How to Season a Flat Top Grill
How to Season a Flat Top Grill

How to Season a Flat Top Grill

How to Season a Flat Top Grill

A flat top grill is a completely different beast to a regular grill.

Unlike most grills where you cook on grids, a flat top grill gives you a consistent and solid surface that allows you to work better with some ingredients.

You couldn’t fry or scramble an egg on a standard grill, but it’s no problem on a flat top.

Burgers are better on a flat top, as are ingredients like pork chops, chicken breast, and fish.

To get the best results from a flat top grill, and to make it last longer, you’ll need to season it.

Seasoning protects the surface while also making it easier to work with.

Learn how to season a flat top grill in this guide, and take a look at some helpful accessories to get it done.

Seasoning a Flat Top Grill Made From Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is the material used for most dedicated flat top grills.

Like cast iron, it can be seasoned to create a non-stick layer.

It doesn’t retain heat as well as cast iron, but it gets to temperature quickly, which is more important when working on this style of grill.

Carbon steel has something else in common with cast iron.

If it isn’t regularly seasoned, it will rust. Seasoning is essential.

Steel top griddles are costlier than those made with enameled iron, but they are worth every penny if you are serious about home grilling.

You’ll also get an excellent return on your investment.

High-quality grills like the Royal Gourmet 4-Burner Flat Top Gas Grill will last well beyond seven years when properly cared for.

Seasoning a flat top grill is straightforward.

With regular seasoning, cooking will be a breeze, and cleaning up after cooking will be nothing more than scraping and wiping down the top.

How to Season a Flat Top Grill with a Steel or Cast Iron Top

You’ll need a few simple items for seasoning your steel top or cast iron grill.

  • High smoke point cooking oil.
  • Metal grill scraper.
  • Heavy-duty grilling tongs.
  • Paper kitchen towels.

Make sure that your oil is vegetable-based.

Olive oil, although great for cooking in some cases, is a poor choice of oil for seasoning.

It has a low smoke point and can burn off at normal grilling temperatures, leaving the metal surface of your grill exposed.

Here are the only steps you need to learn how to season a flat top grill:

  1. Start by wiping off the grilling surface with damp paper towels. If there’s any visible residue on the grill top that doesn’t wipe away, use your scraper to dislodge it before wiping. Don’t use detergent or chemical sprays as these can increase the risk of corrosion and contamination of your meals.
  2. Once the surface is clean, turn on your grill with the burners set to high. Watch the surface and wait for it to darken. This usually takes about 8 to 10 minutes. When the color changes, you can add the oil.
  3. Apply a liberal amount of oil and distribute it across the surface. You can hold a bunch of paper towels in grill tongs to spread the oil evenly.
  4. When fully coated, leave the grill until the oil begins to smoke. The surface will now start to shine, and the first part of the seasoning is done.
  5. With the original coat of oil either burnt off or integrated into the surface, reapply a smaller amount of oil and spread it evenly, repeating the process. Do this two or three times until there is an even sheen all over the surface of the grill.
  6. If your grill top is made from cast iron, you may have to repeat the process up to five or six times. Cast iron is highly porous and it will absorb a lot of the oil before it shows a sheen on the top layer.

With these steps, you’ve learned how to season a flat top grill and are ready to start cooking.

For regular seasoning (usually every month or whenever the surface loses its oily sheen) you will only need to complete the process once.

Should You Follow the Same Steps When Seasoning a Flat Top Grill Attachment?

If you have a regular grill, you can add a flat top to it by purchasing an extra grill/griddle surface.

The best ones are made from cast iron, and some come pre-seasoned, so you will only need to perform regular seasoning when the coating wears off.

Unlike a dedicated carbon steel flat top grill, cast iron attachments need to be seasoned on both sides.

You’ll need to repeat the process by flipping the surface after it has cooled.

Aside from this, the seasoning process is the same.

Lodge is one of the most trusted names in cast iron cooking accessories.

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle is the perfect flat top for an outdoor grill.

It can also be used on two gas stove hobs, or directly over a campfire, so it’s incredibly versatile.

These Accessories Make it Easier When Seasoning a Flat Top Grill

Quality oil and cooking utensils make it easier to learn how to season a flat top grill.

Heavy-duty grill utensils are a great investment. You can use them for normal cooking as well as cleaning.

  • A Griddle and Grill Scraper Kit contains spatulas and scrapers that you can use for both cooking and cleaning.
  • You’ll use Grill Tongs to turn chicken pieces, hot dogs, and other ingredients. They’re also used in the seasoning process. Invest in heavy-duty tongs that will last.
  • Vegetable oil is great for seasoning. You could also get a seasoning stick containing oil and food-safe beeswax. Many people find Crisbee Stik Seasoning Stick more convenient to apply than bottled oil.

If you’ll be seasoning a flat top grill regularly, it pays to spend a little more for high-quality and durable products that you will get more use out of.

Should You Buy a Coated Flat Top Grill?

Seasoning a flat top grill is an easy process but you might prefer the convenience of a grill that doesn’t need to be seasoned.

There are flat top grills that have an enamel coating, just like you see on porcelain-enamel cooking grids.

They prevent sticking and cut down on the maintenance time.

The downside is that once the coating chips or wears through, you’ll need to replace the surface.

It’s a trade-off but it’s worth considering if you don’t want to be frequently seasoning a flat top grill.

Royal Gourmet makes popular grills that don’t require any seasoning.

The GB4000 Flat Top Grill is a good choice with a ceramic surface, four burners, and a massive 750 square inch cooking surface.

You’re All Caught Up on How to Season a Flat Top Grill

How to Season a Flat Top Grill

When buying a grill with a carbon steel top, or a cast-iron accessory, knowing how to season a flat top grill will protect your investment.

Seasoning gives you a non-stick surface for easier cooking while protecting the metal for many seasons to come.

Even if you don’t want to go through the process of seasoning a flat top grill, there are other options like ceramic-coated grills that are non-stick for as long as the coating lasts.

If you’re still researching the best grill to buy, consider making it a flat top.

If you don’t need to cook with the hood down you will enjoy the versatility and convenience of this unique design.