Weber Genesis E-330 Grill
Weber Genesis E-330 Grill

Weber Genesis E-330 Grill

Weber Genesis E-330
The Weber Genesis E-330 is a good-looking grill with premium construction.

Purchasing a large grill for the home can provide you with a great way to cook outdoors, and with the right grill, you can get an attractive appliance that will become the centerpiece of your outdoor entertainment area.

Because a large grill represents a significant investment, you’ll also need to be sure that you’re buying a quality appliance that is durable, and that meets all of your cooking needs.

The Weber Genesis E-330 is a good-looking 38,000 BTU grill with premium construction and plenty of versatility. It’s time to find out if it’s the right grill for your next purchase.

Product Features of the Weber E-330 Grill

The Weber Genesis E-330 grill includes a number of key features that you’ll need to become familiar with.

  • High total heat rated at 38,000 BTU.
  • Additional 10,000 BTU side burner.
  • Stainless steel cooking grids.
  • Independent ignition for three individual burners.
  • Freestanding design with heavy-duty casters.
  • Steel and aluminum construction.
  • Large cooking surface.

Weber Genesis E-330 – Unboxing and First Impressions

The Weber Genesis E-330 requires some assembly when purchasing online. Overall, the entire unit can be assembled in under an hour, which is a reasonable amount of time for a grill this size. All assembly instructions are provided by Weber, and they’re clear and easy to follow.

When unpacking the grill and putting it together, it is immediately clear that this is a quality grill that is made using premium materials.

This grill comes at a price premium over some competing models, but you’ll understand where a lot of that cost is when you are performing the assembly. Everything fits together well, and the construction quality of the individual components is of a high standard.

When fully assembled the grill looks impressive, and anyone would be proud to display one of these grills at home.

The Weber Genesis E-330 Black Grill model is easily one of the best-looking freestanding grills on the market, and the combination of steel, aluminum, and enameled surfaces, is particularly appealing.

Advantages of the Genesis E-330

With any grill, the most important thing is how well it can cook. The Weber Genesis E-330 is no exception. After taking in the good looks of this grill, it will be time to connect a propane tank and put it through its first tests as an outdoor cooking appliance.

The most immediate advantage that is noticeable about this grill is the size. Although there are some larger grills available, including freestanding and drop-in grills, the Weber Genesis E-330 sits in a good area of the upper range of the market in terms of size. It’s not so large that it becomes impractical or inconvenient, and it’s not so small that it can’t be used for large cookouts and family gatherings.

Weber Genesis E-330
The surface area of the main grill is 507 square inches

The surface area of the main grill is 507 square inches. There’s also a warming rack area that adds another 130 square inches. This is more than enough room for the average family, and it’s plenty of larger gatherings.

It would be easy to fit 15 – 20 burgers on this grill, depending on their size, and the number of sausages, kebabs, and vegetables would be more than enough for any type of gathering. For anything that is not considered a commercial cooking quantity, Genesis will be an excellent performer.

The cooking area is not just limited to the main grill, because the Genesis E-330 includes a built-in grill on the right-hand side shelf. This grill is perfect for adding a pot or a small skillet pan for preparing anything that wouldn’t be suitable for the main grilling surface.

Whether you use this side grill to cook a sauce, slow cook a pot of chili, or even to sear some vegetables that you don’t want on the grill itself; it adds a lot of value to the package and makes the grill more versatile.

Using a grill without a side burner can mean that some cooking tasks would have to be split between the kitchen and the outdoor grill. With the Weber Genesis E-330, you only need to use a single cooking appliance, and it makes things much area while providing a better cooking experience overall.

Because this grill is hooded, it means that you can cook much more than would be possible with a standard open grill.

The hood is large and deep, so it’s possible to cook whole chickens and large roast meals inside of the grill. It could also be used for outdoor baking, whether you’re preparing bread, pizza, or even a cake.

There’s a highly accurate thermometer incorporated into the hood, so it’s even possible to cook highly technical dishes where temperatures are important.

The Weber Genesis E-330 is an incredibly easy-to-use grill, and that helps to make the overall package even more appealing. There are three simple controls on the front-facing surface, which provide independent control over each burner. There’s also an individual burner control for the side shelf burner.

The side shelf can reach up to 10,000 BTU, so it’s just as capable as an indoor gas stove. Each burner has an individual ignition system, and the quality of the ignition means that this grill will light first time, every time.

While not specifically a feature, it’s important to note that the grill can heat up very quickly. If you’re someone who has used an electric grill or even a gas grill in the past that heats up relatively slowly, you’ll be happy to know that temperatures of 600 – 700 degrees can be reached with the hood closed, in just a matter of minutes.

