Are Kamado Grills Only Good for Smoking?
Are Kamado Grills Only Good for Smoking?

Are Kamado Grills Only Good for Smoking?

Are Kamado Grills Only Good for Smoking?

Kamado grills are quickly growing in popularity.

They’ve developed a reputation for excellent cooking performance, especially when it comes to smoking.

But, like any good grill, a kamado does much more than just infuse rich smoky flavor into your food. In fact, you can use a kamado for almost every outdoor cooking style.

Let’s take a look at why kamado grills are so good at smoking and see what else you can do if you buy one today.

Why Kamado Grills are So Good as Smokers

Are Kamado Grills Only Good for Smoking?Kamados are excellent smokers by nature, and they are also versatile.

The design of a kamado naturally accommodates smoking.

Whether you are smoking meat, fish, or even cheese and specialty products, you need something that is fully sealed, and that creates natural convection so that smoke can fully surround and infuse the food.

Kamados do this naturally. Most designs are rounded like an egg or acorn.

The shape tapers at the bottom where the charcoal or wood sits, then gets larger at the top for the cooking surface.

The cooking fuel rises through the food and is circulated naturally.

When smoking, this is exactly what you want.

Some would even argue that a kamado works better than a traditional rectangular smoker, especially when smoking at higher temperatures.

Kamado grills are sealed and insulated (some are solid iron) so they are highly efficient.

They retain heat and smoke and are easy to control with a combination of top and bottom vents.

If you love to smoke, you’ll enjoy using a kamado grill.

If you want an all-in-one solution, then a kamado will still be a compelling option.

So Much More You Can Do With a Kamado

Are Kamado Grills Only Good for Smoking?

For the very same reasons that kamado grills excel at smoking, they also excel at grilling.

The cooking surface is raised above the fuel, so you get both direct and radiant heat.

The designs evolved from traditional Japanese ovens.

You’ll see how this is useful if you ever need to cook a whole chicken, turkey, large BBQ cuts, steaks, ribs, or any of your favorite ingredients.

You can even cook burgers on a kamado, and the natural heat convection will ensure the best results.

Kamados can also bake, so they’re great for bread, pizza, and other specialties.

The only thing a kamado can’t do well is cook with the top-up.

While it’s possible, the design reduces efficiency. Kamado grills work best with the hood down.

Could you use a kamado as your only grill? Absolutely!

As long as you cook most food with the hood down, you’ll get great results.

If you mostly cook with the top up or want to use a rotisserie, then a standard propane or natural gas grill will suit you better.

Many outdoor cooking enthusiasts are replacing their grills with kamados.

If you can live with a few limitations and want great smoking and top-down cooking performance, then a kamado could be the ideal investment.