Broil King Signet 90 Natural Gas Grill with Side Burner and Rear Rotisserie
Broil King Signet 90 Natural Gas Grill with Side Burner and Rear Rotisserie

Broil King Signet 90 Natural Gas Grill with Side Burner and Rear Rotisserie

Broil King Signet 90
Broil King Signet 90 Natural Gas Grill with Side Burner and Rear Rotisserie.

Broil King re-designed its Signet series and introduced the Signet 90.

This grill is the crème de la crème of grills.

It has such unique features that even a person who has never grilled before, would like to get his hands on it just for a try.

Broil King is a little older than other equally prestigious grill brands but it offers a quality fit for a king.

At first glance, it might feel like the grill is really ‘huge’ but I believe it is just the perfect size.

So, let’s move on to its basic and best features because this grill is built on a different level than any other grill that you might have ever owned.

Broil King Signet 90
Broil King Signet 90 has so many great features.

The Broil King Signet 90 Natural Gas Grill with Side Burner and Rear Rotisserie has been carefully constructed with great detail in mind.

There is a designated place for everything.

Moving on to the grill’s components, it has the basic three stainless steel burners, a sear station, cast iron cooking grates, a porcelain-coated warming rack, a thermometer, a cast-aluminium cook box, flavorizer bars, side tables and a steel cabinet with stainless steel doors.

I haven’t yet mentioned the unique features of these components and an additional feature that will blow your mind away.

The thing about this grill is that it has got all the basic features that you might find in other grills but the difference is in the quality.

The grill’s superior quality offers you a lifetime of warranty if you keep up with the maintenance.

Therma-Cast™ Aluminium Cook Box

Most of the grills either have stainless steel or painted steel box.

The Broil King Signet 90 Natural Gas Grill with Side Burner and Rear Rotisserie has neither.

Made from cast aluminium, the cook box weighs less than any other material.

The plus point of this material is that it is cheaper than steel and offers various benefits.

Since aluminium has a low melting point, it makes a great material for a cook box.

It is resistant to corrosion, can withstand high temperatures, has excellent thermal conductivity, is odourless and is extremely durable. Not to mention, it’s easy on the eyes.

The grill is built with the intent of providing maximum space and easy storage.

The Signet 90 model is available in propane as well as natural gas.

The cook box has a stainless steel insert that retains heat quite well.

For a relaxed evening, you can turn down the heat and let the steak cook on a timer.

The lid gives you the benefit of cooking outdoors even if there’s a slight chill.

As for measuring the temperature, there’s a Deluxe Accu-Temp™ thermometer embedded in the hood that gives accurate readings.

You never have to worry about your burgers or short ribs burning because the thermometer will always match the temperature set on the valves.

Sure-Lite™ Electronic Dual-Electrode Ignition System

Next in line is the ignition system.

Nothing fancy here but the feature that lights up with a single push of this button is.

When you are pressing the ignition button, make sure your hands are not greasy and now and then, check the batteries.

Linear-Flow™ Valves with 180° Sensi-Touch™ Control

The burner valves are made of stainless steel, so no compromise there on quality.

There are 5 burner valves: Three main, one for the sear station and one mystery valve that I will explain later. The valves have infinite control settings with a sense-touch.

They can be turned to full 180°, which makes setting the right temperature quite easy.

Rigid Steel Cabinet with Stainless Steel Doors – Side Sear Station

There are two side tables with a rack and hooks. You have a lot of space to keep everything within reach.

The Surprise: The left side table can be turned into a cooking station. Just lift the upper surface and there you have it, a station with 10,000 BTU for cooking sauces, soups and side dishes.

The side tables can be folded down for easy storage.

The steel cabinet has a place for keeping the natural gas tank.

The connection from the burners to the tank is through the back, so you don’t have to worry about safety.

Stainless Steel Flav-R-Wave™ Cooking System

The Flav-R-Wave™, also known as flavorizer bars are stainless steel bars that catch drippings from the food.

Don’t get this mixed up with the grease management.

The bars play a far better role in helping you cook the most delicious steak of all time.

Located beneath the cooking grid and a safe distance away from the burner tubes to prevent flare-ups, the flavorizer bars vaporize the drippings and circulate them back to the food.

