Weber Spirit S-210 Natural Gas Grill, Stainless Steel
Weber Spirit S-210 Natural Gas Grill, Stainless Steel

Weber Spirit S-210 Natural Gas Grill, Stainless Steel

Small,lightweight and easily operable – Basically the perfect grill !

There’s a reason why Weber is the most trusted company in the US when you are looking for quality grills.

A long line of generations have bought this grill and that is what makes Weber special: Traditions. Their aim is to provide ‘grill lovers’ (such an inadequate word for people who are masters at grilling) the ultimate experience..

So, the reason why I’m thrilled with this particular grill is that it’s small and one of the originals in the Spirit Series.

It was introduced in 2013 and then remodelled to provide a more unique experience to the user. It’s small, lightweight and easily operable. It’s basically the perfect grill.

The Basics

The Weber Spirit S-210 Natural Gas Grill, Stainless Steel has a stainless steel exterior with a mix of aluminium cast and porcelain enamelled steel.

The reason why the varying quality of steel is used is that it focuses on the most important parts that are irreplaceable to the add-on parts that can be purchased again.

However, you won’t find any need to change any part if you keep up with the maintenance and cover the grill with a cloth.

You can cook twenty pounds of meat on it along with vegetables. The cook box includes the cooking grates, a warming rack, the grease management system, flavorizer bars and burner tubes.

Then there’s the storage cabinet for grilling essentials and gas tank, the side prep tables, a fuel gauge and a thermometer on the hood.

There are two new inventions in the Spirit series, which are the flavorizer bars and the connection of the burners.

Weber Spirit S-210 Grill Basic Features

When George Stephen invented the first Weber Kettle Grill, he had one simple aspiration: To make a better grill, to cook a better steak.

The first grill was a simple bowl with a lid that had holes poked in it, which was placed on a thin three-legged stand.

Pretty simpler times right? Weber has come a long way since the Kettle Grill. The company offers grills that are a unique combination of innovation and technology.

The Weber Spirit S-210 Natural Gas Grill, Stainless Steel’s basic features are quite different from what you will find in an ordinary grill.

Cookbox and Shroud
The grill has four swivel casters, two of which can be locked to keep it steady.

The Spirit S-Series is made of stainless steel. The shroud is made entirely of stainless steel, even the handle. One of the best things about the lid is that it has smaller vents, which ensures no heat is a loss.

The trouble that most people usually face in grills is heat loss. The steak or whatever meat you are cooking quickly loses its flavor if the heat escapes in the first five to seven minutes. It takes about 12 minutes for me to cook a medium-rare steak if the meat has thawed.

Another thing to keep track of while cooking is the temperature of the grill. Some of the grills I researched didn’t have any thermometer and to tell you the truth, I thought that I wouldn’t even need this feature.

Let me dispel you of this notion . . . imagine you are grilling and suddenly the grill gets too hot. The burner is still set to 350° but you feel the grill getting hotter and hotter.

This thermometer will tell you the grill’s temperature at all times, no matter to what temperature the burner is set on. Since it was my first time at the grill I kept adjusting the temperature because the thermometer showed I was grilling on high heat.

Porcelain Enamelled Cast Iron Cooking Grates

Luckily, the Weber Spirit S-210 Natural Gas Grill, Stainless Steel has a porcelain enamelled cast iron cooking grates, which makes up 360 sq inches of the primary cooking area and does require any pre or post seasoning.

Weber provides three varieties of cooking grates in the Spirit series: Porcelain enamelled stainless steel, steel and cast iron.

All three are great at retaining heat and help you grill food evenly. It also gives these picture-perfect sear marks on the meat, which makes the food more appealing.

So, here’s how the grates work:

  • The porcelain enamelled steel is popular for its durability and easy management
  • The porcelain enamelled stainless steel is popular for the lovely sear marks it leaves on the food and easy management
  • As for the porcelain enamelled cast iron, it offers a combination of both the stainless steel and steel. Plus, its heat retention is superior to the above two and it does not need to be seasoned.

The reason why Weber uses porcelain enamelled grates in most of its grills is that they are able to hold the taste of the food from start to the end, till it’s delivered to your plate.

Burner Knobs and Tubes

Both the burner knobs and tubes are made from stain steel. This is a good thing because, when you are grilling, things tend to get a little messy. tongs.

First things first, gather all the necessary utensil you will and may need for grilling and then set it on the patio. Anyways, back to the burners.

