Which is the Best Outdoor Grill for Your Needs?
Which is the Best Outdoor Grill for Your Needs?

Which is the Best Outdoor Grill for Your Needs?

Which is the Best Outdoor Grill for Your Needs?

Choosing an outdoor grill is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a homeowner. You need to consider versatility, performance, and suitability for your environment.

If you’re in the market for a new grill, you’ll be wondering which is the best outdoor grill for your needs. We’ve got some top tips to help you decide, along with three models to consider.

Choosing the Right Type of Grill

Fuel is important when it comes to outdoor grilling. There are advantages and disadvantages to consider, and there’s no ‘best’ fuel for every home.

Before you even look at the available models, learn about your fuel choices to determine which is right for you.

  • Charcoal Grills are a classic option, and they’re still the most popular choice behind gas models. Charcoal offers superior heat performance but there’s a little more involved in firing up the grill and maintaining its temperature. If you want a “hands-on” experience, charcoal could be the best outdoor grill for your needs.
  • Gas Grills are the most popular on the market today. They offer easy control over temperature, they’re simple to light, and finishing up is as easy as turning off the gas and waiting for the grill to cool. If you want a stress-free way to cook outdoors, gas is the top pick.
  • Electric Grills are the most convenient option today, but they come with some limitations. They aren’t as big as charcoal or gas grills, and you can only use one if you’ve got an outlet available. This can limit portability if you’re looking for a small camping grill. Food doesn’t get browned like it does over charcoal or an open flame.
  • Pellet Grills are growing in popularity. They use manufactured wood pellets to give food an authentic smoky flavor. They are usually simple to operate but require an electrical connection for a hopper. They also require more cleaning maintenance than all of the other grill types mentioned. Pellet grills are a niche option, but if you want something unique with rich flavor, it’s worth considering this fuel type.

The type of grill you choose is hugely important. You should also consider some other key features to determine which is the best outdoor grill for your needs.

The Most Important Features of Your Next Grill

Which is the Best Outdoor Grill for Your Needs?

If you’ve chosen a fuel type then you’ve taken the most important step. Now it’s time to think about the features and specifications of your new grill.

  • Grill Material: Material is critically important to the durability of your next grill. Stainless steel is the longest-lasting material but it’s also one of the most expensive. If you need to focus on affordability, choose a grill that has been coated in a rust-resistant finish.
  • Grill Size: The size of your grill is important, especially if you want to cook for friends and family on holidays or special events. If you ever plan to cook for more than four people, choose a gas grill with at least two burners. A three-burner grill will offer the best versatility at a reasonable price point.
  • Grill Features: Additional features on your grill can help you to get more out of every cooking session. Gas grills are usually the most feature-rich options. Even relatively affordable gas grills can include side burners, storage, and multiple burners.
  • Portability: Let’s not overlook portability, especially if you are looking for a grill that can be moved around your property. Or, if you want a grill for camping and picnics, you’ll need to choose something small and convenient. Gas and charcoal grills are best for portability.

You understand the different types of grills available as well as features to look for. Let’s now take a look at some of the best outdoor grills you can buy today…

Three of the Best Outdoor Grills You Can Buy Now

Which is the Best Outdoor Grill for Your Needs?

From portability to features, these three options are a great starting point as you choose your next grill.

  • Weber Spirit II E-210: This Weber grill has two durable burners, excellent coated steel and stainless steel construction, and a large hood for cooking with the top down. The cart design is perfect for portability around a patio or back yard.
  • Philips Smokeless Indoor BBQ Grill: This small electric grill is ideal for apartments or even for RV owners who want something to use on the road. It can be used safely indoors and it offers a high-temperature cooking surface to produce results similar to gas and charcoal.
  • Weber Original Kettle Premium: The Weber Kettle design is one of the most efficient charcoal grill options available. This grill can be easily relocated outside the home, has a large cooking surface, and is made easier to clean and maintain thanks to an innovative charcoal and ash system.

Always focus on your needs when looking for the best outdoor grill.

Now that you know the differences between grill types and the features to look for, it will be simple to find the right model for your unique needs.