This prevents the food from losing its taste and seasoning.

Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Cooking Grids

The primary cooking space is 400 square inches.

There’s a porcelain-coated warming rack above the grids that occupies 235 square inches.

So, the reason why these porcelain-coated grids are one of the best features is that Broil King has included two types of cooking grids in this grill.

Apart from locking the flavour in the food, the grids offer you two options – You can either cook a perfect steak with beautiful sear marks on the pointed side of the grid or a juicy piece of beef patty on the other side of the grid with grooves.

The second option allows you to collect all the juices and sauces for continuous basting.

Three Stainless Steel Dual-Tube™ Burners

These stainless steel tube burners are quite different from any burners that I have seen.

This was the thing that sold me on this grill because it offers the maximum BTU a person could hope for. There are three main burners with a total BTU of 40,000.

What’s amazing about these burners is that they offer twice the heat, even at a low temperature.

Patented by Broil King, the tube-in-tube feature offers steady heat and a hot cooking surface in a small amount of time. Each burner has two flames, which makes grilling all the faster.

Premium Rotisserie Kit Included

And now we come to the mystery feature.

The Broil King Signet 90 Natural Gas Grill with Side Burner and Rear Rotisserie is truly a party grill because you can cook anything on it. The rear rotisserie burner offers 15,000 BTU.

The rotisserie is located in the lid and can cook at least two whole chickens.

The indirect heat from the cooking grid keeps the chicken warm if you have turned off the burner.

The rear rotisserie is an add-on feature that can be removed at will.

So, if you are planning to grill on the grids make sure you remove the rotisserie or there will be one more part to clean.

Grease Management
Broil King Signet 90
The cast iron grids are coated with a matte porcelain finish.

The components that manage grease are a bit small and need to be checked regularly so that they don’t offer flow.

There’s a tray that can be accessed from the right side of the Broil King Signet 90 Natural Gas Grill with a Side Burner and Rear Rotisserie.

Underneath the tray, there’s a catch pan attached, which collects all the grease.

I believe the catch pan is disposable but so far, I have been re-washing it.

So, here’s the grease management process that you need to follow before and after grilling.

The cast iron grids are coated with a matte porcelain finish.

It is necessary to season and re-season cast iron cooking grates, as the oil will help protect the porcelain coating, prevent food from sticking and prevent them from rusting.

Before you cook for the first time, you need to preheat the grill for ten minutes on high.

This will burn off any residue from the manufacturing process.

Now, turn off your grill.

When the cooking grids have cooled, you can start seasoning.

A solid unsalted vegetable shortening is recommended for the initial seasoning.

Apply a thin coat of it all over the cast iron grids and then rub it in with a paper towel.

You can also melt the shortening and apply it with a silicone basting brush.

In case you do not have vegetable shortening, you can season the grids with grapeseed or olive oil.

Broil King also offers a “Broil Mister”, which is basically a spray that makes seasoning quite easy.

The cooking grids are two-sided, so apply a generous amount of coating on both sides.

Make sure to cover the corners too or the food might stick to it during grilling.

Note: Do not use unsalted fats such as margarine or butter.

Non-stick cooking sprays are also less effective because they burn off at low heat.

Now that you are done applying the oil, pre-heat the grill again for ten minutes on high.

Next, turn the valves to medium heat and allow the grill to heat for thirty minutes with the lid closed.

The oil becomes baked-on and creates a non-stick protective layer.

Now, turn off the valves and allow them to cool. Your cast iron grids are now ready to use.

Once you are done cooking, let the grid cool.

Preheat the grill for ten minutes on high.

This will burn off any food residue on the grids.

Turn off the valves and remove any remaining debris with a stainless steel grill brush and re-season the grid.


The grill has a premium powder-coat black epoxy paint finish, which allows it to withstand high temperature.

Along with offering rust resistant zinc coated steel components; Broil King has given each part a separate warranty.

The company believes in rewarding quality and therefore, cast-aluminium components have a lifetime warranty, the Dual-Tube™ burners have 10 years of warranty and all the remaining parts have 2 years of warranty.

Compared to other grills, you might find this a little expensive but if you are planning to make a one-time investment that will benefit you for at least 20 years, then this is the best grill to buy.

Broil King Signet 90