What is the Point of an Electric Grill?
What is the Point of an Electric Grill?

What is the Point of an Electric Grill?

What is the Point of an Electric Grill?

When it comes to outdoor cooking, gas grills dominate the market.

When most people consider an alternative, it’s charcoal.

But there is a third option.

An electric grill makes sense in several scenarios and many people prefer grilling with an electric appliance rather than one that uses combustible fuel.

What is the point of an electric grill, and should you consider one for your home?

Let’s look at the benefits and find out if going electric is worth it.

How Does an Electric Grill Work?

What is the Point of an Electric Grill?

An electric grill works similarly to a gas or charcoal grill.

An electric element heats the cooking surface, and food is grilled on top.

There are two styles of electric grills available today.

  • An electric grill can use an exposed heating element with traditional cooking grids. This allows juices from the food to fall down onto the element below, vaporizing and adding rich smoky flavor to your ingredients.
  • Most electric grills use a flat hotplate, so oil and juices are kept away from the heating element. You can still get fantastic flavor with this type of grill. Oil is channeled away from the ingredients for easy cleaning and healthier meals.

Whichever type you choose, an electric grill can produce amazing flavor comparable to a gas or charcoal grill.

What are the Advantages of an Electric Grill?

What is the Point of an Electric Grill?The benefits of an electric grill are compelling.

If you’re wondering what’s the point of an electric grill, the following examples will answer your question in detail.

  • An electric grill is efficient and affordable. You won’t need to purchase gas or charcoal for your next cooking session.
  • You can do almost anything that a gas or charcoal grill can. Some electric grills even come with a hood that allows for wood chips to be used to produce real smoke flavor.
  • An electric grill can get hot enough to induce the Maillard Reaction. This is a process where food caramelizes at high temperatures to create a flavorful crust.
  • You can use an electric grill indoors or outdoors. Unlike charcoal and gas grills, an electric grill won’t produce any carbon monoxide gas.
  • Electric grills are typically much more affordable than gas grills, and comparable in price to high-quality charcoal grills.
  • Electric grills are safer. There’s no open flame or burning charcoal. An electric grill can easily be disconnected from the power supply in an emergency.

If you have a smaller home or live in an apartment or condo with a balcony where you can’t use gas or charcoal, an electric grill will be the best way to cook outdoors.

The Best Electric Grills

There is a growing number of electric grills on the market today, but two models, in particular, stand out from the rest.

  • What is the Point of an Electric Grill?The Weber Q1400 is the best premium electric grill. It has 189 square inches of cooking area and porcelain enamel cooking grates. With exposed heating elements, this grill can produce an authentic smoky flavor.
  • What is the Point of an Electric Grill?The George Foreman 12+ Servings Electric Grill is a popular product that combines value and performance. It features a solid cooking surface that channels excess fat away from food. With a removable stand, it can be used outdoors like a traditional grill, or indoors on a tabletop or counter.
An Electric Grill Could be Perfect for Your Needs

What’s the point of an electric grill?

It’s a great solution if you want to cook conveniently indoors or outdoors.

Electric grills are a reliable alternative to gas and charcoal with no need to purchase fuel.

If you want a more convenient way to grill at home, an electric grill could be perfect for you.