When Should you Insert a Meat Thermometer?
When Should you Insert a Meat Thermometer?

When Should you Insert a Meat Thermometer?

 When Should you Insert a Meat Thermometer?

A meat thermometer is one of the most important accessories you can own for outdoor cooking.

Whether you’re grilling with gas, charcoal, or even an electric grill, a thermometer will give you accurate readings from the interior of your food.

You can even use a meat thermometer with a smoker.

Your thermometer will ensure that you can follow recipes and food safety guides closely.

When should you insert a meat thermometer?

Is it OK to leave a probe in the food throughout the entire cooking time?

We’re going to answer your questions so you can get the best results this grilling season.

Inserting a Meat Thermometer at the End of the Cooking Time

For ingredients like steaks, chops, sausages, and other items that cook relatively quickly, you can insert the meat thermometer towards the end of the cooking time.

Follow your basic recipe and insert the thermometer just before the time is up.

This will let you know if you can follow the expected cooking time or go for a few extra minutes.

Remember to rest the meat for a few minutes before you serve it.

This will improve the texture and keep all the juices from escaping.

Safe minimum cooking temperatures for popular grill ingredients:

  • 160°F for ground meat and mixtures like sausages and patties.
  • 165°F for all poultry.
  • 145°F for most fish.
  • 145°F for pork.
  • 145°F for beef and lamb.

You can use these temperature guidelines to ensure your food is safe to eat, but you can cook for longer to increase the doneness to your preference.

Inserting a Meat Thermometer Throughout the Cooking Time

You can also probe ingredients throughout cooking.

This is ideal when you are using a smoker or cooking large cuts of beef, pork, or lamb.

Continuous probing is also recommended for chicken and turkey to avoid overcooking.

  • The Inkbird Bluetooth Meat Thermometer has four probes that can remain in the food while cooking, up to temperatures of 482°F. It has a base unit to display temperatures, or you can connect it to your smartphone wirelessly.

Should You Probe Through Foil Wrap?

When Should you Insert a Meat Thermometer?

At times you will have ingredients on your grill wrapped in foil.

This is common for fish and some types of meat where you want to contain the steam and heat.

You can use a probe through the foil, but you should take care to avoid steam burns and escaping juices.

  • Pierce the foil first with a long skewer, grill fork, or any other suitable utensil. Your hand should be a few inches away from the vent to avoid any released steam and liquid.
  • When the steam clears, you can carefully insert a probe into the food.

Meat Thermometers Take the GUESSWORK Out of Grilling

 When Should you Insert a Meat Thermometer?

Have you ever noticed that your favourite recipes are inconsistent when you are grilling?

Even with a strict process, if you aren’t measuring the temperature, your food will come out a little different every time.

If you use a thermometer, you’ll always know when steak, chicken, sausages, burgers, turkey, and other ingredients are perfectly done to your liking.

Temperature affects flavour and texture.

Meat thermometers will elevate your grilling experience, and now you know exactly how and when to use them.