The two burners have a total BTU of 26,500. There are two burners and the knobs are placed in the front. There’s an ignition button that allows you to light the burners with a simple push.

There are infinite settings on the burners and you can easily adjust them according to what temperature the recipe calls for. T

he burner tubes have been spaced evenly underneath the grates to ensure that the meat cooks perfectly.

The best thing about the burner tubes in this Weber Spirit S-210 Natural Gas Grill, Stainless Steel is that they are made with a single piece of stainless steel.

There is no welding in between, which ensures zero heat loss and no flare-ups.

Warming Rack

You can find a warming rack in almost all series offered by Weber. A warming rack is always a convenience feature that makes grilling easier.

For instance, If you’re in a mood to cook burgers and not buns you can place the buns on the warming rack, which will make them all nice and warm.

Plus, if you want more cooking space, you can pile the food on the warming rack and add more to the grates.

This will keep the food warm until served. The warming rack is also made of stainless steel and occupies 90 sq inches of space above the grates.

Prep Station

This little attention to detail is wonderful. You get to hang all your utensils, six in total and can grab it whenever you want.

There are two stainless steel prep stations that are foldable. The grill might weigh a little on the heavy side but the foldable tables make it easy to manoeuvre inside the van for picnics.

The Grease Management System

No matter what grill you buy, there’s always going to be a problem with the grease management system. Not because the system is faulty, because some people loathe the clean-up. I fall into this category.

Alright, so Weber Spirit S-210 Natural Gas Grill, Stainless Steel’s grease management is quite easy. There are two components that help with the clean-up: The grease tray and the catch pan.

Both are located way below the burners so that the grease does not catch fire. The grease drops on to the grease tray and then slides into the catch pan. Both can be easily cleaned with a mild brush and hot water.

The disposable grease tray slides right out of the cabinet. To remove the hassle of cleaning it, Weber has given the option to dispose of the tray and use a new one in its place every time.

Stainless Steel Storage Cabinet

The stainless steel storage cabinet has plenty of space to keep the gas tank, cooking utensils and cleaning cloths.

You can put all the necessary things in the cabinet that you might need during grilling. Mainly you can keep a cleaning agent, a couple of cloths and an apron in it.

The grill has four swivel casters, two of which can be locked to keep it steady. The grill can be secured on uneven ground, so no matter where you park your picnic basket; you can park the grill nearby.

Weber has thought through everything, making sure that even the tiniest screw contributes to the grill’s look.

Two of the best features in the Weber Spirit S-210 Natural Gas Grill, Stainless Steel are the burner connections and the porcelain enamelled flavorizer bars.

Burner Connection

Most of the grills can be found with a left to right burner connection, which is and was frankly a hindrance. There are so many things that can go wrong when a gas tank is kept out in the open.

Someone can trip over the hose, disconnecting it from the burners or drop something hot that might damage the hose’s quality.

In Weber Spirit S-210 Natural Gas Grill, Stainless Steel you will find that the connection has been made from front to back.

Meaning: The hose runs from the front, attached to the burners, through the stainless steel cabinet and then to the back.

A 10 ft hose was provided with the grill and it had a fuel gauge on it, which was quite helpful. So, when you run out of gas, you can get the next tank out in a jiffy from the storage cabinet.

Porcelain Enamelled Flavorizer Bars

A flavorizer bar is a great alternative to . . . well everything. These porcelain enamelled bars make your food more tasteful by vaporizing the drippings and circulating it back to the food.

Those that remain on the flavorizer bar, drip to the grease tray and can be easily cleaned. The bars are made of porcelain with no joints in between, which makes them strong and durable. The sizzle of the drippings and the smoke created by the bars adds that extra layer of deliciousness.

The bars must be cleaned with a stainless steel brush to avoid any scrape marks. They have a long life but if you see any damage around the corners or holes in the middle, change them immediately.

Each feature of the grill comes with a two to ten-year warranty. So, even if one component wastes away with too much use, you can simply replace it. The company has gone entirely stainless steel with the Weber Spirit S-210 Natural Gas Grill, Stainless Steel.

Final Thoughts

It might seem a trade-off for the price but if you handle it carefully, keep up with the maintenance and clean it properly after every time you use it, then this grill has the ability to give you more years than you can imagine.

I would suggest that you stick with Weber when thinking about buying a grill because they are the pioneers in this industry.

Weber Spirit S-210

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