This doesn’t just save time, but it also ensures that food is cooked thoroughly. When opening the grill to turn food, or to remove cooked food and add new food, you won’t need to wait long before the right temperatures are reached. This can also save gas because it makes the grill more efficient overall.

Materials and Construction Quality
Weber Genesis E-330
It’s no surprise that the construction quality is to a very high standard.

Being such a strong performer when it comes to cooking, it’s no surprise that the construction quality is to a very high standard. Weber is one of the most well-known and highly regarded names in outdoor grilling.

Their traditional coal kettle grills have been the benchmark in outdoor grilling for decades, and it’s impressive to see that they are able to carry over their reputation for quality and performance, even with their gas grills.

It was mentioned earlier that the individual parts of this grill are well made, which makes assembly easier. With some grills, it can feel like some parts don’t quite match, and screw holes can sometimes be slightly misaligned, which makes for a flimsy product that doesn’t feel like it will last long.

With the Weber Genesis E-330, problems with construction quality do not exist. High-quality stainless steel is used wherever possible, which means that there’s some solid weight to the device.

This makes it stable and provides confidence when using it. Because the grill is mounted on durable plastic casters, the weight doesn’t become a problem and it can easily be moved into storage whenever it is not being used.

The high construction quality has an influence on how good the grill is at cooking. Because the hood is made from quality steel, and because it perfectly aligns to the main grilling area, the heat produced by the grill will stay inside. This is a key reason why the grill can heat up so quickly and maintain its temperature.

Even the rotary dials on the front of the grill feel like they’re a step above what you would find on some other grills, and they help to reinforce the fact that this is a real investment quality outdoor appliance that will last for many years when kept clean and covered when not in use.

Pros and Cons of the Weber Genesis E-330

In reviewing this grill there was nothing negative found with the overall product. If stretched to point out a single feature or flaw that didn’t quite live up to the overall package, it would be the caster wheels.

They’re all plastic and appear to be durable, but it is not clear whether they will last the lifetime of the product.

Even so, these are some of the most inexpensive pieces that can be replaced, and it would even be possible to replace them with high-grade stainless steel/rubber wheeled casters.

For the average owner, the included wheels will never become a problem and despite them being the cheapest components on the grill, they still perform their job.

  • The large surface area allows cooking for large groups and can make this a great smoker for large cuts of meat.
  • Inside cabinet includes a gas level indicator (uses weight to determine how much gas is left).
  • High-quality construction materials and excellent finish/fit.
  • The side burner makes the grill versatile so it can be used as an all-in-one outdoor cooking station.
  • The hood is large which allows for baking or for cooking full chickens, ducks, etc.
  • Minimal heat leakage from the hood, which allows for excellent heat retention and temperature stability.
  • Quick heat-up time, can reach searing temperatures in minutes.

Customer Feedback

With so many pros and very few cons for what it is, it’s won’t be a surprise to learn that the overall customer feedback for the Weber Genesis E-330 has been highly positive. From online reviews, the E-330 currently has an average 4.7 / 5-star rating, and 87% of all consumers have given the grill a perfect score.

Customers have been hugely impressed by how hot the grill can get, and how quickly it can reach high temperatures.

Consumer reviews confirm the fact that the grill can reach up to 700 degrees within ten minutes, which will be an important piece of information for anyone who is currently dealing with a slow or underpowered grill.

Owners have also been impressed with the starting ability, noting that the grill starts without problems whenever it has been used. Some owners have compared this feature positively to older grills or competitor models.

One thing that almost every customer review mentions, is the overall construction quality.

The use of high-grade stainless steel has been appreciated by the majority of owners because it gives a feel of quality and guarantees durability.

Many customers have called this grill the best that they’ve owned, and see it as a real investment.



Final Thoughts and Recommendation

With all of the positives about this grill, it’s important to talk about the price. This is a grill that sits in the $1700 – $2000 price range, which puts it at the high end of the scale.

If you’re looking for a grill in this range then you can expect a certain level of quality, with very few compromises or downsides.

It’s reassuring to find that the Weber Genesis E-330 is able to live up to its price, and even exceed the expectations in many areas. It performs above expectations with its high searing temperature and excellent heat stability.

The materials, fit, and finish are as good as the best competing high-end freestanding and drop-in grills, and it’s the perfect size for outdoor cooking for a family or for larger gatherings.

This grill easily competes with others in its price range, and it comes with the Weber quality that many are familiar with. It’s a stretch to find anything bad to say about this grill, and if it meets your budget then this would be a versatile grill to have at home, which will provide many years of cooking enjoyment.