Why Are Built-In Gas Grills So Expensive? Are They Worth the Cost?
Why Are Built-In Gas Grills So Expensive? Are They Worth the Cost?

Why Are Built-In Gas Grills So Expensive? Are They Worth the Cost?

Why Are Built-In Gas Grills So Expensive?

If you’re ready to invest in a beautiful outdoor kitchen, the built-in grill will be the center of attention.

More than just an eye-catching feature, a built-in grill will be your primary workstation whether you’re preparing family meals or cooking for guests on holidays and special occasions.

Built-in gas grills are typically more expensive than their freestanding counterparts, and they don’t come with the same kind of price diversity.

For instance, you wouldn’t find an entry-level built-in grill like you would most gas or charcoal grills on carts or legs.

Why are built-in gas grills so expensive? Let’s see what makes them unique, and why the price is justified in the long run. 

The Price Shock is Unavoidable

Prepare for a little bit of a shock when you first start pricing your built-in gas grill.

This is unavoidable, but in the following sections, we’ll explain where all this money is going.

The first thing you should assume is that a built-in grill will cost around the same price as a premium freestanding grill, sometimes with fewer features.

Materials Make the Difference

Why Are Built-In Gas Grills So Expensive?

Why are built-in gas grills so expensive? One of the primary reasons is the materials used.

While most freestanding grills are made from a combination of metals and plastics, built-in gas grills typically use the highest quality stainless steel with plastic parts used only for esthetic or practical purposes.

For example, plastic knobs with LED lighting, or a plastic-lined handle for a soft-touch finish.

The key here is that, unlike most standalone grills, a built-in grill will have the firebox, burners, hood, and most other elements made entirely from stainless steel.

Why does this matter? Firstly, stainless steel is the most durable material that can be used for an outdoor grill.

The alloy resists corrosion so it’s perfect for a cooking station that will remain outside and won’t be brought into a shed or garage in the winter.

Even when using a cover for the grill top, an outdoor kitchen is technically always exposed to the elements, so you need the best materials.

Then there’s cleaning to think about. A built-in grill can be tricky to clean, so you want the process to be as simple as possible.

Because stainless steel won’t absorb grease and other debris, it will be easier to wipe down between cooking sessions.

This can cut down your maintenance time while still ensuring that you have a great-looking grill that will impress friends and family on special occasions.

Superior Fit and Finish

Why Are Built-In Gas Grills So Expensive?

Overall, a built-in grill needs to have a superior level of fit and finish when compared to standalone grills.

When installed in a luxurious outdoor kitchen, the grill needs to stand out. It also needs to last for years.

The quality of construction is impressive when it comes to the best built-in grills. Manufacturers take extra care to ensure that all parts are carefully formed and assembled.

Dimensions are exact, and they need to be. If a grill has any small variance in manufacturing, it won’t fit into the outdoor kitchen it was intended for.

This would be inconvenient and costly for buyers and would quickly erode the trust in any brand that failed to keep its manufacturing tolerances strict.

Small things like the quality of polished and brushed stainless steel surfaces, how the knobs feel, and how well the ignition works, etc. are all important for buyers.

Built-in grill manufacturers go to great lengths to ensure that their customers feel a sense of premium quality every time a grill is fired up.

Superior fit and finish improve the quality and durability.

Individual parts are of the highest standard, whether considering stainless steel burners, cooking grates, or something as simple as an ignition system.

What are the Best Built-in Grills You Can Buy Today?

Several of the world’s best grill brands make built-in grills. Here are four of the most impressive on the market today…

  • Why Are Built-In Gas Grills So Expensive?Blaze in another pillar in the outdoor cooking industry. The Blaze team has a combined 45 years of experience in outdoor appliances. This Blaze Lte 32-inch 4-burner Built-in Propane Gas Grill is made out of industry-leading heavy-gauge stainless steel that make it the finest in luxury outdoor cooking appliances. Provides a total of 56,000 BTUs, and another 10,000 BTU for the infrared rear rotisserie burner. It’s four steel burners are made out of commercial quality 304 cast stainless steel. Also has interior lights to help you navigate the grilling surface at night. This grill also comes with an impressive lifetime warranty.
  • Why Are Built-In Gas Grills So Expensive?Simplicity and reliability come together in the Bull Outdoor Products Drop-In Grill. This model is available in propane. With welded stainless steel burners, piezo igniters, up to 45,000 BTU of heat potential, and made of 304-16 gauge stainless steel construction, it’s a built-in grill made to last, also comes with a smoker box.
  • Why Are Built-In Gas Grills So Expensive?Napoleon is one of the most popular grill manufacturers in North America. This Prestige 500 Natural Gas Grill head is made from stainless steel, provides up to 66,000 BTU of heat potential and includes a rotisserie system and a rear rotisserie burner. Comes in both propane and natural gas.
  • Why Are Built-In Gas Grills So Expensive?Coyote is another trusted brand that produces excellent stainless steel grills. This Coyote 18-inch Built-In Grill is a portable electric grill that has the option to switch from built-in to pedestal thanks to an easily removable frame. Made out of 18 gauge 304 stainless steel, this good looking grill will last for years to come. Has a 156 ” Teflon coated cooking area that reaches a maximum temperature of 550ºF. A versatile grill that gives the option to either grill inside or outside.

Are Built-in Grills Worth the Price?

Why Are Built-In Gas Grills So Expensive?

We started by asking: why are built-in gas grills so expensive?

We’ve answered this by exploring how the quality of materials, construction, fit, and finish are all at the highest possible level.

If you buy a built-in grill, you’re paying for reliability and impressive cooking performance.

Are these grills worth the price?

If you’re building an outdoor kitchen, then the answer is a clear yes.

Although you’ll pay more for built-in grills, you’ll be making a long-term investment that allows for trouble-free cooking in the years to come.

Knowing that your grill is made from the highest quality parts and materials will give you all the confidence you need to elevate your grilling game.