Is It Hard to Cook with a Kamado Grill?
Is It Hard to Cook with a Kamado Grill?

Is It Hard to Cook with a Kamado Grill?

Is It Hard to Cook with a Kamado Grill?

Tips to Get the Best Results

You’ve seen how popular kamado grills have become in recent years, and you’re ready to try cooking in a new style.

Kamado grilling is a little different from conventional charcoal grilling, and you will need to adjust some of your time-tested techniques to get the best results.

If you’re coming from a gas grill, then you’ll also need to adapt to cooking with charcoal and controlling temperature.

No matter your grilling background, it doesn’t have to be hard to cook on a kamado grill.

Here’s what makes kamado cooking different, and how to get fantastic results every time.

What Makes Kamado Grilling Unique?

Is It Hard to Cook with a Kamado Grill?Kamado grills are different, but they aren’t inherently difficult to work with.

The biggest change with kamado cooking is that most of the time you will need to have the hood down.

If you primarily cook with an open-top, then a kamado probably isn’t for you.

However, if you want to smoke, roast, slow cook, barbecue, and even fire a pizza, then a kamado would be perfect.

Kamado grills use either double insulated walls or thicker solid walls to keep temperatures consistent inside.

The cooking fuel goes right at the bottom, and the cylindrical shape of the body creates a convection current that cooks food thoroughly.

You lose this convection when cooking with the hood up, but, with the hood down, you can get temperatures exceeding 750 degrees.

The main challenge for new owners will be adjusting to new cooking times and making use of vents.

Tips to Help You Cook with a Kamado Grill

Is It Hard to Cook with a Kamado Grill?

Perfect your kamado grilling with these simple tips.

  • Heat control is everything on a kamado grill. When getting charcoal up to temperature, open the bottom vent fully, and close the top vent. When the coal ignites, bring the bottom vent to around halfway and then use the top vent to control the temperature.
  • Make use of the hood thermometer. This is your best friend on a kamado grill. Cooking temperatures can get intense very quickly. Close the vents to lower the temperature, and open them to increase it. If the temperature gets too hot too quickly, open the lid momentarily to release some of the hot air.
  • Cook ingredients that are improved by a kamado. Standard hot dogs, burgers, and other simple ingredients will work on any grill. You’ll see a kamado come to life when you cook things like barbecue cuts, steaks, fish, whole chicken or turkey, and pizza or flatbread.
  • Invest in a pizza stone to bake in your kamado. This Pizza grilling Set from Cuisinart includes everything you need to cook pizza, flatbread, rolls, or other baked goods.
  • It can take some time to get used to kamado cooking times. Meat that you cook on a standard grill is often cooked faster and more thoroughly in a kamado. Invest in a meat probe so you can be sure of the best results. This ThermoPro Meat Probe kit will work at temperatures up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is it hard to cook with a kamado grill? Not anymore.

With our tips, you’ll be ready to try kamado cooking for the first time. The versatility and flavor created by a kamado will make you a fan for life.