAluminum isn’t the typical material used for a gas grill.

But in this case, aluminum provides some excellent advantages.

Aluminum, like stainless steel, can resist corrosion.

The cast aluminum used for the P4X won’t rust, and the enamel coating will prevent it from developing a patina from exposure to the air.

Aluminum is relatively lightweight despite being incredibly strong, so this grill weighs a lot less than you would expect.

The cast aluminum firebox fits together perfectly, and all elements of the grill are made to a high standard.

There’s quality throughout the build, which feels much more premium than its price point would suggest.

The gas burner is made from stainless steel and is of commercial quality, so you can expect even heating across the surface with accurate temperature controls.

The ignition system is reliable. You won’t need to reach for a grill lighter like you would on some more affordable and more frustrating grills.

Overall, the construction quality is excellent and is suggestive of a grill that would cost many times as much as the P4X Broilmaster Premium Grill.

If you demand quality in all your outdoor products, this one will easily meet and exceed your expectations.

Cooking Performance

The cooking experience is central to any gas grill.

With the P4X from Broilmaster, you will enjoy a satisfying cooking experience with a twist on the typical grill design.

This grill is unique with its multi-level cooking grids.

On one side of the grill, you have cooking grids close to the burner, just like on a standard grill.

To the right, the surface is raised to take the ingredients away from the direct heat.

This is ideal when cooking ingredients that require longer cooking times at lower temperatures.

Two designated zones help when you want to cook with indirect heat.

You can turn just a single burner on and then leave your ingredients to cook for several hours.

Meat like brisket comes out best when it is cooked with indirect heat.

The slow cooking process breaks down connective tissues in the meat to make it tender, juicy, and incredibly flavorful.

The Broilmaster can be used with specialized briquets that protect the burner from drippings and help to evenly distribute heat.

These Broilmaster DPA34 Briquets will give you the best cooking performance that sits somewhere between a gas and charcoal grill.

Drippings that fall on the briquets will vaporize, with the vapor reincorporating with the crust of the ingredients.

You’ll get authentic smoky flavor without the hassle of using a charcoal grill.

Choosing Your Cart

With the P4X Premium Grill Head, you will have the freedom to build your grill in a way that suits you.

If you have a suitable outdoor kitchen with a ventilated grill slot, you could build the Broilmaster right into it.

However, this grill is even better suited to carts and pedestals.

A permanent pedestal gives you a convenient cooking station at home where you won’t have to worry about moving the grill around or having a bulky cart in the way.

One of the Best Grill Heads at a Great Price

The Broilmaster Premium Grill P4X is competitively priced.

Although it doesn’t have all the features of some more expensive models, it performs where it counts.

If all you want is an enjoyable and reliable cooking experience with a grill that’s made to last, the P4X will meet all your needs.