How to Clean Your Weber Gas Grills
How to Clean Your Weber Gas Grills

How to Clean Your Weber Gas Grills

Weber gas grillsBBQ cooking on the grill is a favorite pastime all around the world.

Outdoor cooking reminds us of holidays, friends and family.

Whether you’re entertaining guests or just having a quiet grill night with the family, there’s almost nothing better.

For many people, the outdoor grill can become just as important as any appliance inside the kitchen.

Just like kitchen appliances, a grill will need cleaning if you want to keep it in the best shape, and if you’re the proud owner of one of the popular

Weber gas grills then you will want to know the best tips for keeping it clean.

We’ve put together all of the most important cleaning steps that will help you to keep your grill in top condition, and have even added in some helpful accessories that you can use to make life easier when it’s time to clean your grill.

How Often Do Weber Gas Grills Need to Be Cleaned?

Keeping your grill clean will eliminate the risk of contamination on your food, and it is safe to say that we all want to cook on clean surfaces.

Of course, a clean grill is also an attractive grill, and you’ll definitely want to keep your own model in good shape.

If you don’t keep your grill cleaned regularly then you could find that it starts to burn leftover food residue, it may burn at lower than expected temperature, and buildup of grease could lead to flare-ups that burn your food and make for a less than ideal cooking experience.

Not keeping your grill clean could also create a fire or gas hazard, so you’ll want to keep yours well maintained so that you, your family, and your guests are safe.

There’s no hard rule for cleaning intervals, and it really depends on how often you use your grill, and the type of food that you are cooking.

Some grilled food (like vegetables) leaves very little residue and leftover pieces of food. If you are regularly cooking meat, specially marinated meat, then you will need to clean your grill often.

Sometimes it will need a clean after just one grilling session.

Perform a visual inspection once the grill has fully cooled, and if there is residue, grease, or buildup of charred particles, then it’s time to start cleaning.

If there is grease and another buildup on the exterior of the grill, then that’s also a sign that it’s time for cleaning.

  • For a gas grill that is only used infrequently (less than ten times per year), you will only need to perform a deep clean twice during the grilling season.
  • If you are using your grill every week, then a complete clean is recommended every one or two months, depending on how much grease buildup and debris is collected.
Cleaning Steps for Weber Gas Grills

Clean the Exterior

Weber Gas Grills are renowned for quality build materials that are durable and able to withstand many seasons of grilling.

Even so, it’s important to recognize that your grill is not completely impervious to deterioration.

If you don’t keep the exterior clean and dry, it could develop corrosion, and eventually, the metal casing of your grill will start to break down.

Regular exterior cleaning ensures that your grill is presentable and it will remain the focal point of your outdoor entertainment area.

You can keep the exterior clean by simply ensuring that there is no buildup of grime or any other substances.

The easiest way to do this is with clean paper towels and a cleaning agent.

Porcelain-coated Weber gas grills can be cleaned and polished with glass cleaner, or you can use a specialized stainless steel cleaning solution if you have a polished metal grill.

A soapy cloth and water can also be used for cleaning if you don’t want to use additional products, as long as you are sure to wipe off any excess before covering and storing your grill.

Moisture is the biggest threat to the outdoor appearance of your grill, so always make sure you allow adequate time for drying, and use a ventilated grill cover if you will be storing your grill outdoors.

Cleaning The Cooking Surface – Starting with The Grates

Weber gas grillsCooking grates come into direct contact with your food and can require regular cleaning, even if the rest of your grill is still in good shape.

You’ll need a metal grill brush to clean your grates properly, and you might need to put in some real work here to get every last bit of debris and built-up grease.

Remember, grease can lead to flare-ups and could be a safety hazard, so you don’t want to cut corners when you are cleaning your grill grates.

If the grates of Weber gas grills are particularly dirty then you can follow up a heavy duty clean with a full immersion clean in a pail or sink, using soapy water and a nylon brush.

Grates are one part of any grill that are prone to rust, so it’s important to make sure that your grates are fully dried before putting them back on the grill.

You wipe them down with a paper towel or a rag to ensure that there’s no moisture left.

If you are using cast iron grates (even replacement types that you’ve purchased yourself), then you could season them with a light coating of oil rubbed in with a paper towel.

A moderate amount of quality vegetable oil will soak into the metal and help to prevent rust, while also creating a smooth surface with non-stick properties.

If you are using a solid hot plate on weber gas grills, then you can clean it in the same way, using a heavy duty metal cleaning brush with a scraper, and follow up with soap and water if necessary.

You can season a cast iron hotplate using a moderate amount of oil.

