What is the Best Brand for Charcoal Grills?
What is the Best Brand for Charcoal Grills?

What is the Best Brand for Charcoal Grills?

What is the Best Brand for Charcoal Grills?

As you look for your new charcoal grill, you’ll find that there are more than a few brands to choose from.

Just like gas grills, not every charcoal grill is created equal.

Some brands do a better job than others, giving you more value for your money with the durability and the features that you want.

When it comes to quality and reliability, there are actually two brands that stand above the rest.

If you’re wondering what is the best charcoal grill brand, then these are the two that you should start with.

Weber Charcoal Grills – The Best All-Around Charcoal Grill Brand

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Weber is one of the most popular names in outdoor grilling.

The company developed the classic Kettle design more than sixty years ago, and it’s still one of the most imitated charcoal grill designs today.

Weber is the best all-around charcoal grill brand for several reasons:

  • Weber charcoal grills are relatively affordable when compared to the competition, especially considering the quality that you get.
  • Grills are durable with coated finishes and porcelain enamel on premium models.
  • Premium Weber Kettle grills are made in the USA.
  • Weber Kettle grills can be used for both smoking and grilling.

The quality of every Weber charcoal grill is impressive, but it’s the warranty and customer service that helps to make this the best charcoal grill brand for most buyers.

If you’re buying a grill in North America you will find a large network of Weber service centers so that you can take advantage of the 10-year warranty on your charcoal grill.

There are a few different Weber models that you can consider. There’s a suitable grill for most families, even those on a budget.

  • The standard Original Weber Kettle has the classic Kettle design with a one-touch cleaning system and a large cooking surface.
  • The Premium Original Weber Kettle is coated on porcelain enamel and has an advanced venting and cleaning system, as well as a hood thermometer for accurate cooking.
  • If you want a classic Kettle grill but prefer an integrated cart design, you can consider the Weber Performer Charcoal Grill. It has the same bowl and lid as premium models with an added cart and side shelf to make things even more convenient.

Weber has been one of the most popular names in grilling for decades, and the company continues to grow.

If you want the authentic flavor and the high heat performance of charcoal, this is the first brand you should look at.

PK Grills – The Best Durable Charcoal Grill Brand

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PK Grills isn’t quite the household name that Weber is, but the company is the best charcoal grill brand if you seek durability above all else.

PK Grills cost more than comparable Weber grills but will likely last you much longer.

The company uses a unique cast aluminum manufacturing process to create grills that will never rust.

A durable patina is formed on the aluminum over time, which is impervious to air and moisture.

Stainless steel hinges are placed inside of the grill body so that they aren’t exposed to the elements.

PK Grills made from aluminum come with a full ten-year warranty so you can have confidence in your purchase.

In actual use, your grill would be likely to last much longer than a decade.

PK Grills can be stored outdoors in snow, wind, rain, humidity, salty air, and any condition that you can think of. Even ice buildup around the outside of the grill won’t cause rust.

The downside is that PK Grills come with a price premium.

If you’re willing to pay extra for one of the best charcoal grill brands that can resist any weather, then you’ll love PK Grills. The company makes its grills in the USA, ensuring quality and complete oversight of production.

Try Grilling with the Best Charcoal Grill Brands

What is the Best Brand for Charcoal Grills?

A quality charcoal grill will offer years of trouble-free cooking so that you can try smoking, roasting, and searing with hot coals.

Both Weber and PK Grills are the best charcoal grill brands, with either option providing something a little different at unique price points.