How Long Will Teak Furniture Last Outside?
How Long Will Teak Furniture Last Outside?

How Long Will Teak Furniture Last Outside?

How Long Will Teak Furniture Last Outside?

If you’re looking for the most durable natural wood outdoor furniture, teak is the material to use. Teak is one of the few kinds of wood to contain a natural oil that resists insects, rot, and moisture.

Teak is finished simply by sanding the material down to a fine grit and then leaving it to age gracefully. There’s no need to add paint or a stain because teak will weather the elements like no other wood can.

If you’re looking for teak outdoor furniture, you’ve probably noticed that it’s much more expensive than synthetic furniture or even other wood furniture like acacia. With teak, you pay extra for durability and rarity.

If you’re spending more on outdoor furniture, you’ll want to know how long will teak furniture last outside? Let’s take a look at the details and answer the question.

Teak is a Material to Invest In

If you’re buying patio furniture, you’ll want it to last more than just a few short years.

Teak, more than any other type of wood, is a material to invest in. If you buy teak furniture you will be counting its durability in decades.

So how long will teak furniture last outside? Manufacturers that use Grade A Teak will typically produce chairs, tables, and other outdoor items that will last 80 years or even longer.

You can expect teak outdoor furniture to last your lifetime in most cases.

Why Does Teak Last So Long?

How Long Will Teak Furniture Last Outside?

Teak lasts such a long time because of its natural components. The tight grain of teak ensures strong load-bearing, making it ideal for chairs and tables that will be used frequently.

Teak is high in natural oils that prevent rot and damage from moisture. The oil and rubber content helps to prevent teak from drying out and cracking in the sun.

Teak doesn’t need to be finished. The color ranges from natural golden yellow to brown.

As teak ages, it starts to turn gray. Many owners end up preferring the weathered look of teak over its light and bright original color.

Examples of Quality Outdoor Teak Furniture

With teak furniture lasting 80 years or more outside, you’re probably interested in buying some. Here are some great examples that you can consider today.

Teak furniture is worth the money. When you can get furniture that will last your lifetime, it’s hard to justify buying anything else.