Lion Premium Grills L75000 – A Premium American Drop-in Grill
Lion Premium Grills L75000 – A Premium American Drop-in Grill

Lion Premium Grills L75000 – A Premium American Drop-in Grill

Lion Premium Grills L75000 Your outdoor kitchen deserves the best grill possible.

If it’s quality and features that you’re looking for, the Lion Premium Grills L75000 is one of the best options available today.

Made with attention to detail and the best materials available, this drop-in grill will provide years of performance with all the space that you need for family meals or entertaining and serving guests on holidays and other occasions.

Is it worth the jump in price to get a premium grill from Lion?

Find out in our review of this impressive model.

Lion Premium Grills L75000 Key Features

The L75000 has everything needed for even the most experienced home cook.

This is a grill made for home use while providing a commercial cooking experience.

Standout features of the Lion Premium Grills L75000 include:

  • 4 stainless steel commercial-grade burners producing 75,000 BTU.
  • Lifetime warranty on the steel burners.
  • Heavy 16-gauge stainless steel was used throughout the construction.
  • Large and accurate hood temperature gauge.
  • Double layered seamless stainless steel hood.
  • 830 square inches of total cooking area.
  • A reliable ignition system for each burner.
  • Included warming rack.
  • Infrared rear burner for rotisserie.
  • Included rotisserie system.
  • Solid stainless steel cooking grates.
  • Suitable for a 32” setting.

This grill leaves nothing behind when it comes to quality and features.

If you want the best for your outdoor kitchen, the Lion Premium Grills L75000 won’t disappoint.

Infrared Technology for Rotisserie Cooking

The very best gas grills are designed to reach high searing temperatures but fall slightly behind charcoal when it comes to total heat potential.

Infrared technology eliminates the difference, allowing you to get rapid searing temperatures with the aid of special ceramic cooking elements.

The L75000 features an infrared rear burner that works with the included rotisserie system.

It can help to ensure that no matter what you put on the skewer system, it will be cooked thoroughly with a perfectly seared crust that enhances flavor and texture.

If you love to roast a whole chicken, specialty foods like shawarma, ribs, roast, or anything else, you can do it all on the rotisserie included with this grill.

The infrared burner is also perfect for adding extra radiant heat when you are cooking on the main surface.

This grill will get hotter than anything you’ve used before.

Overall Cooking Experience with Lion Premium Grills

The cooking experience can make or break a grill. With the L75000, the cooking experience is one of the best that you will ever have.

The large cooking area is a huge bonus.

It gives you the freedom to work with unique ingredients across the grill, and different temperature zones using the four burners.

With such a large surface, you can also effortlessly cook indirectly, with the fire on one side of the grill, and your ingredients on the other.

If you want to cook all the same ingredients, then you will find that the consistency from burner to burner is excellent.

You can easily dial in identical settings using the accurate control knobs, so you won’t have to mess around getting things “just right”.

Most importantly, there are no cool and hot spots across the range of burners. Fire the grill up, and that zone will have consistent temperature throughout.

You might not use all the grilling surface all the time but having the space for parties and large family gatherings will be hugely beneficial.

You won’t have to stand at the grill for hours to serve all your guests.

You can take care of the cooking, and then get to socializing and entertaining.

Construction Quality

The construction quality is nothing short of excellent.

This grill is comparable to top models from brands like Weber and Napoleon, as well as other premium brands like Bull Outdoors.

The stainless steel is thick and ready to withstand years of intensive use.

The burners are cast steel and will provide reliable performance for years to come.

The cooking surface uses solid cooking grates, so they heat up quickly and create impressive sear marks.

Everything on this grill has a touch and feel of quality.

Whether you’re opening and closing the lid or adjusting the burner controls, things just feel premium.

The L75000 is the heaviest 32” drop-in grill on the market today, which is entirely because of the thicker stainless steel components that have been used throughout.

We’ve all heard the cliché “built like a tank”. In the case of the L75000, it honestly is.

One of the Best DROP-IN Grills You Can Buy

If you want something durable, capable, and feature-rich for your outdoor kitchen, the L75000 from Lion Premium Grills is one of the best options on the market today.

It’s even relatively competitive in the price department, so you won’t need to pay a fortune to get the best cooking experience.