The Bull Steer Premium Grill – A Pure Stainless-Steel Grill
The Bull Steer Premium Grill – A Pure Stainless-Steel Grill

The Bull Steer Premium Grill – A Pure Stainless-Steel Grill

Bull Steer Premium Grill
”This could be the last grill that you ever buy”.

If you’re considering a stainless steel grill it’s probably because you’re looking for an outdoor cooking station that will last.

Stainless steel is known to be the most durable material for an outdoor grill.

It resists rust, heat, and damage from the environment. Invest in the right stainless steel grill, and you could rely on your purchase for years into the future.

Bull Outdoor Products is a company that is widely respected for its drop-in grills.

But you don’t need a permanent outdoor kitchen if you’re interested in the brand.

The Bull Steer premium grill features a stainless steel cart design so that you can incorporate a reliable and durable grill into any outdoor living area.

The Difference is in the Steel

Before we look at a specific model to consider, we should talk about the specific steel used to make Bull Grills.

Unlike some other companies that use low-grade stainless steel, Bull Grills are made from 14-gauge 304 stainless steel.

This is much thicker than the stainless steel used for inexpensive grills, so Bull Grills are more stable and resistant to damage.

The specific formulation of 304 stainless steel includes iron, chromium, and nickel.

The specific formulation of 304 stainless steel includes iron, chromium, and nickel.

It’s the same kind of stainless steel that you would find on high-end cookware.

This material not only resists corrosion from moisture but is also stable when exposed to acids.

This is important when cooking a range of ingredients.

The thickness of the steel, as well as the metal composition, both ensure that Bull Grills can endure regular use for outdoor cooking.

Bull Steer Premium Grill – 69102 Propane Grill

The 69102 Bull Steer Premium Grill is a cart-style grill designed for serious cooking enthusiasts.

It uses 14-and 16-gauge stainless steel in the construction to ensure durability.

The features of this grill are designed both for cooking performance and long life.

  • The steel panels are among the thickest used in the industry. Rust and burn-through won’t be a concern with this Bull Steer premium grill.
  • The large hood is double-lined and made from a single piece of stainless steel. This ensures that it maintains its shape while also insulating the grill for better performance when cooking with the hood down.
  • The stainless steel grates are made from solid 304 stainless steel, rather than the hollow bars used by some manufacturers. Solid steel provides better heat transfer for consistent and predictable cooking results.
  • The stainless steel grates also create impressive sear marks.
  • Every burner has its own Piezo ignition system, so you can control the cooking zones without limitation.
  • The stainless steel flame tamers help distribute the heat evenly so that it’s consistent along the entire cooking surface. These tamers also vaporize juices to infuse rich flavor into the crust of your ingredients.
  • The three stainless steel gas burners are welded to ensure longevity.
  • You’ll get a total of 45,000 BTUs of heat out of this grill. This outperforms most three-burner grills on the market.
  • The main cooking surface is 560 square inches and is complemented with a 160 square inch warming rack. This is more than enough for serving large groups of guests on special occasions.
  • The grill has an enclosed cart and side shelves, all made entirely from stainless steel.

With such impressive features, it’s not hard to see why serious home cooks are starting to take note of Bull Grills.

The consistency across the surface is something that can’t be overstated. It means that you can cook anywhere on the grill and get the same results.

That’s something that even some of the top brands like Weber and Napoleon can only compete with on their most expensive grills.

Choose a Grill That Lasts

The material, design, and fit/finish of a Bull Steer grill all contribute to making something special.

The feel of quality is in everything, right down to the details, like the industrial caster wheels.

Burners come with a 5-Year warranty, while the grates and firebox are covered for a lifetime.

This could be the last grill that you ever buy.

If you want premium quality which is sometimes hard to find these days, a Bull Steer is a right grill for you.