What is an Akorn Grill?
What is an Akorn Grill?

What is an Akorn Grill?

What is an Akorn Grill?What is an Akorn Grill?, one might ask as kamado grills are soaring in popularity, with some fantastic options out there from brands like Kamado Joe.

If you’re interested in cooking with a Kamado grill, but don’t want the cost of a fully ceramic grill, the Akorn line is an alternative.

Akorn grills are made by Char-Griller using an innovative manufacturing process that reduces the cost without losing the unique benefits of the Kamado cooking style.

Learn about the advantages of buying an Akorn and see if this is the right grill for you.

The Unique Benefits of Kamado Cooking

Kamado-style grills are based on ancient clay grills from China and Japan.

They differ from modern charcoal grills in the way that they are insulated.

Kamado grills allow for rapid heating to reach cooking temperature, and they keep more heat inside during the cooking process.

Kamado grills are also better at regulating and retaining heat.

This has traditionally been achieved with clay and ceramic.

But the Akorn uses steel construction with porcelain enamel coating.

How Does the Akorn Grill Compare to Other Kamado Grills?

What is an Akorn Grill?With a change in construction materials, you might expect that the Akorn grill underperforms when compared to ceramic Kamado grills.

This isn’t true. In fact, the actual cooking performance is comparable to some of the most expensive Kamado grills out there.

The Akorn uses triple-walled steel construction.

This cuts down on the total weight so the grill is more portable than ceramic Kamado grills.

The Akorn also remains cool on the outside, while keeping the heat inside, so it’s safe to use when there are children and pets around.

The cooking grates are made from cast iron coated in porcelain enamel.

This allows for excellent heat retention on the cooking surface for real sear marks on meat and other ingredients.

The Akorn also has other advantages that aren’t found on solid ceramic grills.

It has an easy cleaning system where a lever opens the bottom of the grill so that ash and debris can be collected into a pan and disposed of safely.

When it comes to cooking performance, the Akorn outperforms expectations.

  • This grill can get seriously hot, up to 700°F. It can also get down to 200°F and it’s easy to maintain a lower heat by closing the air vents. This is perfect for low and slow cooking. You can even add wood chips directly to the firebox for authentic smoky flavor.
  • The Akorn has two integrated side shelves that allow for easy preparation and serving.
  • You can cook with the hood up or down using an Akorn grill. Cook with the hood up when you want to quickly sear ingredients. Close the lid to finish off the cooking process, or whenever you are cooking low and slow or with smoke.
  • The Akorn is one of the best charcoal grills for pizza. The round cooking surface is ideal for a pizza base and the natural convection created by the egg-shaped design ensures that ingredients are cooked thoroughly on the top and bottom when the hood is down.
  • Overall quality is excellent. The grill is easy to assemble, feels sturdy when put together, and the materials are high-quality to ensure durability. The porcelain enamel coating will prevent rust and damage for years to come.

An Akorn grill is the best alternative to a ceramic Kamado, providing comparable cooking performance at a much lower cost.

Try an Akorn Grill for the Best Charcoal Cooking Experience

What is an Akorn Grill?The Char-Griller E06614 is one of the best Kamado grills for outdoor cooking.

It follows all the classic design philosophies that have made kamados so coveted in the grilling world.

It can also be used for baking bread and other specialties; however, you will need to be aware that the small grid size and overall small size of the grill will limit you to servings that are good for 2 – 4 people.

For solo cooking, couples, or a small family, this is one of the best grills on the market today.

It’s one of the most versatile charcoal grills available and if you’re interested in the Kamado-style of cooking, it’s great value for money.