What is the Best Material for Outdoor Furniture Covers?
What is the Best Material for Outdoor Furniture Covers?

What is the Best Material for Outdoor Furniture Covers?

What is the Best Material for Outdoor Furniture Covers?

If you’ve invested in a beautiful patio furniture set, it makes sense to keep it protected. Many of the best materials can resist a little rain and even snow, but for the harshest weather or when furniture won’t be used for weeks at a time, you should always use covers.

Keep your furniture looking its best and performing for years to come by asking what is the best material for outdoor furniture covers?

What to Look for When Buying Outdoor Furniture Covers

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for durable outdoor furniture covers.

  • Breathable covers work best because they prevent condensation that could cause mold on fabrics or rust on metals like steel and iron. The best covers are vented to allow air in and out. Vented covers also prevent the cover from lifting and tearing or blowing away with strong wind.
  • The best covers are UV stable and will resist discoloration, even after spending countless hours in the sun.
  • Covers should have tie-downs that attach to furniture to prevent the material from blowing away.
  • While standard tarps can be used to protect patio furniture, they aren’t always ideal. You should choose outdoor furniture covers that are form-fitted to your furniture. Table covers are generally rectangular with flat tops and can accommodate chairs. Individual outdoor sofa covers are typically tapered with a higher back and lower front to fit most patio sofas.
  • When it comes to the best material for outdoor furniture covers, 600D polyester is often considered to be the leader. This material can be coated for waterproofing or buffered with a waterproof nylon layer underneath.

Keep these important points in mind whenever buying outdoor furniture covers. To help bring all of these requirements together, we’ve found some of the best covers that are available to buy today.

Examples of Quality Outdoor Furniture Covers for Your Home

Take a look at these outdoor furniture cover options to find the perfect fit for your needs.

  • What is the Best Material for Outdoor Furniture Covers?The Vailge Heavy Duty Loveseat Cover is available to order in a range of sizes from small to large and with deep options for larger seats. The cover is made from 600D material and features air vents to prevent lofting and condensation that could damage your furniture. This is one of the most popular and highest-rated outdoor furniture covers available to buy today.
  • What is the Best Material for Outdoor Furniture Covers?For your dining table and chair set, a large rectangular or square cover can be used. The ULTCOVER Patio Table Cover is made from 600D waterproofed canvas and features venting to prevent mold, rust, and lofting. The cover is suitable to protect against rain, hail, snow, dust, and debris. Clips and drawcords are used to secure the cover to your outdoor furniture.
  • What is the Best Material for Outdoor Furniture Covers?You can also cover long loungers and pool chairs with heavy-duty outdoor furniture covers. This ULTCOVER Patio Lounge Chair Cover is waterproof, available in a range of sizes, and is suited to protect your cast aluminum, wood, steel, or plastic loungers.

Durable 600D waterproof fabric, venting, and UV stable colors are all typical of the best outdoor furniture covers. Look for quality products, positive customer ratings, and reasonable prices. Even the best patio furniture covers can be purchased for prices that are well below $100.

It’s worth investing in high-quality covers that will protect your furniture in the seasons to come.