Cleaning The Burner Covers (Sear Plates)

Weber gas grills and most modern gas grills use covers over the burners to prevent grease from entering and clogging the burner outlets.

These covers also help to vaporize juices and oil to add moisture and flavor to food.

Because they’re directly below the cooking surface, they can quickly collect grease and debris, so you’ll need to give them a thorough clean whenever you see that they have become discolored or coated in residue.

You can use the same metal rush to clean your burner covers, but this won’t always be necessary.

The burner covers from Weber gas grills can also be cleaned with a simple kitchen sponge and a scrub pad. A basic scotch-pad is often all you will need to clean these.

Give them a good scrub in warm soapy water to remove the buildup and get them back to a condition that is as close to factory new as possible.

Keep in mind that metal will discolor after heat exposure, so they will never look quite as good as when they were new. The key is to remove all grease and buildup.

As with all parts of your grill, make sure the burner protectors are completely dry before reassembly.

You can use your Weber gas grills user guide if you need any extra assistance while removing these parts.

Cleaning The Burners on Weber Gas Grills

If your burner covers are doing their job right and if you are cleaning them when they get dirty, then your burners won’t need much attention while cleaning.

Then won’t need to be removed and can simply be wiped down with a clean cloth or paper towels.

If there is some buildup of grease or other debris, then you can use soapy water and a sponge to wipe them down before cleaning them off.

Some grill owners also like to use isopropyl alcohol to wipe off excess grease from burners.

Alcohol will evaporate which means that there should be no residue or moisture problems.

However, it is important to be aware that isopropyl alcohol is highly flammable.

Don’t apply it directly but instead apply the alcohol to a cloth or paper towel.

If you’re careful then the alcohol will evaporate within minutes, so there should be no problem when you next fire up your grill.

Cleaning The Interior and Removing Debris from the Grill Tray

Weber gas grills feature innovative designs, along with removable trays that make cleaning much easier.

The tray underneath the firebox can be removed and all of the collected debris can be brushed out.

You can again clean with a sponge and soapy water for any stubborn grease that needs to be removed.

If there is residue left in the firebox, you can simply use your brush to push this down into the collection tray before removal.I

t’s not uncommon to find bad advice when cleaning out Weber gas grills, and you may come across advice to hose out or even pressure wash the inside of your grill.

NEVER do this as it can lead to problems with rust on the main body parts, or even insider the burners and regulator.

Only use water to clean parts that can easily be removed and dried, but the main areas of the grill should only be cleaned with scrubbing and wiping.

Following this advice will help to ensure that your grill lasts for many seasons of trouble free outdoor cooking.

The Best Cleaning Accessories and Products to Use

You don’t need a lot to keep your grill clean. Here are the best accessories that you can use to follow our simple cleaning advice.

Weber gas grillsWeber 6708 Style Stainless Steel Grill Brush with Replaceable Head.

This gas grill cleaning brush has been designed for easy cleaning of Weber gas grills.

It incorporates high-quality stainless steel bristles as well as a stainless steel scraper head that will allow you to remove tough buildup from your grates, burner covers, firebox, and undertray.

This affordable accessory is highly rated by consumers and is a great accessory to own if you want to keep your Weber gas grill in top shape.

A Complete Weber Grill Cleaning Kit

We’ve mentioned basic cleaning products like enamel (glass) cleaners and stainless steel cleaners.

Weber gas grillsIf you want to get everything in a single package so that you don’t have to worry about looking for extra accessories, then this Weber Grill Cleaning Kit is the way to go.

It includes a spray cleaner, a stainless steel polish, as well as a specially formulated stain remover, and grill scrubbing pads.

This is the most convenient package if you’re buying a grill for the first time and want to make sure you have everything that you need. The fact that this package is specifically designed for Weber gas grills makes it an ideal purchase.

Weber Gas Grills Covers

Although not cleaning products, there’s a lot of value that can be gained by investing in a quality gas grill cover.

A cover will ensure that your grill is protected from moisture and the elements, which will aid in storage and prevent the need for extensive cleaning when the next grilling season starts.

Weber gas grillsWeber gas grills are best suited to the covers that are exclusively designed for them.

There are covers available for every Weber grill currently on the market, including ones fitted for the Genesis II range, Spirit 220 and 300 models, and the 210 series of Weber gas grills.

When you take the time to care for your grill and learn the best cleaning methods, you will ensure that your investment continues to provide trouble-free grilling well into the future.

Weber gas grills are made to last, and keeping yours clean is the best way to extend that life beyond a number of other brands that are currently on the market.