Do Steaks Taste the Same on an Electric Grill?
Do Steaks Taste the Same on an Electric Grill?

Do Steaks Taste the Same on an Electric Grill?

Do Steaks Taste the Same on an Electric Grill?Steak is one of the best ingredients to cook on a grill.

The complex merging of fat and protein flavors makes for amazing meals, every time.

Steak is versatile and can be marinated to work with different side dishes.

You have countless options when it comes to the cut, whether you want to sear quickly, or slow cook over several hours.

If you love cooking steak but want a more convenient grill, you could consider an electric grill.

But do steaks taste the same on an electric grill?

Some people will tell you that nothing beats a charcoal grill for flavor.

But the conventional wisdom on this falls a little short.

Here’s the truth about the flavor of steak on an electric grill…

Heat Matters Most When Cooking Steak

Do Steaks Taste the Same on an Electric Grill?Charcoal enthusiasts swear that it’s the smoke that creates flavor.

But this is a misconception.

Charcoal produces plenty of smoke when it’s starting up, but the heat is clean once the coals are up to temperature.

The real flavor comes from the heat and the juices that drip from the ingredients.

Heat creates a sear on the surface of the steak.

This crust is rich in flavor, and it only gets better as juices are vaporized.

The “smoke” that you see rising when cooking steak is vaporized liquid released from the meat.

It reincorporates with the crust as it cooks, creating amazing flavor.

Consider steak cooked in a pan.

This can still taste amazing, and of course, there’s no charcoal or wood smoke when you cook on your stovetop.

Understanding this, you’ll get an idea of why steak still tastes amazing when cooked on an electric grill, but you need the right kind of grill to get the magic happening.

The Best Electric Grill for Cooking Steak

Do Steaks Taste the Same on an Electric Grill?If you want to reincorporate all those vaporized juices you will need to cook steak on an electric grill that works like a charcoal or gas grill.

  • The George Foreman Electric Grill has a griddle-type surface. It’s not completely flat, so juices fall into the ridges, vaporize, and reincorporate with steak. You can get a fantastic crust and gorgeous sear marks with this electric grill.
  • If you want a tabletop grill to use indoors or outdoors, you can consider the De’Longhi Perfecto Indoor Grill.
  • If you live in a small home without a lot of outdoor space, or even if you’re living in an apartment, it makes more sense to go for a relatively compact grill. This Weber Electric Grill is a great option for anyone that wants an authentic grilling experience without any of the fuss of a large standalone grill.

This model has a traditional slotted grilling surface.

Juices fall onto the heating element and vaporize like they would on a charcoal or gas grill.

Steak can taste the same, if not better when you use an electric grill.

Remember that heat is your friend and you’ll enjoy delicious steaks cooked in the most convenient way.